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Alternative Treatments

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A number of alternative treatments are available for ADHD, including supplement options and behavioral approaches.   Supplements such as Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc are considered effective in treating ADHD symptoms.  Some believe that ginkgo biloba, panax ginseng, melatonin and pine bark may also be useful in treating the condition.  Behavioral strategies exist to help calm the symptoms of an ADHD patient.

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It happens to every parent who has a child with ADHD or autism. You go through the “search for the perfect supplement” phase to treat your child’s symptoms. If you spend any amount of time in parent support groups, undoubtedly someone will bombard you with a list of supplements, herbs, and vitamins your child should try. It seems that…

Alternative Treatments
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Eileen Bailey, Health Guide, posted Can Omega 3 Help Inattentive Type ADHD? There have been numerous studies on Omega 3 for treating ADHD. Some of these…




Eileen Bailey, Health Guide, answered Hi,I do suffer from ADHD since 1994 and… I do hope you are able to complete your degree at the…


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