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Tuesday, August 26, 2008 Robin, Community Member, asks

Q: How does Adderall interact with alcohol?

My adult son was recently given Adderall to help him focus.  I am concerned that when he drinks, there can be problems.  Is this true?  How much is a safe amount to drink with this drug, or should it be avoided all together?


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Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
6/ 5/14 8:38pm

Thank you for your question.


I am not a medical professional and cannot give you medical advice. 


A post on, "Why Adderall and Alcohol Do Not Mix" explains the dangers of combining this medication with alcohol in depth. Merely Me points out that one concern is that a stimulant, such as Adderall, can make you feel as if you can continue drinking well past the point you should stop. It may mask the feeling you get when drinking too much and can lead to alcohol poisoning. 


Merely Me also reports on a story of a young man had a heart attack that was caused by mixing adderall and alcohol, even though he did not have any past cardiac problems and there was no family history of cardiac problems.


Mixing any medication, including supplements, with alcohol has the potential to be dangerous. The best course of action is not to do it. But if you are going to drink, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about what the potential dangers are so you can be aware. 




Mandokee, Community Member
8/29/08 1:12am

I can speak about ths one from personal experience. Adderall seems to overide the affect of alcohol, making the person feel as if they can drink more without getting drunk. The problem there is, although they may not feel as drunk the alcohol still has the same affect on their body and can lead to alcohol poisoning without the person even realizing that they are that wasted. Your son should definately watch the amount of alcohol he takes in, and know what his limit is before he starts.

penumbrra, Community Member
3/14/10 4:34pm

I agree, I also Take Adderall XR 20 mg  ( just started today ) after switching from Concerta 36mg. I too have noticed that on either of these psycho stimulants that you are able or need more beer to feel the effects. Normally when I drink I will drink too fast and become unable to function, at that time I stuff my face with food and go to sleep. With the stimulant I find that I am going through the same amount of alcohol without it catching up to me. I am more interested in the interactions between adderall and alcohol on my physical body (kidneys and liver).

poopy, Community Member
8/ 3/10 3:03pm

I took 3 adderall xr 20 mgs and later that night drank 2 40's and sure the mixture can be dangerous but I feel fine other than a kind of stiff chest

ally girl, Community Member
10/ 9/10 5:46pm

sounds like speed?


MbTaNk16, Community Member
10/13/10 1:33pm

It pretty much is.  Adderall XR contains 4 types of crystal amphetamines (salts) which are similar to crystal methamphetamines.

playboy, Community Member
12/ 4/10 7:37pm

hey I am 20 years old and I take 60 mg of adderall xr. one night I decided to go party with a bunch of friends, brought with me a 30 mg pill of adderall crushed it up and snorted.  I thought that if I took it before I went out drinking i'd drink more and stay up longer without pass out.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bad bad idea. After about, half a bottle a vodka, I began to experience strange side effects, I became delusional, confused and started to hallucinate.  I was dropped off at home, my parents quickly realized something was wrong.  My eyes had fully dilated and i was extremely confused I didn't know were I was.  I was having factitious hallucinations for example, my brother looked like a giant octopus and my parents looked like green aliens with giant heads. I was completely delusional.  I then got aggressive,  I began to fight them I thought they wanted to abduct me and that they where out to kill me.  the effect lasted all night, until 5 am eventually, I just passed out.  Mixing alcohol with amphetamine, is not a good idea.  It messed me up so bad, don't do it.  

Apollo, Community Member
12/21/10 1:04pm

yeah that's probably not true. very creative tho, in a bad teenage movie sort of way.


it has been reported that adderall can cause minor hallucinations.  However this is not likely due to any effects of mixing with alcohol.  in most cases hallucinations are result of taking too large of a dose or an individual reaction to the drug.  in any case, it is unlikely that hallucinations from adderall will be severe, or as intense/vivid as described above.  most reports are peripheral hallucinations (seeing images or light briefly out of the corner of the eye) or some auditory hallucinations.  but def not like your salvia-esque experience.


the above story, creativeness aside, is likely the result of snorting the drug.  snorting adderall has been reported to have similar (less extreme) effects of cocaine, but with many of the same health risks.


in most cases, mixing adderall and alcohol is not terribly dangerous, especially in low doses.  however adderall WILL mask the effects of alcohol to some extent, causing the used to consume more alcohol than they normally would (i dont think i need to explain what happens with over-consumption of alcohol...).


bottom line? mixing the two drugs is normally not a good idea, especially with college-style binge drinking. one will just consume much more alcohol than they otherwise would. but it will not cause a trip.

mealone, Community Member
1/ 1/11 9:06pm

I definitely have to disagree with you. I can see how being on that high of a dose and taking it in that matter could produce crazy hallucinations. I have combined these together, but on accident... forgetting (I'm ADD) that I take adderall (20mg xr). It doesn't mask it for me, but it seems like I get much more intoxicated with a lot less alcohol. I know my drinking limit. 3 mixed drinks, and quit, or beer spread out over the night. I had my 3 mixed drinks, but felt like I had 7. I did get confused, but thought I knew what I was talking about. It's a nasty drunk... I become belligerent and want to fight. This doesn't happen when I have a beer or two.. but has happened 3 times when I consumed hard alcohol. In my case, and the same with my sisters, adderall makes us twice as drunk with half as much alcohol. BE CAREFUL.

dawgsfan, Community Member
1/16/11 10:02am

On a date night i had 30mg of adderall before i went out and just like the other stories i know how much alcohol it takes to get me really drunk. About half way into a water bottle of vodka i blacked out at dinner for the rest of the night which is highly usual. I was belligerent drunk, i yelled at cops, i ran away from people trying to help me, and even took a swing at my friend. Scary experience because i don't remember a thing over about 5 hours. It was a terrible night for me and i had to apologize to a lot of people.

Daniela, Community Member
2/23/12 2:10am
It does this to me too!! I thought I was Just really weird or I was getting drunk cause the addarell supersede my appitite so I didn't eat much that day... But I wonder if this is commen for other people too Reply
Mmartin, Community Member
3/22/12 6:04pm
I take adderall xl 40mg, and it's true, u can drink Way more and not even know u are drunk.. I can down a I could down a big bottle of 1800 and still function, still b drinking, never got alcohol poisoning, I always drank straight liquor. Smoked dro all the time, snorting pills while drinking,then coke, all along w drinking, x, and I'm on a lot of other dangerous medications and have a medical condition.. I was going through a very hard time in my life.. I actually am very lucky I'm alive today.. I never hallucinated from any of these things or the combinations and I mixed a lot of things.. I lost a lot of friends who overdosed for the stupid things we were all doing.. My advise is not to drink and mix adderall cause u will keep drinking and drinking and the next thing u know, you'll end up if your lucky like me in jail, before xmas dec 22,2011.. Waiting for a court date, having to Go to AA/NA classes which is manditory 2xs a day, seeing a drug councelor 2xs a week, a mnthly visit with my my very nice probation officer (not), all the fines, bonds, and towing I had to pay I was on probation 54 days before I went to jail dec 22,2011, and I'm waiting for blood work that was taken the morning I went to jail to c what all I had in my system and what my bal was.. Im lucky Im Alive, I'm lucky I didn't kill someone the back n dec, I was doing all the above things I listed, very stupid.. I deserve what I get.. I just turned 35 the end of dec can't go any where alcohol is served.. I've completely ruined my life.. But am now 3 mnths sober as of march 21,2012.. So anyone mixing any medication not just adderall, Xanax, loratabs, oxys, percs, methadone... Mixing methadone, alcohol and a couple bars is what killed one of my best friends.. He went to sleep and never woke up.. Plz don't mix any pills with alcohol.. Sorry to preach just telling people the real truth........ Reply
Beautifullybroken, Community Member
8/ 3/12 7:55pm
Thanks for sharing your story. I googled searched alcohol mixed with adderall to specifically find conformation that it was not a life threatening combination to justify me mixing the two. Your story did the opposite of confirming it was "not recoommended, but okay." I appreciate your candor about the risk, outcome and subsequent consequences. Congratulations on your sobriety. Reply
Steph, Community Member
3/13/11 7:36am

Look Little-Know-It-All, it's possible to get the side effects described in the "story" above with just alcohol alone! Some people naturally can't handle, or physically process, alcohol very well and a lot of people experience psychopathic effects of alcohol. Some of these people may also have serious histories of halluconogenic drug abuse. You can't just dismiss a story as false because YOU never experienced it. I have had multiple nights where I have been fully delusional and most people would figure I was doing several mind-altering substances at the time or something!


Some people-like me-can't process alcohol well and yet I love to do it in excess.

I'm not saying I'm proud of that fact, but honestly, euphoria and forgetfulness aren't the only side effects of alcohol. You have to realize that a certain population of us seriously lose our minds after enough alcohol, and ANYTHING is possible. (case in point-I have swam across a river in the middle winter in order to get a ride from a stranger on the freeway to the next gas station so I could call the police to save my friend who lived 3,000 miles away because I thought she was drowning in the river. I hadn't seen her in 12 months at the time and knew she was far away in Alaska......I was/am very capable of being incapable of logical thought for hours on end while I'm drinking. I haven't drank since then.)

So, I just think it's extremely offensive that you would dismiss someones true confession as a story.

You have a good bottom line that mixing drugs is NOT a good idea, but please don't hurt those who are here to lend an honest opinion!!!!


KnowItAll, Community Member
7/ 6/11 4:42pm

its a LOT more common to experience auditory halucinations and visual ones in the extreme.  Remember, what hes describing is his recollection of what he percieved, with the best words he can find to communicate the experience.

