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Wednesday, June 17, 2009 domrocsmom, Community Member, asks

Q: child with ADHD having other symptoms getting worse

My 7 year old has ADHD and has been on meds for over a year and is becoming increasingly disrespectful and using inappropriate words. He argues constantly and screams when he does not get his way. Any suggestions?

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Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
6/17/09 8:33pm


Thank you for your question and welcome to


I am sorry that you are going through such a difficult time right now. 


Certainly, this behavior is something you want to discuss with your son's doctor, especially if this type of behavior is not usual for your son or started suddenly.



Additional information:


The Out Of Control Child


Creating a Discipline Process at Home


Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)


ADHD and Conduct Disorder


Please let me know how things are going.



luckyme, Community Member
6/22/09 2:07am

Maybe he needs to try another medication. I have an 8 year old who is on Adderall 7.5-it works presently for him, but I've heard that meds can lose effect-or dose becomes ineffective. Not an experts opinion, but my  son went through similar behavior, effecting his school work and making him very self conscious and further aggravating his behavior. Most of all-we have kept a pretty standard routine and he is on a med currently to help him sleep-he wasnt before-he would be up most of night-2-3-4am-I was giving Benadryl-with some result-maybe fell asleep at 12am. This was not a side effect of his med as it is short acting and not extended release. Is your son sleeping? I have to say-my son is now a sweet, sometimes thoughtful child(Normal child), but still a boy who claims he hates his sister-but still likes to have sleep overs with her, and her company on trips..I was honestly considering(when eligible)sending him off to military school. I was not enjoying him-my son was just as you're describing your son-but, he would get mean,  even broke a window-among other things. Good luck. I was told by an adult psychiatrist that children with ADHD have trouble turning off-even when exhausted-the med my son's doctor prescribed is seroquel and though the desired effect has been obtained-I'm unable to find much info on it's use in kids. Sorry for going on and on-I am new to this site and feel like I am not alone. Thank you for listening.

crissyd522, Community Member
12/17/09 10:36pm

I was just wondering how you are making out. When I read your question I thought I wrote it. My son is also 7 and has been on Concerta for about 10months and it's just not working any more and he's getting completely out of control and now affecting his behavior at school. I have an appt to see a new therapist since our insurance had changed. I was just wondered if you found anything that helped or worked for you?


hahndog1, Community Member
1/22/10 5:51am

she is way too yping her mind needs to develop first

hahndog1, Community Member
1/22/10 5:54am

shes way to young to be messing with her fragile mind this soon

hahndog1, Community Member
1/22/10 5:52am

these drugs take tour personality away they all do i've been on all of them

Greta Jonsd, Community Member
5/20/10 6:28am

I am sorry to hear that your son is having a hard time.  Please have a look at The Nurturing Heart Approach at  This amazing approach has done miracle for me and my extremely difficult son.  Research shows that Affirmation can change the chemical in the brain, dopamin and serotonin.





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