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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 courtney, Community Member, asks

Q: how do you find facilities that perform SPECT scans in nearby areas?

I have been treated via adderol for ADD for approximately 3 years. I have had many other "issues" prior to and following this diagnosis.  A recent diagnosis is Bipolar II (what i am told is a "mild" form of bipolar.)  I have taken some medications to treat this as well.


Yes, I have gone through counciling off and on for years- since my late teenage years.


I would REALLY like to have a complete and accurate diagnosis so that I know and feel that I am getting the correct treatment.... and not taking unnecessary medications.  My ups/downs/ ADD is greatly influencing my everyday life and interfeering with work.  I have also had trouble with traffic violations and drink alcohol often to decrease my symptoms.


I have been trying to find a SPECT scan location near Atlanta, ga but keep running into dead ends.... most hospitals, offices, etc, dont even know what Im talking about.

any suggestions?

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Terry Matlen, ACSW, Health Guide
5/ 7/08 1:55pm



I'm sorry to hear of your struggles; it does sound like you've tried many things to get things under control.


Dr. Dan Amen, one of the pioneers in SPECTs, has a directory on his website of professionals who work with ADHD. Some of them offer SPECT. Check it out at


If you don't see anyone listed in your area, try calling his office. They've been helpful to me in the past when I've asked for names of clinicians who do SPECT scans outside of Dr. Amen's area. You can find the contact information at his website at


Hope this helps!



PS Dr. Amen's clinics are in California, but I believe he also has one in Virginia.

rkidd, Community Member
5/16/08 4:14pm

Go to / also read Dr. Daniel Amen's book, Healing ADD . It's an amazing and enlightenig book on the symptoms of the 6 types of ADD.

Thru this book my, 26 yr old dgt. was able to get the spectography and was then diagnosed with ADD./ Shortly after, I also was diagnosed with ADD. I still refer back to his book for help. Good luck ! A.K.

rkidd, Community Member
5/16/08 4:58pm

Dear Courtney,

I got out my book by Dr. Daniel Amen on Healing ADD. Most of the associated Dr.'s are

in Calif. / The closest one to Ga. is  / Ray Bowman Ph.D. 6740 Crosswood Dr.N.

                                                   St. Petersburg , Fl 33713

                                                   ( 727) 345-1234


There are also a few Dr.s in Va. that may be as close. 

I encourage you to read Dr. Amen's book, as he has specific case studies on ADD and

how alcohol affects the symptoms.

Since I was diagnosed , I now have 4 close professional medical freinds that have Add , as well as my dgt., gr.dgt, and a neice. The book has helpd me with treating my ADD. However , more important, I am able to recognise in myself and my friends the great gifts and abilities that  are a part of the Gift of ADD.

 Good Luck Courtney, and I hope you find the right Dr. that can help you discover the many positive gifts and talents that I'm sure you have . /A.K.


RKBrumbelow, Community Member
3/ 7/10 10:24pm
I know this post is a bit late, but others may find it looking for SPECT and Atalanta the way I did. There is a SPECT machine that is going to be installed in North Georgia in the next few months. Supposedly by some time mid summer. SO 2 years after you asked you may soon have an answer. If you have found anything else in the mean time please tell us your findings. Reply
Donna, Community Member
5/24/10 12:32pm

Hi, I'm also trying to find a SPECT scan in GA/Atlanta for my grown son with ADD.

Could you tell me who is installing one?



Rick, Community Member
7/15/10 7:35pm



Just starting this journey myself.  I had a scan today at Piedmont Hospital for a stress fracture on my foot and talked with the tech about SPECT.  She said they use SPECT only to confirm brain death prior to harvesting since there are better technologies for brain structure.  I explained that Dr. Amen uses SPECT for perfusion imaging and explained the basic info I've learned from reading his books.  The machine that shot my foot is a two-head machine and the same one they use for SPECT.


Dr. Glen Haven at The Ark may be a local source: 770-998-1516.  I've spoken with Janice and Robin at his office.  I may yet have to fly to DC or Newport Beach for a scan, but I'm trying for a local Atlanta solution.


Good luck,



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anne, Community Member
7/15/10 11:01pm

Interesting. I live in ATL and would like to have SPECt locally. Let me know if ya'll hear any thing. Thanks

Laura Plumettaz, Community Member
8/ 8/10 8:13am

I live in Buckhead and would like a spect scan for my son who

is 11.  If anyone does find a source pls. post.


thanks alot!!

julia, Community Member
8/ 9/10 11:54am

Where can I get SPECT in DC. I live in ATL but fly to B-more to JH regularly for other medical treatment. It's in the neighborhood.

NeuroSpectofFlorida, Community Member
1/ 5/11 12:30pm

A new Brain SPECT imaging facility has now been opened in Central Florida. NeuroSPECT of Florida is an imaging facility that can be utilized by Doctors and their patients to have a SPECT scan in order to help diagnose many neurological disorders.  NeuroSPECT scans are interpreted by qualified Nuclear Radiologists and the reports are given directly to the treating physician.

maegoff, Community Member
1/ 8/12 10:52am

Yes, but how do I find a Dr you will follow up with the SCAN results. My present Dr. doesn't do it. Thank you.

NeuroSPECT, Community Member
1/ 9/12 11:39am
There are consultations between the patients treating physician and our interpreting physicians. So if you have a physician that you currently see regularly and trust, just ask for a prescription for NeuroSPECT Imaging. At NeuroSPECT of Florida, we provide imaging services to physicians like yours and provide this service for them. Our Board Certified Nuclear Medicine Physicians will discuss scan findings and treatment recommendations, then tailor your treatment regimen necessary. Reply
spaceystacey, Community Member
6/15/12 2:32pm

Most of my family suffers from ADD (my mother, brother, son, and daughter, including myself)

We have all seen many different doctors and read tons of books and tried as much as we can (which can take a while when there's a squirrel over there!)

Where can we find SPECT scans in Ohio?  It seems like some of you might know! 

Michelle, Community Member
10/24/13 9:43pm
Dr. Amen DOES have a clinic in Atlanta. Reply
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