I, for one, am speaking from experience, adderall can make you halucinate. a depresssant.  MUCH less likely to ADD EXTRA elements to reality by itself such as halucinations, than a STIMULANT


STIMULANTS IN GENERAL are KNOWN to cause halucinagenic and shizoprenic(which entails halucinations) in users.


I have experienced this first hand been prescribed add meds for years. 


Sorry but this guys self righteous indignation compelled me to post.

Beautifullybroken, Community Member
8/ 3/12 8:49pm
Why are we having a blog war about something we ALL agree on? Neither of the two drugs should be combined. You will never find a professional doctor or pharmacist that will say it is safe to use them together. No one has shared anything on this thread that can tell us the effect or outcome physically or mentally Adderall and alcohol will have on us individually being that we are physically and psychologically different. I am like most people that have posted - i can drink A LOT more without feeling the "normal" effects. Bottom line is any abuse can have a negative outcome - how drastic depends on many, many factors. At the end of it all - using the two together is harmful in one way or another and if done often and long enough there are most certainly negative long lasting effects. My personal experience is I took 24 Xanax and drank a 2 bottles of wine back to back trying to commit suicide. Low and behold I woke in the hospital the next day! I was like you have got to be kidding me! I just new that was enough to kill me with my body weight but it obviously it was not. :( No matter what, as someone stated earlier; mixing anything with alcohol is not recommended, the more important question is why we do it and how can we stop? Reply
cate, Community Member
6/24/11 11:10am

I am sorry to tell you sir, but mixing adderall, an anphetamine salt, with alchohol, could be the last thing you do on this earth.! Major concerns of side-effects related to long term adderall use include complete hepatic(Liver) and renal (Kidney) failure. Medications with salt cofactors are not only serverely dehyrdrating catalysts, but they also collect in liver and kidney tissues. Anphetamines and stimulant-substances like it, ecstacy, cocaine, phentermine, also increase cardiovascular adverse reactions. Alchohol increases cardiac work, heart-rate increases greatly in myocardial oxygen consumption, making it go into coronary vasospasm. Basically the heart tissues contract into improper sinus myocardial infarctions, also called B-Fib, the muscles simply become spasmodic and seize, which leads to asitole, or flat-line. The drug also depresses Central Nervous System functions, including depressive respiratory function. Alchohol is a dehydrating component as well, and the problem with adderall, is that it dumps after it's chemical dopamine stimulant window has closed. Meaning after the effects where off, all the remaining salts and wastes go straight to trying leave the body quickly, through urination. It first has to go through the stomach. Adderall is extremely hard on the stomach lining, sometimes increasing acidic and gastric juices. This is also not a good environment for alchohol. Then proceeds to the Liver, where it get's stuck. Adderall is alot like Tylenol and added to alchohol, remains in liver tissues, causing liver failure. Not even dialysis, often used in extreme alchohol poisoning, to take over liver and kidney function, to clean your blood, will save you at this type of crisis. I have worked in the medical proffession, and liver failure is a slow, horrifyic, painful way to die my friend! Adderal is hard on your heart, your respiratory system, it can cause glacoma, edema, it's hard on the liver and kidneys. In a case related study, a 20 year old male with no prior history of cardiovascular disease, decided to take a double dose of his adderall, 30mgs was all he took. He had been drinking whiskey for three nights before going to bed. He had not taken his adderall for two weeks. He reported retrosternal chest pain. He was diagnosed with myocardial infarction, most likely brought on by an anphetamine-induced vasospasm. Dead at 20, because of a little dose of adderall, and some whiskey.  Think people, adderall is nothing to be played with, and adding other factors like depressants or stimulants, or not being well hydrated with proper electrolyte balance, which includes proper levels of potassium and magnesium- can cause sudden death.

cate, Community Member
6/24/11 12:18pm

In the former post I said that alcohol makes the heart work harder, cardiac work. I meant to say that adderal does this, but in cases of alcohol poisoning, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are greatly affected. Slow breathing, less than eight breaths a minute, between breaths and irregular breathing a gap of more than ten seconds between breaths. Skin becomes blue-tinges or pale, meaning the person is becoming cyanotic. Cyanotic means the oxygen transfer between the heart and lungs is compromised. The heart isn't pumping or working in proper myocardial oxygen consumption, working harder to do the same functions. Adderall has the same affect on the heart, so now their are two substances in the body causing the same problems. Unfortunately, even after someone has passed out or stopped drinking, alcohol remains in the bloodstream and continues to rise. So, alcohol on it's own can be dangerous, Adderal on it's own can be dangerous; but don't point a double-barrel shotgun at yourself and pull the trigger, adderall and alcohol are a lethal combination!

dopeless, Community Member
2/27/12 1:10am

i know this post was some what of a while ago but i think you might be able to help me. i hate admitting this but ive been taking more of my vyvanse/adderal than perscribed. ive been doing this for the last 2 years or more. ive been taking stimulants off an on sense i was about 12 and im 20 now. about 8 months ago my stomach problems got so so SO severe. and before i continue on that story.. while i was taking more than my dose perscribed i was drinking from the moment i woke up till i eventaully (yet not always) passed out. i had a severe alcohol problem and have gone to rehab multiple times and have been sober for 6 months now. back to my original story, while i was drinking and taking many adderal for 2 years straight i eventaully about the last 3ish months of my alcohol use, developed a HORRIFIC stomach pain. upper abdominal. i was puking everyday stomach acid becuz i would most of the time never eat and when i did it would be late late at night. the pain literally was unexplainable. like someone put there fist inside my stomach (or whatever upper abdominal area) and twisted it in multiple knots. at first i just thought it was a "bad hang over" and that i was drinking a "little to much" but as a week or two went on i knew it wasnt normal. the pain came ONLY when i did NOT drink. I was to deep into my addiction to really care to be honest. I ignored it as well as i could. and the weird and scary part was the ONLY thing that would make the pain go away (TEMPORARILY) was drinking MORE. i would wake up with SO MUCH PAIN that i would rather die than feel it, and i would continue to drink and noticed the pain drifting away. It was pretttttyyyy hard to cover this pain i had around my parents so they were aware of it but i never once mentioned me drinking or useing more of my medication than perscribed. So it was difficult for them to help me. I STILL wonder sometimes how i am still alive. There was multiple times I KNOW i should have been rushed to the emergency room. I could not face reality at that point. all the symptoms you have mentioned i have already experienced. Ive been so ashamed and afraid to be honest with the people that care about me during that time or even to be honest with proffesionals. becuase if i told them what i was really doing and using, that gave the risk of my addiction being taken away from me. which then was absolutley NOT an option for me and my thinking. i had no motivation to even pick up my phone and call a doctor. partically cuz i was afraid of what this distructive life i was living had affected my body and partically becuz i was to loaded to give a crap. eventaully about a month before i seeked help for my addiction i had FINALLY gone to see a doctor that specializes in the stomach. we did a procedure of a long tube down my throat threw my stomach etc. he found gallstones that were very small but looked as though they were just forming. He seemed to think that the gallstones were not the cause of the symptoms i had described to him. he gave me a few lab slips to get my liver tested and my blood and explained to me that it was vital i got these tests done. And as youve most likely caught on, i did not follow through with getting the tests done. I dont even remember what was going through my mind at the time. I was to busy thinking about getting home to my fix. I stopped drinking for about a week and had to recover for a couple days while being sober until the stomach pain would go away. I was aware that after dealing with the pain while sobering up, that drinking was causing this pain! but that assumption left my mind fairly quickly and drank yet again and the pain came AGAIN. weither i drink one drink, 7 shots, 2 beers, or one sip of wine, the pain is never better nor worse. always the same almost like i have developed an alergy to alcohol. I still take my medication but switched about 5 months ago to vyvanse. I have severe ADD and am absolutly nuts off my meds. I have tried to maintain my usage but when i crash, it creates a lot of depression and gets my mind in a bad place so then i will take another vyvanse later in the day. i am perscribed 60mg. i am going to stop taking more than needed. I do not take more to feel "messed up or high" i take another to level out my mood and function. i have been blantently honest through this message and wouldnt try to justify my actions or manipulate the fact that i have abused my medication. i would really like to discuss more and would really love your imput or advice or anything. thank you so much.

Nik, Community Member
3/11/12 12:54pm

Been perusing the internet trying to find the neurochemicals involved in the apparent suppression of alcohol by amphetamines and i saw your post...

You need to go back to your doctor, you need to get those tests done (i'm hoping that you've not... kicked the bucket since your post). you will probably want to involve your parents, but let them know that it's important that you dont go into DT until you're under a physician's care/observation. simply put; you've been stressing your organs far too much and the first thing that comes into mind is liver/kidney failure (since it sounds like ulcers, which can also be very deadly, were eliminated as a possibility). your abdominal pain could be because of that. alcohol can suppress pain, which is probably why it helps, however, by doing so, you're simply damaging yourself further. so... take your meds as was prescribed so you dont WD from them, stay out of alcohol DT but do NOT drink like a fish, make a doctor appointment, go to it, and hopefully live to see another 20 years =d who knows, maybe it's just a torn muscle.

