• brenda hamlet brenda hamlet
    February 09, 2009
    How do I request a modification to the grading structure so that my child can see some success.
    brenda hamlet brenda hamlet
    February 09, 2009

    My child has a 504 plan.  I am advised that he should not fail if the teachers implement the plan correctly.  I am told by people who are supposed to know that instead of a failing grade, he should be given credit towards graduation.  I understand also, that the grading structure can be changed for him.  For instance, 90-100 is the norm for an A.  I am told that that can changed for him to say 85-100 is an A, 75-84 is a B, etc.  If this does not help and his final grade remains an F, then credit should be given.  I believe that most teachers want to help but do not know how.  Of course, there are those who do not want to do anything extra for any student.  I am at my wits end.  He is in the ninth grade and he tries very hard.  Of course, he is also a typical teenager and as all parents of teenagers, I have my challenges there.  He never acts out in school.  His citizenship grades are mostly 1 and 2, nothing below a 3 which is satisfactory. He of course performs better in some classes than in others.  His biggest problems are in math and science and he rarely passes a test. However, the teachers seem to rely upon him to ask for help instead of giving help,  they do not notify me of missed assignments or incomplete assignments until it is too late to correct it.  Often, the homework is done, but he forgets in his locker, he forgets to return to the classroom after school if he needs to complete an assignment.  The teachers repond only when I contact them.  Please help.



  • Eileen Bailey
    Health Guide
    February 09, 2009
    Eileen Bailey
    Health Guide
    February 09, 2009



    It sounds as if you are a bit confused as to exactly what is included in your Section 504 or are not satisfied that it is addressing all of your son's issues.


    You can call for a meeting of teachers, administration and anyone else involved in creating your son's 504 Plan. Each plan is, and should be, unique to the child it is servicing as all children have different needs. If you are not satisfied with the communication from the teachers, ask for communication to be laid out in the 504 Plan. For example, you might want "teachers will communicate with me on a weekly basis regarding outstanding work. I should be notified via email on Friday afternnoon any work that was not handed in during the week. My son will then have until Monday afternoon at 3:00 PM to hand in all outstanding work." This, of course, is an example and you should request a modification based on your son's specific need. The Section 504 Plan team should be able to discuss what would seem reasonable under the circumstances.


    The same would go for changing grading systems, although, quite honestly, I am not sure whether that is possible or not.


    The services, accommodations and modifications your son is to receive should all be in his Section 504.


    There are a number of additional articles under the Education section on the site that may help you.


    I hope this helps.


    Please let me know.




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