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Eileen Bailey

Eileen Bailey, Health Guide

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Involuntary Eye Movements May Detect ADHD

A new study found that ADHD can be detected based on involuntary eye movements. Over the past months, a number of studies have focused on finding definitive ways to diagnose ADHD:

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surferjay, Community Member


My relative with untreated severe ADHD

     My relative who is in their 50's has severe ADHD. They were diagnosed as hyperactive in the late 60's and was sent to a religious private school. That was all the help they received. They barely graduated high school and were unable to finish college.

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APage, Editor

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Your ADHD Treatment Team: A Live Discussion Series

With the school year upon us, management of your child's ADHD becomes more important, but it also becomes more difficult. The more you understand your child's condition and needs, the better you can help ensure success at school and peace at home.  


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Eileen Bailey

Eileen Bailey, Health Guide

Freelance health writer

Making Homework Time Easier for Children with ADHD

For many children, homework is a mundane but routine task. For others, especially those with ADHD, homework is a process where any number of things can go wrong. To complete homework, your child must write down the assignment, bring... Read moreChevron

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