LeFleur, Community Member
7/23/11 2:38pm

Great content. For a while there I thought you were pretty knowledgable, until certain OBVIOUS mistakes made it seem as if you were typing the words of a medically educated individual as they were being spoken to you. I'm curious to know what area of medicine you've worked in that wouldn't require you to know that "B-Fib", also commonly misused on television shows (your likely source), stands for "Bovine Fibrinogen" and certainly isn't the correct term for ANY type of improper cardiac rhythm. I believe the term you were aiming for is "Ventricular Fibrillation", often abbreviated  as "V-Fib" or "VF", which inidicates the spastic, twitching heartbeat you described.

lainey48, Community Member
11/ 5/11 9:26am

You know that making this statement is like condoning the use of Adderall and alcohol you said that this person story sounded like made up but if his body is not use to the mixture of the two chemical then his experience can be more horrific then yours.  It seem like you mix all the time and your body use to it so don't down play another experience with this drug and don't encourage others to use it what make you feel good can kill someone else becareful with your statements.

vanersa8, Community Member
2/ 7/11 2:15am

i have basically experienced the same [expletive deleted] thing. except it wasnt people that looked like aliens they were in my [expletive deleted] house. and they were turning the lock and there was light outside and they were trying to get in. but i didnt drink and i dont know how much i took and i feel like theyre everywhere and i hear that creepy clicking sound from signs but they're not green they're white with big heads and giant black eyes and my eyes get dilated and i have videos of me myself going around my house "ghost hunting" and i am doing and saying things i cant even remember and everytime i try to rewatch them im too afraid im really gonna see the aliens but i keep hearing that clicking sound what the [expletive deleted]?? oh and this morning i was in terrible pain like i had been raped. i could barely walkk around the house. i found this site by accident so if you want to reply email me at [email removed]. oh and when i put the camera on a blank screen i do see a giant octo. [expletive deleted] bizarre

William, Community Member
4/20/11 9:57am
No, this mixture will not make you see aliens or octopus, that is absolutely ridiculous. I have smoked DMT (arguably the most powerful hallucinogen known) and did not get visual affects that intense. To say we are ignorant for not believing his obviously made up story proves you are in fact ignorant yourself. On the subject of mixing adderall and alcohol, it is very dangerous, as both drugs lower blood pressure and increase the chance of heart attack, and most likely magnify these effects on blood pressure when combined. This mixture puts a huge stress load on your heart and if it doesn't have an immediate noticeable affect on your body, then continual combination will prove otherwise. Avoid it if possible and definitely dont do it on purpose. Reply
beatleguy33, Community Member
2/ 5/13 11:30pm

Your wrong. adderrall,when abused(taking more than prescribed), mixed with staying upfor 3nights mademe hallucinate on day four. I came out of the shower and saw ablack skinny, alien looking thing hunched up on my bed. Icalled the cops and ofcourse there was nothing....Was taken to a psych hospital and eventually able togo back home as the adderral psychosis settled down into plain old insomnia for another night.....the next night, I finally crashed....So visual hallucinations on adderral are very real my friend.....and Im 36 years old......


baba, Community Member
5/24/13 3:12am

that's because you where up for 3-4days thats sleep deprivation, not to be confused with a drug interaction


baba, Community Member
5/24/13 3:12am

that's because you where up for 3-4days thats sleep deprivation, not to be confused with a drug interaction


baba, Community Member
5/24/13 3:12am

that's because you where up for 3-4days thats sleep deprivation, not to be confused with a drug interaction


cate, Community Member
6/24/11 1:11pm

The problems that you are having with auditory and visionary halucinations, means that the anphetamine is causing, Pyschosis, or pyschotic break. Which can be a serious alergic reaction to adderal. You should seek medical attention immediately! Phentermine, anphetimines and dextroseanphetamines, or methanphetimines can cause psychosis and can become pernament! If you are taken to a hospital and the staff gives you an anti-psychotic, such as risperdol(a medication known to have serious affects if you are alergic to it, such as sudden heart and respiratory distress/e.g. sudden heart failure or stop breathing. Or what I suffered after my first psychotic episode-risperdol caused extreme allergic reaction, and caused me to become parkinsonean. I couldn't eat, or lift my head up. I could barely walk, I couldn't speak without slurring my words. I couldn't form complete thoughts in order to speak. I slept all the time. I would look out the window and it would be morning, and then I would turn my head to stare out into the hall for a period of what seemed to me to be only five minutes, and I would look back out the window and it would be night! This condition I was told later could have become pernament. Thank God I took my roomates advice and told the doctor to give me less medication. I remember the first thing that happened was that my hunger came back, and all the food tasted fantastic! Later I was taken back to my home state and got a really wonderful Psychiatrist Dr.Chesler. He said he had never seen such a low dose of risperdol produce such a severe allergic reaction. He told me that the condition could have become pernament. Psychotic episodes are nothing to screw around with either. You could become catatonic- a state where a person is frozen, and the doctor can come in and move your arm up in the air, and you keep it there in a pose, they could move your fingers open or shut and it's like a dream or something. You could hurt yourself severely, they might have to put you in restraints. And sometimes people wander off into psychosis, forever. It's very hard for your brain to find it's way back to reality. I've had several, and everytime they would tell my family, she's gone and she's not ever coming back. psychosis is like one altered reality after another. The brain gets lost in themes or story-lines, I imagined being the anti-christ and destroyed everyone on the planet. I destroyed the Earth and heard childern crying, saying, "Mommy why did we have to die?" and weeping and thought that my family members were going to eat me. Psychosis can alter brain chemistry and I still have persistant paranoid thoughts that people want to destroy me or hate me. I have lot's of depression, anxiety, sucidal desires. Psychotic episodes are hard to come out of, weeks and months can go by with the persistant psychotic thoughts. They take a long time to wear off, it's taken me years to recover. And the more psychotic breakdowns a person has, the more likely they are to have future psychotic episodes and hospitalizations. Psych-wards are dreadful places to be in. Especially if you are poor and have to go to a state-run Psychward hospital. The staff ignores you or treats you like your a three-year old, or a piece of trash. Or like your an idiot. There is nothing to do, in between meals. Time stops. You can occupy your time talking to other patients, if your lucky you meet cool people and share war stories and laugh alot. I met this one guy and all we ever talked about was all the fights we had gotten into with other people. He seriously wanted me to beat the crap out of this girl, because she got pissed at me and started yelling at me and said, let's go! She was about four foot tall. I'm really a big girl. I told him I couldn't attack her, cause they would never let me out of there for something like that. There's a lot of screaming and cussing and fighting in those places. Sometimes people would just suddenly attack you, for no reason. The beds and even the pillows are plastic covered. They are hard cold and uncomfortable. Your sheets and blankets just slide right of the bed and pillows. Nothing to do but sleep, eat, play cards. Wait for snack-times, hope they let you go outside and play basketball. You have to go to required classes at certain times before they will release you. Like anger-managment, arts and crafts, karyoke. Seriously you should talk to health professional before psychotic episodes ruin your life!

anonymous, Community Member
12/15/11 11:11pm

u dont get psychosis from allergic reactions to adderall, u ge tit from taking TOO much adderall, and not sleeping for too long. and dont argue cuz i've had this from experience. BTW drinking on adderall shud be fine too unless u already have kidney, liver and/or heart problems. I may have some sort of heart problem cuz i get palpitations very often but i have definetly drank a few nice chugs of vodka after taking one 30 mg adderall the night before and one 15mg adderall the next afternoon and drinking at night. i was fine, just, very, very drunk, i might also add it was a great night as far as i recall. So yess obviously mixing drugs with alcohol is bad and it MAY kill u but so can crossing a street on a red light and im sure u've all done that before.

marley, Community Member
7/26/11 7:11am

Well im 21 female been doing drugs and  taking meds all my life ...for the past two years ive taken adderall xr AND drank and i never saw little green monsters or octopus's thats crazy to me...But we are all different and people need to realize all of our minds work differently with substances than the next joe. 

  thats crazy you hallucinated so bad i drink alot with adderol but i would never suggest a half a bottle of vodka for damn sure with ANY PILL period mixing any pill with alcohole is dangerous but a couple beers or smionoff aint gonna kill ya.! peace out 

Sloth, Community Member
8/16/11 8:56pm

Why would you snort it? That just sounds strange to me, does it give faster effects or something.

beautyforashes11, Community Member
12/20/11 3:03pm

Why in the world are you snorting Adderall? It's because of people like you that this drug, which is very useful for professionals like me, is eventually going to be taken off the market. Way to abuse the system. I personally think you deserved the hallucinations, and when your parents realized what a lunatic you had become they should have shoved your butt in re-hab.

smartkid, Community Member
1/25/13 10:16pm

Adderall xr (extended release) cannot make u high by snorting or inhaling as the component that makes it xr requires that it be digested over a period of time rather then absorbed straight into the blood stream like ir (instant release). This leads me to believe that ur story was either madebup or u have an allergic reaction to alcohol. Xr cant be absorbes unless eaten or possibly stuck up ur ass. 

MikeTheCop6958, Community Member
3/27/14 7:40pm

I took just a 20mg Adderall XR in the afternoon and in the evening I drank only a quarter bottle of burnett's orange cream (70 proof) and a few hrs later I was feeling extremely nauseous and a little dizzy. Not to mention I could not sleep ALL night, and tried to fall asleep since 2AM .. at 6:30 AM I took a warm shower to see if maybe that'll help relax me and I'll be able to fall asleep and feel better and as soon as I hopped out of the shower I vomited all the burnetts vodka. Had a terrible headache and nausea for the rest of the day too.


Adderall and Alcohol is a VERY bad combination.

Surfdstreet, Community Member
9/21/11 9:56pm
You are correct Reply
cici, Community Member
4/16/12 11:51pm

This is true. I have been taking for a long time now.. and honestly, I am only 125lbs.. when I use to take more then I was supposed to, It felt like I was high and I could drink alot.

eli, Community Member
12/ 1/12 1:31am

im not sure what it was but i took two capsulated 20mg of adderall and began drinking (im prescribed to the adderall and am use to the effects) i continued to enjoy my night drinking. i felt the adderall kick in and by then it was all over. i dont remember much. i couldnt talk and what i could say my friends would tell me was gibberish they couldnt understand. i couldnt walk with people's support. it was the first time i have ever felt myself having no control over my body and i seriously thought i had overdosed. i was tripping, vommiting, and couldnt tell anyone, my advise is adderall and alcohol is one of the craziest things to do and you wont think so until you see it. 

eli, Community Member
12/ 1/12 1:34am

im not sure what it was but i took two capsulated 20mg of adderall and began drinking (im prescribed to the adderall and am use to the effects) i continued to enjoy my night drinking. i felt the adderall kick in and by then it was all over. i dont remember much. i couldnt talk and what i could say my friends would tell me was gibberish they couldnt understand. i couldnt walk with people's support. it was the first time i have ever felt myself having no control over my body and i seriously thought i had overdosed. i was tripping, vommiting, and couldnt tell anyone, my advise is adderall and alcohol is one of the craziest things to do and you wont think so until you see it. 

