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Q: Vyvanse vs. Focalin

My 7 year old has ADHD and has tried several meds before we settled on Vyvanse 30mg.  We are seeing terrible behavior b/w 5p-8p and he is uncontrollable at some times.  We have tried all kinds of behavior management, but nothing seems to help.  Should I just let him watch TV or play video games from 5p-6p every day?  My docs want me to give him a short acting Focalin in the afternoon, but I don't want to.  Concerta was not good for him.  Help.


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Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
10/ 8/09 9:27am

Thank you for your question and welcome to It is possible that your son is overwhelmed and this tends to catch up with him around 5 pm, at about the same time that his medication is starting to wind down. If you find that allowing him to watch television or play video games for one hour helps him transition from one activity to another, I don't imagine it would be harmful to him.


I am providing you with some links to additional information that may be helpful:


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I hope this infommation helps



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