• cherokee lady cherokee lady
    May 06, 2008
    why would my stomach be bloated like i'm pregnant and i'm not?
    cherokee lady cherokee lady
    May 06, 2008

    My stomach continually is bloated enough that I look pregnant and I am not pregnant. I used to tuck my shirts in and cannot now. I'm tired of looking this way. It is more than depressing and am tired of it.....what can I do?



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  • chattycathy May 08, 2008
    May 08, 2008

    i went thru years of this myself, dieting, stop eating different things ect. but nothing helped until i stopped eating ice cream!  you see i loved the stuff, i'd only eat icecream for a couple of days at a time. but once a lady told me, while i was buying blue bell icecream, how good it was and how much she use to love it until she started getting bloated like she was 8 months pregnant like me, and once she GAVE IT UP her bloating went away and so did mine. if its not ice cream it may be yogurt or cream or milk but i'd start by cutting out all icecream and sugar and see if that helps. good luck cause i know its depressing.Smile

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