Mandokee, Community Member
8/29/08 1:14am

I can speak about ths one from personal experience. Adderall seems to overide the affect of alcohol, making the person feel as if they can drink more without getting drunk. The problem there is, although they may not feel as drunk the alcohol still has the same affect on their body and can lead to alcohol poisoning without the person even realizing that they are that wasted. Your son should definately watch the amount of alcohol he takes in, and know what his limit is before he starts.

baba, Community Member
5/24/13 3:18am

agree, drink more than I should, feel like crap in the morning but take another adderall an takes the hell of a hangover. hate to admit it because I think the hangove ris a learning experience

baba, Community Member
5/24/13 3:18am

agree, drink more than I should, feel like crap in the morning but take another adderall an takes the hell of a hangover. hate to admit it because I think the hangove ris a learning experience

geckogravity, Community Member
2/25/09 12:30am

Dear Robin,


If your son is relatively young, I would not recommend for him to mix adderall with alcohol as this may result in unnecessarily excessive consumption of alcohol (in the worst case scenario, alcohol poisoning or death). Overall, if your son is able to determine his alcohol limits on his own without adult supervision then I would be slightly less concerned. Nonetheless, adderall is a very powerful drug and its effects should be well known by any user beforehand. In my experience, shifting to alcohol on the weekends after finishing work and witnessing firsthand the decline of the drug's effects is a relatively safe practice- I do impress that adderall is a very subjective drug such that its effects can vary widely from person to person. Health concerns outside of the possibilty of alcohol overdose are fairly limited in any event in this hypothetical combination of drugs (N.B.- I am speaking from an adult experience). Ultimately, the decision is your sons as he may very well continue his prescription throughout college and into adult life. I would encourage you to inform him of the risks involved and to keep his cool even when his friends might be drinking and pushing him to do the same- at the practical level, he may want to consider drinking at a slower rate if he chooses to drink in the first place or simply to avoid parties where peer pressure is too great of a force to evade. I hope this helps and best of luck to you and your son!



INTAK123, Community Member
3/10/09 2:19am

I will offer an opinion from someone who uses adderall in a different way than described by everyone else so far. I'm a college student and I don't have a prescription for adderall but I do take it pretty regularly to help me stay up and study. I sometimes drink after I've been studying on adderall to help me get to sleep faster. I find that when you drink after being on adderall for a while, you get drunk much faster than you would normally. I have done this many times and have never had the slightest problem besides a hangover in the morning. I think that people that take adderall to party longer are incredibly stupid. Just thought I would offer a different perspective on the issue.

opastopa, Community Member
5/ 6/09 8:40pm

keep in mind that alcohol significantly impairs your ability to retain information you've learned while taking adderoll. Alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde in your body, a compound that interfered with REM sleep. during REM sleep you're brain processes learned information relating to complex cognitive/procedural memory (meaning that if you're learning calculus you won't necessarily remember how to calculate the volume of a sphere). so in a way, consuming alcohol to negate the stimulant effects of adderoll may be worse for your studying than not taking any stimulant at all. you might just want to take adderall relatively early (10am to noon) so that by the time you go to sleep you won't be disturbed by the drug's effects


*if you're only learning fact based information (history for example), alcohol should not interfere

phish911, Community Member
3/ 5/10 10:31pm

brilliant observation and fully agree. 

I Say, Community Member
7/31/10 7:34am

Taking Adderall early in the morning and then coming down from it later without drinking would simply leave u with a headache in the evening or nighttime...I found coming down from Adderall nearly impossible to handle without drinking or sleeping.  Drinking a few beers when or while the Adderall wore off, ussually helped me ease off of the negative feelings such as headache and irritability, and fall asleep.  

Drinking on Adderall for me led to a great euphoria and clarity.  However I found that I needed to drink more to maintain the euphoria and take more adderall to maintain the clarity.  Basically, they play on each other and cause u to drink and take more adderall, in order continue the effects.  And the effects can feel so good.    

Dragan_flower, Community Member
9/ 7/11 3:02am

I was completely talked out of it after reading everyone comments...until this one :)

UnfortunateAnalysis, Community Member
1/23/12 11:19pm

lol, i was too. don't tell me that I'm dumb for this because I already know; I became a bit nostalgic about my former party days and had the urge to snort i broke into my adderall (which is prescribed to me for ADHD) and snorted about three of them. About an hour later I met up with my ex (who I am still not over, but I guess that's not for here) and became upset, so between intervals of chain-smoking, i swallowed six more, hoping for an effect. Unfortunately, I still don't feel anything. Anyhow, my roommate said that he 's bringing home rum tonight because he wants to drink. I'm not sure that I would feel comfortable drinking, though, because (from the sounds of it) it doesn't seem too safe on my part. Anyhow, the only effects that I have noticed so far are that I am getting car-sick faster than I normally do, and I am super calm. Like...more than I usually would be.

Aimee, Community Member
6/23/09 5:28pm

My question to you is, do you get upset quicker and meaner quicker too?  Or just go right to sleep?

phish911, Community Member
3/ 5/10 10:34pm

amphetamine will only make you meaner if you already are predisposed to being mean.  unless, of course, you become an addict and resort to taking doses not recommended by your doctor.  typically that happens when you reach the levels in excess of 30mg per day.  and even still, somewhere at a base level, the person has issues with self control if they're being mean and i find it difficult to blame on amphetamine 100%.

RazMjr, Community Member
8/25/10 8:52pm

I have taken adderall and simular drugs for more than 16 years. I take and am prescribed 60mg a day. I haven't had problems with being meaner but I never was able to be a realy mean person anyways.


As far as mixing with alcohol I have noticed I am able to feel the affects of being drunk but my cognitive thinking still is there. It is easy to not know how drunk you are because of this so it is very important to keep track of how much you have or whell everyone ells already said it.

Kakarotto, Community Member
8/ 6/09 5:22pm

I would not advise taking Adderall if it is not prescribed to you. I recently learned from my doctor that selling/giving away your prescription meds or buying/taking prescription meds that are not prescribed to you can be considered a felony. If you have a problem studying at night, talk to a doctor and he or she will give you a prescription for the proper medication, not to mention the proper dosage. Having trouble falling asleep after taking Adderall is a sign that the dosage is too high.


P.S.-Taking Adderall to stay up later is just as stupid as taking Adderall to party longer. It's the same idea.

Armani, Community Member
12/ 8/11 11:04pm
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I have been taking Adderall IR (instant release) for 2 years. I am a Nursing major and have taken advance pharmacology, and the professors spent plenty of time on the effects/ side effects on stimulants. However, one thing I can tell you not being able to sleep at night can be from taking too high of a dose, but if your prescribed   dose too high  even if the DR. suggested because of your normal body type/ weight, then you would know if you’re on a too high dose after several days. If you are experience a sense of "over well-being" your dose is definitely too high. BUT if you are at a good dose regardless most people suffer from being unable to sleep. Especially if you’re on two a day doses, and tend to take your second dose after 1pm, most likely you will have a hard time falling asleep. But like I said most people will suffer from falling asleep with ease just because how strong Adderall is, the only thing that helps me if I still feel the effects of my second dose at 8pm is to take a jog or do something to burn out some energy. And you should never, ever...... take medication when not prescribed to you, especially psychoactive drugs.

psychstudentlol, Community Member
8/22/09 9:44pm

I am a college student who is perscribed adderall for ADD and have been taking it on and off for 9 years.  When I drink on adderall I experience the same feeling of getting drunk quicker, for example after 1 beer I'll feel like I've had 5 but that feeling wears off after 45min or so for me and then my tolerance is sky high & I can't seem to reach that "happy drunk" stage.  I found I tend to get into more arguments when I'm drunk on adderall (irritability) and some nights I have periods of time where I don't remember all or any of what happened, although I'm not wasted drunk as you'd assume, if I drink without having taken adderall this does not happen.

wimpie, Community Member
11/ 7/09 2:58am

you are presumably more drunk than you think.  I am writing this right now when I am under the influence of alcohol mixed with 40mg of ex R Adderall.  I do not suggest drinking it with adderall, because it makes you want to continue drinking much past your limit than if you were only drinking alcohol.  I would not say that it amplifies the effect of alcohol, but it does distort your initial responses to drinking, in the sense that you don't realize your drunk until...... YOUR DRUNK!!!!


It is not something to play around with and do not come down on any benzo's or prozac or anything of the such while on adderall...

