• Rosemary Girod Rosemary Girod
    December 06, 2008
    Can a child who has ADD get good grades?
    Rosemary Girod Rosemary Girod
    December 06, 2008

    Can a child with ADD still achieve good grades? 

    I am a teacher and mother.  I have ADHD and so does my 11 year old son.

    My son works very hard and his grades are 86% and up.  At home I see how stressed out he is, trying to be perfect.  I told the teacher this, so she would be aware and help could possibly help me think of possible solutions. She reacted as if I was lying about how My son was feeling because he didn't, admit to her, how stressed he was.  I told her before the school year started, that my son never wants attention on him and lets his true feelings out with family.  But wants others to think he's better than fine. The school says they can't justify doing anything for him 9which I wsn't asking for) because his grades are too good.  I feel that they don't believe he has any problem and they told me that I'm an enabling mother.  He doesn't have the hyperactivity and he isn't a behavior problem.  It's sort of like they won't help any child unless he or she is in a crisis.  My son takes twice the time others do on his homework, and it is much harder for him to get good grades.  I am proud of him for acheiving them in spite of his obstacles.




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  • Malika December 07, 2008
    December 07, 2008

    Medication is a must, because there is nothing that can produce the dopamine needed for neurotransmitters to function properly. However, most kids with adhd are extremely bright. Impulsiveness and word recall can kill their self esteem. Most important regarding homework is to do it in small doses. Excercise in between is proven to help create endorphins. So don't forget to take breaks and play!!! NO STRESS when it comes to school. If there is positive reinforcement and you ignore the bad, a child will want to do well, but not feel obligated to be perfect. Remember that you child has ADD, and that they are not ADD. Take it from a mom who knows, the happier you are with them, the happier they will be, and the more they will succeed.

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