• Lynette Lynette
    April 06, 2010
    Help pay for medication?
    Lynette Lynette
    April 06, 2010

    Im 42 and just going through a separation after 18 years. My insurance has been cut off and I just adopted a son. So Im facing some major obsticles and have been off my meds for almost 2 weeks and because I have no financial means for the next 5 months until my palimoney settelment, I cant seem to find any programs to help me with my meds to help me get back on my feet. I recently went to Riverside Social Services in Cathedral City where I felt totally discriminated because the way they treated me in a condescending way after they learned I have ADHD and OCD. Mainly because I was late and asked them to repeat the questions, go slower and I wasnt filling out my paperwork quick enough for them. I told them I felt discriminated because of my mental illness. That made the social worker so mad, she denied me Cal-Works, Medi-cal knowing I needed food stamps for my 2 yr son and myself. I told her I also needed assistance with a facility that could help me with my medication, she said she couldnt help me. Can someone tell me what to do, where to go? Ive never been on welfare or asked for assistance, but Im asking now because aside from my depression, I need to get out of bed for my son and look for employement. Can someone out there please help me figure this one out. Thank You and God Bless! Lynette Villalobos



  • Eileen Bailey
    Health Guide
    April 06, 2010
    Eileen Bailey
    Health Guide
    April 06, 2010



    Thank you for your question and welcome to ADHDCentral.com.


    Pharmaceutical companies offer assistance programs for people that cannot afford their medication.  The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps provide information on over 475 public and private assistance programs.  When using the site, you first complete a short questionnaire, when completed you will be given a list of programs that you may qualify for.  If you prefer, you can contact them by phone at 1-888-4PPA-NOW (1-800-477-2669).  This site does not provide the medication; it provides you with access to the different programs. You will need to apply to the program that fits your situation.


    You can read more about this at:

    Free or Low Cost Medication


    I hope this helps




  • justi2013 May 14, 2014
    May 14, 2014

    I understand what you're going thru on both sides. My daughter and I have ADDHD but her more than me. My fiance and I take her to Texana Mental Health Rehablitation Center. Im not sure if theres one in your area though. Its a great place and they canhelp with your medications if you are not already on medacaid or other insurance. hope this helps.

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