John, Community Member
1/19/10 10:55pm

I would like agree with you.  My wife takes adderall to be more productive at work and if she drinks the day she takes the medication it only takes a couple of glasses of wine to send her into incomprehensible garble and then listless behavior.  I agree with you about being incredibly stupid if you drink and take adderall.

lnr2s, Community Member
2/ 7/10 5:35pm

I am prescribed adderall.  I took my first few semesters in college without a prescription and never drank on it...used it just to that i have a prescription and take it daily I too have noticed that I get drunk A LOT faster while taking the medication.  I'm not sure however if it is the actual adderall or the fact that you don't eat much when taking adderall...regardless you get drunk quick

phish911, Community Member
3/ 5/10 10:38pm

it would be my recommendation to the student (and any students reading this) to take over the counter piracetam.  otherwise there is modafinil and nootropil (although may be difficult to find in the united states pharmacies).  provigil is also highly recommended, but very very expensive ... even if on a 4-tier $20-copay healthplan.  i've taken them all and still regularly take nootropil on days when i choose to not take my adderall.  it's clean, safe, non-toxic, and absolutely no side effects.  it is a nootropic and increases blood flow between the brains hemispheres and has no euphoric effects nor any risk of abuse like an amphetamine-based prescription, which also develops a tolerance.

halotarget360, Community Member
7/30/10 9:02pm

this is a bit of dead thread, but one point that no one has made is that adderall acts differently on those who suffer from ADD, i myself have not experiment with adderall and alcohol, but presumably it would lessen the feeling of being drunk in someone who was ADD as it acts as a stabilizing drug, but if it were taken (as many students do) to work harder and study longer, it would increase the effects. rather paradoxical in nature in guess. 

b00blick, Community Member
4/15/11 8:36am

So it would be very curious to see where this "fact" (except for pharmaceutical company BS spread much in the media) that amphetamine produce an effect in someone that has been diagnosed with ADHD that varies measurably from that in the general population.. Because to this day ADHD is yet to have a consistently identifiable physical trait established to the condition (read: difference in brain chemistry from population mean). Until then it remains a behavioral condition strictly.


However, statistically there is a significant minority of the population mean - a dozen or 2 percent - that generally react differently to amphetamine stimulation (from general dopaminergic amphetamines such as adderall, speed whatever, to secondary seratonin agonists such as MDMA). Something to think about..


Regarding working as stabilizing drug, it aids in maintaining focus when administered in a dose thats appropriate for body volume and tolerance level. Intaking an excessive dose of amphetamines (which is what happens often in recreational use) produces quite the opposite effect regardless of whether you have or have not been diagnosed with ADHD.


A few words regarding my own involvement: I have suffered from attention / concentration problems, excessive day dreaming intermittent with outbursts of activity, etc for much of my childhood, went through college 'self-medicating'  on occasion with adderall when going got tough (acquired second hand due to no health insurance), and as a working professional few years later sought help for adult ADHD that still lingers. An extensive cognitive study has uncovered an underlying sleep disorder (hypersomnolence/narcolepsy), which I suspected I might have for many years, to which ADHD has been secondary and more prominent behaviorally. In light of recent studies the more conscientious doctors send their attention-related patients to perform a polysomnogram due to high percentage of ADHD cases discovered to be clinically linked to a sleep disorder that the patient may not be aware of for years.

onmyback, Community Member
9/15/10 1:11am

Thats an honest admission of misuse of the drug. Some speculation...if you're using adderall to stay up longer to study, meaning you're taking it later in the day, then your body is going to be physically tired and needing rest even though it may not seem so because you're cognitively alert.

That said, the physical wear on your body would probably decrease your ability to metabolize alcohol at a normal rate. To compound this, because its a stimulant and known to decrease your appetite, getting drunk faster could be the result of drinking while having an inconsistent diet and empty stomach. 


I would also say that there is a fine line between "people that take adderall to party longer" and your admitted taking it to stay up to study longer and occasionally having to drink to fall asleep. 


I think your use as a study aid is more common than people admit. If you're having trouble falling asleep after you finish studying then you could try to take it in the early afternoon rather than evening. This way once 'later than normal' comes around, the dose will be in decline and getting to sleep shouldn't require the influence of another drug. 


You're also right, using it as a party drug is chemically taking your body to two different extremes and inherently dangerous. Rule of thumb is to avoid any drug interaction if possible. Especially if those interactions are going to manifest as a higher dose of an amphetamine (because one would be getting it from a friend who at your age may need a higher than what a child would) and some show stopping levels of alcohol. Don't put yourself position to becoming an outlier to a statistically very successful, effective, and safe prescription drug.

Chris, Community Member
3/20/09 1:11am

I am 27 years old and I'm perscribed Adderall for my adult ADD.  I also drink just about every night.  Part of that is my dosage as well as the hours I work each day (I work 70+ hours a week so many times my 3rd dose is taken late in the day) so it helps to take the Adderall edge off when I get home.  If your son is not careful he may find himself drinking WAY too much without realizing that he has because of the potency of Adderall.  In moderation he should be fine.

Soul, Community Member
5/25/09 4:50pm

I am a college student and have been prescribed to adderall for about 3 years now. It is an incredibly powerful drug that has given me many different side effects as I continue to take it. First off, beacuse I have had so much experience with this, I can say that taking adderall inconsistently is very dangerous. It can really affect your body in negative ways when it is abused. I would not recommend drinking and adderall together as i have seen a lot more negative outcomes within myself and many of my friends than positive ones (such as staying up longer). Your son might be okay since he is not accustom to the drug yet but once he starts taking it more often he'll probably often feel sick or he won't think he's drunk until it hits him later when the adderall wears off (which can be extremely harmful on the body). I usually don't blog but I feel the need to let people know how careful you have to be with this drug because it is not a joke and is one of the most endangering over the cabinet drugs out there if it is not used properly. The only time I would recommend drinking on adderall is if you drink later in the day AFTER the adderall has worn off. 

silk, Community Member
6/ 1/09 4:12pm

Whenever I take my adderall (I was prescribed it after I got a bad concussion) and drink, I tend to talk way too much and also drink more than I normally would. I'm college student and do not drink that heavily, but combining this medication and alcohol usually causes me a lot of trouble and I do not recommend it at all.

5555, Community Member
6/ 3/09 10:17pm

i recently was prescribed adderall. i took it for two days and went out drinking. i didnt feel like i consumed enough alcohol to produce the effects i was feeling.... but i also thought the four hours at a party only lasted 30 minutes.... i can say though that i felt as though id been given a date rape drug..... i dont recommend mixing these things...

Dane, Community Member
7/17/09 1:09pm

I just started taking adderall three or four months ago to deal with my long untreated ADHD.  As a single 25 year old who goes out regularly cutting alcohol out of my life is really not an option if I want to be social at all... 


So first, to address an above statement, the threat of death from alcohol poisoning is a little ridiculous unless we are talking about an unseasoned firsttimer who hasnt either built up a tollerance or learned his/her limits...


I will say there are a few things that will affect you, one being, adderall decreases your appetite and when you start drinking on adderall your appetite decreases even more.  This is going to affect your tollerance.  I have noticed that I get drunker faster when taking the drug but I don't get as drunk as I get without taking the drug.  Adderall actually calmed me down and noticably slowed my drinking, verses my prior party-like demeaner that I had before starting the drug... But this is only true while the adderall is active in my system... at some point the drug wears off and if you have been drinking heavily you can be left really drunk.  Just watch how much you drink and you should be fine and if you are going to be drinking heavily MAKE SURE TO EAT.  Besides that, you'll be fine...

stephen hauser, Community Member
8/ 1/09 10:56am

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was between 8-10 years old and have been prescribed adderall ever since then. I went through the progression of higher dosages throughout the years and I am currently prescribed 30 mg of it. I'm now a college student and take two dosages throughout the day. I take 25 XR mg capsule in the morning and later on in the day a 5 mg pill to help me focus later in the night for my school work. Starting around my senior year of high school I started drinking. I have never felt any different side affects to the adderall when I've drank. The first time I drank I didn't even know I was truly drunk because I've grown to sometimes expect that feeling when adderall is either entering my system or leaving it. Maybe I don't notice the difference while drinking is because I have always been prescribed adderall and have never abused it. Caffeine is another affect that should discussed as well when dealing with adderall. Caffeine can prolong the effects of the medication onto the body long after it should. Your son should just be extremely careful if he decides to drink.

Cardiac Rehab Intern, Community Member
8/13/09 2:43am

My boyfriend uses 20 mg Adderrall and consumes at minimum 5-6 beers daily! He is an idiot! The Adderrall is NOT a prescription--I do not know if he takes more than one a day and I am not sure how long he has been on Adderrall. I do know that he has absolutely NO SEX drive (with me anyway), he appears fidgety and nervous at times. He is moody. Sometimes I feel like I do not know who he is. The sad part of it all is I do know him...we have lived together for 13 years. He feels he needs the Adderrall to focus...and he always did seem to have ADD (which his son has) But, he is worse now...Adderall is a controlled substance with good reason. It is Rx with supervision as it should increases your Norepinephrine, messes with your serotonin, and dopamine. It is a Amphetamine...which means You can become addicted--just like a Meth head! Aww Euphoria...fake your brain into thinking it is in euphoria...then it does not have to supply the dopamine or norepinephrine...afterall, you have Adderrall! By the way...your Heart needs you to keep it healthy too, Adderrall adds stress to your heart! Stay Heart Healthy--You should not take the controlled substance without supervision from a Psychiatrist or M.D. NOT BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL, but because it is to be prescribed to those who have a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Eck, Community Member
3/11/10 9:03am

ok u 2 have been living with each other for how long?... 13 years!!! WTF? have u ever considered getting married??? i have taken 40mg adderall xr for 8 years and its done wonders for me...sure it has its side effects and ive learned to deal with them...that includes:depression, tics, excessive sweating, extreme mood swings, acne, and rapid weight lose, ive been under weight since i was in 4th grade, i'm in 11th grade now im still under weight, so before u go off on ur bf think about what hes going through! 

Eck, Community Member
3/11/10 9:06am

this drug has got me through most of my schooling years... its worth it if u ask me... (of course if u do have adhd)

penumbrra, Community Member
3/14/10 4:47pm

It sounds like he is abusing the adderall, more than 1 capsule, when you pass the plataeu in which the drug is useful it becomes more of a street drug than an Rx.


