The Power of Sharing Our Experiences

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  • On Thursday, December 4th, adult ADHD health care providers, advocates, patients and family members will gather in New York City to share their expertise and experiences. This exciting gathering - jointly sponsored by ADDA, the HealthCentral Network and McNeil Pediatrics - will provide an opportunity to not only help each other, but to raise awareness about ADHD.


    I'm excited about the summit for another reason as well. As I've previously shared in this blog, finding support as both an adult with ADHD and the parent of kids with ADHD has been the single most important thing I could do for myself and my children. I'm certainly looking forward to participating as the moderator of the summit. But I'm really anxious to have this opportunity to share and learn from the panelists, but from the audience members as well.

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    I have learned that there is real power in sharing our experiences as adults with ADHD. Nothing is as liberating as the realization that you are not alone, that others have shared the same feelings of doubt, confusion, anger, failure and even fear. The relief that comes with knowing you really are not the only one out there who's had those feelings is indescribable. Similarly, there is nothing more empowering than sharing your story with others and giving them the benefit of your knowledge wisdom and experiences.


    This Adult ADHD Patient Summit on December 4th in NYC will also provide an opportunity for us to interact with coaches and health care providers who work with individuals with ADHD. Of course, getting the benefit of their knowledge and expertise is important and will enhance our effectiveness in managing our own ADHD. But, equally important is the opportunity for us as adults with ADHD to share valuable information with those that work with us... after all, we are the real "experts" on adult ADHD.


    So consider this your personal invitation to join us for the live webcast on December 4th at noon eastern time. The information to log in will be available on the ADDA website ( in the next few days, as well as here on the HealthCentral network. Audio will also be accessible by using the toll-free number: 1-800-760-5361 And if you live in the New York City area, call 1-866-373-8792 to reserve your seat to join us live at the summit.


    I'd love to see you there - and more importantly, I'd love the opportunity for us to learn from each other, laugh together and share our insights... sharing those experiences with each other and learning together make us stronger both individually and as a community and contributes to raising awareness about adult AD/HD. As ADDA's longtime ADHD Awareness theme states "Education + Awareness = Empowerment!"



Published On: November 21, 2008