When The Spotlight Turns Off

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  • Rory Stern

     Rory Stern, PsyD, ADDA Board of Director


    With the 2008 Beijing Olympics now behind us, I can't help but miss all the excitement. Every single day, there was accomplishment being celebrated. Athletes were being profiled, events were being built up and records came tumbling down. How could you not catch the fever surrounding such a great and positive event?


    Much like daily life, these Olympics were not immune from scandal and controversy. Sure, exploitation and heartbreak made the headlines, but for the most part, it was the glorious accomplishments being celebrated. At least that's the fever I picked up on.

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    For the most part, we saw world records and Olympic records being broken. We noticed those. We were "wowed" by them. But beyond that, what really caught my eye, were the inspirational stories that covered an athlete's journey. These were not just about going for gold medals. No, these stories were about so much more.


    And that's what this is all about. There will be people in life who go on to receive great recognition and accomplish momentous tasks that capture our attention. At the very same time, there are stories behind the headlines... There are stories just outside the spotlight that are even more dynamic. But for some reason they go unnoticed. They are not as flashy as some of the "bigger things."


    I can't help but be amazed by all the glory and buildup surrounding 16 days of celebration. Now that the games are over, does the glory go with them? Do we really need to wait another 4 years to find inspiration? I don't think so...


    If you are wondering what this all means, let me clear a few things up:


    • Greatness happens everyday
    • We can only cover so much
    • Controversy gets attention
    • Back stories go ignored
    • Lessons are lost
    • Opportunity is missed

    Now that the spotlight has been dimmed, where will you find inspiration? Do you need Olympic Glory to celebrate the victories you have everyday? Do we need the pomp and circumstance to feel like we have truly achieved fame?


    As adults in the world, we face challenges everyday. And for the most part, the great things we do often go unnoticed. Sadly, we end up being the greatest offenders and harshest critics of what we do or do not do.



Published On: August 28, 2008