When I was younger I would take lots of Adderall that werent mine At times I would even sniff them with my nose. It is comparable to cocaine (without the immediate loss of high) or Crystal Meth (hence it being an amphetamine). You talk constantly and think you are a genious.


I actually have an addictive personality (I used to love Pharmeceuticals) but in my case (lithium, and Adderall) The drugs I am on make me less prone to needing street drugs, it may be possible that some addicts use street drugs for similar situations in which Adderall and other stimulants are tailored for.

penumbrra, Community Member
3/14/10 4:54pm

Sorry for posting twice but my psychiatrist told me a story (this involves alcohol but can be replaced with any substance). 

 This story can also be replaced with 1 member an alcoholic or both members


2 people were together for a long time and they loved eachother, every night they would drink together and watch movies before bed. One day they both decided to quit drinking and they realized they didnt love eachother....


the point is that if you take someone off something they just may have a reality check, whether they werent living in reality or the shock of not being high warps their new reality.


If your going to make him quit, make sure you take the right steps and prepare for not just helping him quit but helping him with the recovery process.


I think that he should see a doctor, which will either prescribe him these meds or help him with the recovery process so he doesnt freak out.

Danilsa, Community Member
4/22/10 7:44pm

I do agree 100 % with all you said.  I have a 16 yr old son who's on adderrall & I'm arguing w/ his pshychiatrist because I don't see any positive changes in him, also have a niece who took adderrall & it didn't help her w/ school focus etc.  My son on the other hand a taken concerta previously & it did worked great for him ( he was able to focus on school work, passed the year, behaved well at home & w/ others). So far I think he might have taken wine or so & that's when I have seen major negative behaviors on him while taking adderrall.  

american in europe, Community Member
5/20/11 6:15pm

I also drink too much... similar to your boyfriend.  I have noticed that drinking 5-6 beers a day with adderall, makes it really difficult to get an erection.  I believe the adderall is more to blame then the beer.  I have taken Viagra on top of the beer and adderall, and it works, but my skin flushes bright red under this coctail.  However, another point to consider is "desire", i get tired of banging ANY girl after a few years.  I am faithful to my wife of 5 years with the exception of the occasional blowjob from a "working girl".  I don't consider it cheating since my wife finds it degrading...and told me i could "outsource it" LOL.


Adderall stimulates me, and after a day of concentration, i like to drink some beers to counteract the stimulating effects of Adderall (alcohol is a depressant afterall).  The problem is I am drinking more and more.  I drink in the late afternoon... slamming 6 beers in about 2 hours or less...and i really don't feel drunk after this (a little buzzed tho).  I have noticed that the adderall works much better if you completely abstain from drinking, and not just for concentration, but mood as well.

Emily, Community Member
10/14/09 9:22pm

I am a college student who has been taking Adderall for almost 4 years now. In my first 2 years of college I drank pretty heavily 2-3 nights a week. I never got drunk to the point that I would throw up like many people do when they begin college, but I blacked out to some degree pretty much every night that I would drink. What made that slightly worrying for me was that according to my friends, I would never seem/act drunk to any extent. I could hold rational conversations, I wouldn't slur my words or demonstrate any of the other indicators of consuming too much alcohol, yet I would be totally blacked out. Obviously this had the potential to land me in some bad situations.


I spoke to my psychiatrist about this and he said that drinking while on Adderall really shouldn't have any effect. Instead, I realized that it wasn't necessarily the medication that would cause me to black out, but the side effects of the medication can impact the extent to which alcohol affects the body. Adderall causes loss of appetite and insomnia - not eating or sleeping adequately before drinking large quantities of alcohol obviously affects the way that it processes alcohol.


I would say the most important thing to do is make sure you EAT before drinking. It's common sense, but especially when one is taking Adderall, its easy to forget.

11/ 7/09 5:42pm

The pharmaceutical instructions specifically states not to drink alcohol with adderall!  If he needs Alcohol and Adderall together, I would say get him back to his Doctor for a full panel work-up and a therapy consult referral. 


You have to be able to put side the Alcohol when you are taking medications that can interact in a negative manner (regardless of the level).  If that means you need further assistance to do so, seek the assistance for exclusion of alcohol NOT, inclusion.


P.S.  If he won't listen to a valid course of logic (such as the afore mentioned) that is usually a sign of needing help.


Hope this helps. 

Good Luck!

Stephen W, Community Member
10/25/10 10:01pm

I agree 1000%.  Most of the people on this page who say that they drink while taking adderal have to be OUT OF THEIR FREAKING MINDS!!!  Alcohol reduces inhibitions and so it's easy to keep drinking far beyond where it's safe (and you have no physical clues of how wasted you really are).  This could easily lead to alcohol poisining and losing your life.  Talk about a "killer party"!! 


To me death is a side effect that I don't want to mess around with!!

Pharm student, Community Member
11/12/09 12:08am

Its not good for your body! I dont care if you got if from your doctor or not! It does allow you to drink more and when I have taken it I do HAVE to drink in order to fall asleep (no matter how low the dose) Adderall is so hard on your body especially when you drink. The dumb fucks that say its ok haven't learned the effects it has on your heart. You should talk to a doctor and dont listen to the drug addicts!!

Annie, Community Member
11/18/09 10:43am

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in 5th grade and again in 8th grade. I didn't start taking meication until highschool, because no one knows the prolonged effects. From what my psychiatrist told me (i have her to watch the medication and to make sure i'm taking the correct doseage) was to not drink, period for 24 hours after the medication has worn off. She also said to not drink caffiene or exercise while the drug is active in your system because the drug already increases your heart rate and by increasing it more you can stroke out. If he has trouble sleeping at night, which i did in the beginning stages, you body still has to get used to the drug, I would recommend a warm bath and some warm milk. The first month of getting used to it is aweful but u will eventually learn to sleep on it. I am no medical expert, I am just a college student (an aerospace engineer :)) and I am just repeating what my psychiatrist told me.

Paul, Community Member
1/19/10 11:13pm

Robin, Merely Me, a writer here just wrote an article about this subject in December, you can find it here, Why Adderall and Alcohol Do Not Mix.

I hope it helps!

devil pill, Community Member
2/20/10 12:59pm

I Have been on adderall for 6 years...i became an alcoholic...and now that i am not, i cant even drink without feeling sick, not even two im scared to go off adderall bc im so used to it....but truthfully it has caused me more problems than you can imagine....i actually call it the "devil pill" that i cant stop advice would be to go to your doctor and find an alternative medication, because i would not recommend taking adderall AT ALL nevermind with alcohol.

phish911, Community Member
3/ 5/10 10:29pm

Having taken Adderall, Dextroamphetamine, and Desoxyn intermittently over a long period of time while concurrently maintaining a regular intake of alcohol, what I can tell you is that my health records are excellent and I do not abuse either substance.  That being said, the amphetamine class of drugs -- especially for those that don't have extreme ADHD (in my case) -- essentially enable the person to consume quite a greater amount of alcohol (higher tolerance).  Reason being, the amphetamine hightens your sensibilities and reduces the depressive effects of the alcohol.  I'd like to say this is true across the board, but obviously it isn't.  Each and every one of us has our own unique brain chemistry.  I should think, however, that I fall in the normal range category.  For most people, amphetamines give you superman-like effects and yield a higher degree of task efficiency -- i.e.  the college kid that was taking it to stay up late cramming for tests.  I use amphetamine to increase my alertness throughout the day and particularly to powerstroke through long and stressful work days that require extreme attention to detail.  I've never experienced a negative side-effect from mixing Adderall and Alcohol, but understand that a kid who may be susceptible to falling in to binge drinking or just flat out one night of over drinking could wind up in the hospital or even death ... but that, to me, is just common sense, whether you've ingested amphetamines or not. 

Jax, Community Member
3/ 9/10 5:38pm

I recently had a bad experience mixing adderall with alcohol.  I'm in college and I was planning on studying on a Wednesday night so I took one of my 20MG time capsuls to concentrate.  Unfortunately, my friend turned 21 on Tuesday so he convinced me to go out drinking with everyone.  The night started off okay and I felt fine, but as the night progressed I became extemely intoxicated.  I have had much more to drink on previous occasions, but this was the most intoxicated I have ever been.  I could barely stand, did not know where I was, and could not remember much of the latter part of the evening.  For awhile I seriously thought that someone slipped something in one of my drinks at the bar, but I put two and two together, and adderall was the culprit.  Anyways, long story short, I would not recomend taking adderall if you know you will be drinking that night.  It does some crazy stuff to you!  Having said that, I would say that it would not affect your son if he does not drink in excess while on adderall.  In my case, being a typical college student, getting drunk is normal!  And yes, I realize this post is about two years too late, but I just wanted to find out if my previously described condition was the cause of adderall, and I am currently on adderall so you know how that goes..its funny how this drug can make you concentrate on your studies or on other meaningless things like responding to a two year old question on a stupid forum!

Eck, Community Member
3/11/10 9:10am

bottom line...ur not supposed to mix ANY medication with alcohol, just if u plan on drinkin that night take a low doseage in the morning or dont take it at all!

blowpun, Community Member
4/11/10 6:56am

I have been recently introduced to 30mg adderall and i like them and they make me concentrate on my homework. I am concerned that i will get addicted and come dependant on them because i believe i have an addictive personality. I am still going to continue to take them because i work out and im becoming skinnier and looking better and feeling better. I dont like coming off them though, its like coming down from a cocaine high. To all the adderall users out there just be careful because i am going to stop taking them when i am done with college. Sometimes i become jittery and lose my focus from what i am actually soposed to be concentrating on. I wonder what that means, maybe i am taking too high of doseage. I believe it is definitely not a drug to be playing around with.

