Feeling More Than Overwhelmed...

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  • This week I'm just a bit overwhelmed and feeling like I've got a HUGE case of writers block! NOTHING is flowing from my brain to paper, and it hasn't every time I have tried to sit down and write over the last few days. It would be one thing if I only had this blog to write, but I've also got a huge work project due (that involves lots of writing), not to mention a couple of presentations and personal writing I'm falling behind on.


    Neither does it help that my ADD brain won't stop - it keeps throwing ideas and themes and topics at me, when I can't even handle the ones I've already got sitting there.

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    I've got FOUR different topics started, either on paper or in my head:

    1. Love-Hate Relationships
    2. My need for validation - self-esteem and AD/HD
    3. The Adrenaline Rush Let-down
    4. Why ADDA - and ADHD awareness- are important (a reflection on a presentation I did for clinicians and then spending time with my VERY ADD friends and family this weekend)

    And I've got the nerve to be thinking of another one right now - why the heck do I do this to myself every time I go on vacation?!?!? I KNOW better than to come back on Monday, especially when I don't get home until Sunday evening!!!


    Could just be all the excitement from the presentation, my goddaughter's Baptism and reception yesterday, and seeing my older son and BFF over the weekend. (That's how my friend's daughter introduced us to her new boyfriend yesterday... "Meet Evelyn, my Mom's BFF." That's best friend forever for those of you who don't have teens - or should I say teen girls, since my teenage son wouldn't be caught dead saying that!)


    But whatever has sent my focus right out the window today, living with my ADHD mind is never easy. And sometimes, like today, it feels just (insert your own adjective here - I can't focus long enough to come up with one). And that's okay. I'm not alone and neither are you - we all have these days. I'd just like this one to be over soon!

Published On: April 01, 2008