TYler, Community Member
4/13/10 12:36pm

Does adderall have any negative side effects on your heart when you mix it with alcohol?

roga427, Community Member
5/10/10 10:35pm

Well I have only been taking Adderall xr 20mg for about 2 mos now. And last Saturday night I took it at around 6pm ( I work nights) then started drinking rum and captain morgan about an hour and a half later. I have a pretty high tolerance for alcohol so it usually takes me a lot to get drunk. Me and my friend probably had about 6-8 shots and then I do not remember much more of anything. A lot of people will say its because of how many shots I took so quickly. But I have done this numerous times before with no adderall in my system and I was fine (meaning no black outs) So it had to be because of the Adderall. I would just have to recommend not taking Adderall and drinking together. Not only is it obviously not a good mixture, but Adderall raises your blood pressure already and so does alcohol, so this could be potentially bad as well.

Vildail, Community Member
7/16/10 11:50pm

I am currently under the influence of 30 mg Adderall generic IR and about 7 beers and 2 shots. Not that bad, but I have had nights where I drink sooooooo much that by the time 3 or 4 am hits I am FUCKED, you know the stupid/add feeling you get when the adderall wears off? well imagine thatm after 20+ drinks its not fun and not safe. Like more fucked up then I have ever been. I do not reccommend taking  Adderall and partying from 10 - 2. However if you take Adderall through out the day because you are prescribed the drug then I would not worry too much. Just don't take the drug after 2pm and avoid abusing it for partying or a pick me up at all costs. Its an Amphetamine, its not to be abused, theres a reason people become addicted to this drug. Not to be confused with Methamphetamine the Methyl compound adds quite a bit to the amphetamine aspect, it basically prolongs and strengthens the affect with much more OCD, "Speedy" and addictive behavior associated.

Kira, Community Member
8/ 4/10 1:08pm

I am a 24 year old online college student. I just started taking adderal XR 15mg about a month ago. Normally when i Drink and party i get pretty drunk as i am 5,3 only 115 pounds. I have had an issue that my body doesnt get sick at all when i drink to much i have never thrown up which is the normal reaction to drinking in excess and i tent to blackout. My friends say i act normal but i dont member anything. Since i have started taking adderal which i am prescribed to for ADD, I have noticed i drink 1 drink which i never drink beer so always hard liqour and i feel a little tipsey but it fades quick and i drink all night long in my normal amounts and dont get drunk. I also dont get hangovers at all. I notice the medicine makes me on alcohol and regular drinks have to pee a lot so i think it literally flushes fluids out of my system faster then when i am not on the meds and since it is a chemical balancer, that if you really do have ADD it balances out the alcohol in my brain. I used to at night not sleep well after drinking because they say you dont get REM sleep but i havent had that issue at all. I went out last night had several drinks of vodka and redbull and i feel fine. I am not tired or anything. and i didnt feel even the least bit drunk last night. The second day i was on adderall i went out and drank and that night i didnt get drunk but stayed tipsey all night and the next day felt like crap but since then, i assume my body getting used to the adderall i havent had this. I say your son sould test how his body reacts slowly and not drive of course. To be honest i am extremely happy knowing something is keeping my mind straight when i drink unfortunatly like i said i dont get sick at all so i normally just past my limit and then bam im trashed conforting to myself and probably my friends to know something is helping me with it now.

Jeff, Community Member
12/18/10 12:59am

I am on Adderhal XR for like 13 years. I'm in college now. I take a 30mg capsule in the morning and if i think i need it, i take a 10 mg tablet. I recently just started smoking pot. There was one night that i drank and mixed weed and got the spins. I later threw up a lot and my friends[thank god they were around] called my RA who called an ambulance. I havent drank since that night but I do still smoke. I would like to know what the side affects are that one might have combing tAdderhal XR and weed.

kenzer, Community Member
1/22/11 7:51pm

I just recently started adderall 30mg once a day at around 8 a.m. I would like to be able to go out n have beers with friends around 9pm or so. Is that a bad idea? I know my limits bc Im 24 and not much of a binge drinker but i'm affraid the adderal will make me drunk fater and all loud and crazy. so is it ok for me to go drink at 9pm if I took 30mg of adderall at 8am?

bobby109356, Community Member
3/ 9/11 10:25pm

i take 40mg of addy when im drinkin and all the negative side effects happen the whole next day not so much when im useing them. I do black out sometimes though while im drinkin and takein addy. but the next day my heart races all day and the only way i can sleep ans relax is to take 2mg of xanax to help me recove

trueenough29, Community Member
3/21/11 11:31am

I'm an adult perscribed Adderall 20 mg twice daily for my ADD, which I've had since I was a child. The other night I went out, had dinner before drinks, drank 2 drinks over the course of 5 hours. Later, driving home, I was pulled over for a DUI. I passed the breathalizer test, but the police said I failed the field tests...and said it was because of mixing my perscription...My advice: don't drink and take Adderall- it's bad news.

Sethmr, Community Member
4/21/11 4:35pm

I am 21 and have experiences with both in many aspects. When I take adderol it does a few things to me. I am more able to focus. I feel like I have more energy, though sometimes this is not the case. The last main thing is it brings stress habbits back if you are not careful. From what my grandpa tells me it actually simulates stress in a lot of ways on your body. That makes sense because I wouldn't ever be able to study with out it untill the last minute when I am stressed that I won't finish in time. I used to have a problem biting my nails and popping my neck. Both hit me hard when I am actively taking adderall. The effects like those will be hightened when you first start taking it, but after your body gets used to a specific amount you can learn to control it easier. The key is to be conistant. If you don't feel like you need some one day take the normal amount anyhow so side effects arnt as harsh. I take 2 20mg pills a day and have the least problems when I don't save a few here and there for later. Yes the increased effect when you take more than normal will increase the effect and make you able to study easier than ever, but are you taking this drug as a cop out to make your life easier than normal, or as something to even you out so overall it is as easy for you to study as people without ADD or ADHD. As far as alcohol goes, you have to control yourself a lot when you first start taking it. I would recommend drinking far less than normal for the first month or so of taking this. After that still be careful. I almost never lost my memory when drinking, but have had more experiences of that on the drug for the past 10 months then in the 3 years prior to the year I've been on adderall. Tha only time I have this problem now would be during the first month of getting used to a new amount, or if I was to take more one day then my body had been used to. Adderall will dry your mouth out a little at least for me at any point of taking it although much moreso during that first month. This makes you more likely to be sipping that alcohol faster because you feel parched. Alcohol also can dry out your mouth with stronger drinks only temporarily fixing the problem and so that can add to the amount consumed. I have found that it is easier to down more withing gagging and so it is very easy to drink more than realizing. I honestly believe it doesnt take as much as usual to get completely wasted, but before you get to that point it is harder to be satisfied. Like several things with the drug you just have to be a good bit stronger than when you are off the drug to not mess up. It is very possible to control yourself, but if you don't want the nights where you don't remember anything and wake up wandering how much you messed up the night before just work your way to what you would normally drink, and do so slowly so you can understand how it effects you without going to far.


dexterslab, Community Member
5/ 8/11 12:27am

Hi Guys,


I'm a college student with a perscription for concerta.  Please read my anecdotal account before you drink heavily with adderal (especially concerta).  When I take the medication early enough in the morning and don't start drinking until late at night I haven't had too much of a problem.  However, I recently decided to decrease my rather heavy drinking and decided to only drink wine or champagne every other weekend or so and cut out the hard liquor.  At the same time I fell into the bad habit of taking my medication very late in the day.  I went several weeks without drinking at all (yay) and then had a bit of wine one weekend.  Although I didn't try not to get drunk, I didn't drink very much and just felt a little tipsy by the end of the night.  Pleased with my apparent self control, I went to bed feeling as if I was almost sober (12:30am).  At 3am I woke up with a stomach ache and felt mildly hungover.  I was confused because I clearly didn't get drunk and decided I should go to the bathroom and get some water just incase.  I stumbled out of bed and immediately felt as if I was going to pass out.  My whole body was overcome with a rush of cold and I felt my legs weakening.  My heart was pounding and in all seriousness I thought I was having a heart attack.  I reached for the door desperately thinking I was dying and hoping to call for my roomates but blacked out and hit the floor (this may sound dramatic but that's because I had never experienced anything like it and it scared me).  I woke up at about 10am the next day and was very relieved to still be on planet earth, apparently alive and well.  I have never blacked out from drinking in my entire life (and ive done plenty of it).  Aside from a bad drinking habit I am a very healthy 21 year old (I run marathons and have been checked for heart problems).  I was terrified by my experience and didn't drink a drop for several weeks.  last night I finally decided to drink again in celebration of my successful semester.  I decided to take it easy and only drank champagne.  Again I felt a little tipsy but otherwise very calm and in control.  I went to bed feeling great and slept for several hours.  Suddenly I woke up with a bad stomach ache (not uncommon when I used to drink heavily).  I got up and went into the bathroom and again blacked out in a terrifying, pulse-racing-cold sweat-dead-sure-I'm-dying fashion.  I woke up this morning and decided that I needed to do some research.  It turns out that many people experience a greatly increased alcohol tolerance when taking concerta.  As a 6' male that weighs only 145lbs I used to be the world's biggest lightweight and could get intoxicated off just a couple beers of 2 glasses of wine.  Then one day I was able to knock back half a bottle of whiskey without much more than a bad hangover.  I first attributed this to gaining a tolerance and that may be partly true but reflecting on it I now see that my increased tolerance came when I was diagnosed with ADHD and began taking concerta.  The two times I passed out had 2 things in common:  I had taken my medication after 1pm those days (im supposed to take it at 8am) and I started drinking quite early.  I drank about a half bottle of champagne or wine those nights but really didn't think it was that much since I had been drinking a lot more previously.  However, drinking this much before taking my medication would have caused me to be fairly trashed.  I also drank the wine very quickly because I wasnt feeling any effects.  Additionally, I have experienced increased resting heart rate and blood pressure while taking concerta.  I'm fairly convinced that the combination of those two side effects with drinking too much too quickly caused me to black out.  Whether this was a cardiac episode or just standard alcohol induced black out im not sure but Im going to the Dr. to find out.  I may sound like a complete moron for not knowing that I shouldnt drink heavily on concerta but it is not posted on any of the warnings in the packet or on my pill bottle.  I checked, and finding nothing addressing alcohol on either the bottle or packet I went online to see if there were any warnings.  This is where I found the warnings on the manufacturers site and many others.  Many have said the warnings are on their medication so you may not believe that mine do not have them but trust me I have scoured them and there is no warning.  Bottomline:  I urge you to use caution while drinking and taking methylphenidates because I do think there can be a significant risk. 

Wonder Lust, Community Member
6/23/11 8:58pm

No one person has the same body chemistry as another, hence not everyone will experience the same reactions as one individual. A couple of things that I do know are this combo is hurting his liver, and also can be quite addicting.

Me, Community Member
7/ 9/11 9:26pm

ALl I can tell you is this. My ex girlfriend who has always had a nice slim figure, had an alcohol problem before I met her in 95. She was also a heavy "adderal" consumer (for lack of a better phrase. It took 15 years, but it finally killed her last year. Cause of Death, massive heart attack, 41 years old.


We had gone seperate ways years ago, but it still blows my mind to remember this fun, pretty , well educated young girl, all the fun things we did together,,,not knowing she only had 12 or 13 years left on earth...


in memory of Janice Harrington...

Surfdstreet, Community Member
9/21/11 9:53pm
If anyone hear fell numbness in the toes or hand have a hard time breathing take deep slow breaths through your belly and count to ten as you let out the air.. Don't worry or panic it is not an overdose it is your blood needing oxygen. If problem continue call 911 they will tell you to do the same thing . main thing is to stop drinking the alcohol and slow your self down by the way I'm 23 and had the EMT over at my house for this problem and don't worry they don't tell the cops . Enjoy it and have fun with it just no you can calm yourself Down Reply
broshal, Community Member
11/14/11 2:04pm

Yea i also just had a very strange interaction with adderall and vyvanse. I'm have a prescription for 70mg vyvanse so I do take add medication, but before our frat formal on saturday, I took a 20/30 mg adderall at 7ish, drank probably a half and 5th then blacked out hard from like 10-3. I have a high tolerance and 9 shots wouldnt black me out normally, so I know for sure the adderall was the direct cause of my rediculous black out state that lasted 5 hours.. Maybe i'll be more careful next time

Neuromancer, Community Member
2/ 1/12 10:49pm

 According to this legitimate source .full          "Alcohol competes with amphetamine for the metabolizing enzymes in the liver, therefore enhancing the bioavailability of amphetamine." This is a study on a 20 year old male who experienced a heart attack after taking 30mgs of aderall after drinking whiskey. From what I gather, this has only happened a few times. With the alcohol interfering with your liver's filtration of the amphetamines in the adderall it seems as though the amphetamines are 'stuck in limbo' i.e. circulating in your system until your overcharged liver deals with the alcohol. Your central nervous system, and by proxy, other organs are therefore dealing with more of the stimulant than if you had taken the dose without the alcohol. You don't really have to be a rocket surgeon to see how this can be harmful if not in the short run, then in the long run. Anyway I just started on a trial of aderall XR and will not be drinking while on it and niether should you.  

groovy_peace_chic, Community Member
3/ 4/12 7:01pm

I have been prescribed adderall for a little over 8 years now, and agree with the response posted stating,'adderall seems to override the effect of alcohol_regardless of amount of either ingested...' Not the exact words, but similar.  I would suggest that if your son chooses to drink alcohol after consumption of adderall, he should definateley have someone/friend, family, a person w/ his well being at heart, be by his side during his drinking; he might end up drinking too much, and finding out (after drinking) that he did things he would never have thought to do, and has NO memory of it.  Remember; Adderall has a direct affect on the personality of a person...SO DOES safe.

cici, Community Member
4/16/12 11:49pm

honestly, I have been taking Adderall almost 7 years, It is for ADD & I have found it to be really effective. Its been conerning me that I am still on it, not sure if there is a long term effect.

I took Ritalin when I was younger, my sister did too, it seemed to have worked for her but it only made me feel weird & extremely irratable.


I also found that alot of people do abuse these drugs. I have known of people really abusing ritalin and adderall. I find that when I do drink with adderall, well, first I dont take it rigt when I start drinking, I only take it in the morning.

But it does increase with alcohol,


A few year ago, I was taking more then prescribed because I liked the effect it had on me when I drank alcohol. I wasnt really hung over, and I could drink all night- literally. I am only 125 lbs, and it was scarey how much I could drink.

One of my friends took one from me one nigth and she said it felt like Extacy.


So just saying, I am 25 now, I only take in the morning and It is very easy to abuse any kind of drug prescribed like this. But as long as it is monitored. He will be fine and will have no urge to over-take.


:) Good Luck

jessco1987, Community Member
5/29/12 11:27am

I took adderall xr 30mg for the first time on friday. I took it at around 5pm and then at around 8 i went out with some friends and started drinking. BAD IDEA. i agree with others on here when they say you don't become drunk as easily. i had 3 mojitos and felt perfectly fine, wondering all the while why i wasn't more than tipsy, and then i had a couple beers later. in short, while i didn't get drunk from this, it made me feel awful the following day. i didn't get sick (as in throwing up), but it messed with me. i had some arhythmia, paranoia, and felt slightly delusional (i would think i heard things). it was kind of funny, but the paranoia makes you seriously concerned very quickly.

anyway, i wouldn't mix these. or at least be smart and take the adderall earlier than i did, and don't booze it up too much.

smccarter18, Community Member
7/28/12 5:11am

I personally have not mixed my meds with alcohol.  If I am planning on a night of drinking I do not take my medication especially if I know i will be drinking alot.  It would make since that the effects of alcohol would be less when taking this medication because it is basically speed.  However, I can see how it would cause a more drunken effect because it speeds up your matabolsim and suppresses your appitite.  From personal experience, i know that if you don't eat and you drink a lot you will get drunk faster and are more likely to become overly drunk.


This was taken from the drug facts listed on another website. 


"What should I avoid while taking Adderall®, Dexedrine®, or Vyvanse®?

Avoid drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs while you are taking amphetamine, mixed amphetamine salts dexedrine or lisdexamfetamine because the beneficial effects of the medication may be decreased and adverse effects may be increased."

collegepartier, Community Member
12/ 2/12 2:10pm

I am a 21 year-old female nursing student taking 20-40 mg a day for generalized anxiety and ADHD. I just started taking the adderall this year, so i have experience drinking with and without the adderall. I love drinking while on adderall because the alcohol hits me quickly, but I dont have the unwanted affects that i usually have like slurring words. I usually drink about half as many drinks while on adderall. However I still have the same hangover effects the next day, and the effects  are usually worse.


I have read and heard so many different stories about adderall and alcohol, and I have found that it really does affect people differently. It is all about control. The first time i took adderall, i drank the same amount that I usually do. On the next morning, I had the worst hangover of my life. My suggestion is cut your drinks in half. CRAZY THINGS CAN HAPPEN!!!!!

bcarter73122, Community Member
12/18/12 5:22am

Mixing adderall and alcohol can be very dangerous. I have adhd and take adderall and am also an alcoholic to some extent. I have had a few very scary episodes where i have not exercised limitations on my drinking while on adderall. It has a cancellation effect u may not know how up or down you are. Moreover, alcohol dehydrates you, and adderall is a stimulant. Because adderall can sometimes make you overly motivated; if you are drinking in excess you may not realize how much your pushing yourself physically. I had a really scary close call one time. I had been drinking hard liquor and took a couple extra adderall to cram for finals. I started going numb from my chest upward and downward. My lips were closing up. I was breathing shallow breaths and felt very sick. This is the onset of either a heart attack or some sort of hyper/hypo ventilation I dunno. But was not good. It was very scary. I would really excersise caution when using alcohol on amphetamines. Thats just totally not the way i wanna go out of this world, it scared the hell out of me.

Hope, Community Member
11/14/13 12:54am
I am a 38 yr old f prescribed adderall for anxiety. Sounded weird to me. I take xanax and ambien for sleep. Huge history of cocaine, meth and alcohol abuse. As anyone could predict iv absolutely taken this med and run w it. Started going on two to four day runs eight months ago. Averaged around 150mg to 200mg a day. Always used alcohol and xanax to "bring myself down" if I ever felt over stimulated. It gets worse. I am currently on wk five of this behavior and know that hospitalization, or more likely death, is inevitable. For those out there who are dabbling or in the beginning stages of hard use, take a look around u and kiss it all goodbye. The past 3 days my vitals have gone from unpredictable (moment to moment), to at rest (waking from sleep) pulse: 100, Oxygen 97%, and blood pressure 140/100. I am miserable, but don't think I will be able to stop in time. Here is what I know about the counter effects of using alcohol or benzo (xanax) on adderall. Though they may make what u r feeling physically subside they do absolutely nothing to stop the nerve signals being transmitted to your organs. They neither one reverse the effects. Bottom line is, at best you'll sleep through the night, at worse you will not feel the warning signs that may have saved your life. Absolute heart and or organ failure can happen at anytime. Research and understand as much as possible before you take this journey. Note: this was for those who think that adderall is a good tool just to get high or drink more but feel sober. For those who can and do manage their prescribed dosages the risk is very low when mixed with a few drinks. And I am sorry that I am one of so many that compromise the very real and needed drug adderall. Reply
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