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Thursday, October 02, 2008 Deb, Community Member, asks

Q: Can a child with ADHD get SSI?

I was told that my child my with ADHA may be able to receive SSI?  I just wanted to know if anyone has received SSI for a child with ADHD or do they also have to have other issues?  Thanks for your help

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JENNIFER, Community Member
11/28/09 6:43pm


dawnbuterakos, Community Member
5/ 3/11 12:00pm

my son is adhd and gets ssi

mssara01, Community Member
10/18/12 10:29am

hi my grandson was diagnossed with  ADHD  a few months ago, he was given meds and recently was seen again by his dr and his meds were increased,  she has applied for ssi, but was denied, but is appealing it at this time, my question is what is ssi wanting to see that he is improving while on his meds?  because he is .


he use to be very easily distracted, squirming all the time, interupting people all the time, easily distracted at school , mood swings, etc, but seems to be so much better,  my questions, is what was your child approved upon?


please email me at   mssara1962@yahoo.com


i would like to talk to you about this further, regarding how he can get approved .

JACKIE29C, Community Member
3/17/13 12:00pm

i wanted to know what if they pass the iq test will they still be able to get ssi

donnahooley1, Community Member
10/ 2/08 5:52pm

Just wondering if you meant SSD {Social Security Disability}?

Gort the answer, Community Member
7/14/09 12:17pm

No If you are a child meaning under the age of 18 you will have to apply for SSI NOT SSD , SSD you have worked and paid into. A child cannot work or pay into the system.

But to answer tyhe question, yes, you call your local ssd office and make an appt. They will then have you sign release forms to get school and medical records. You will more than likely be denied the first two times, on the third try ask for a FORMAL HEARING. You will then see a ssd court judge who will decide the case . More likely than not it will be in your childs favore.

I hope this helps you somewhat.

My child is adhd and after going thru denials, we took it to court and she now gets a ssi check each month.

stephanie, Community Member
10/ 5/09 9:10pm

Ive hear about this and im not quite understanding...when u go before the judge what do u say.. i mean our children are adhd how can u get a check for this..basically what im tryin to say is i know the med is expensive but why are they handing out checks....this reply is so not meant to be rude i just need some clarification..thanks

KC, Community Member
10/ 9/09 12:36pm

ADHD is a disability. It can keep your child from learning because they are not able to stay on task and focus on the work infront of them. You can go thru and try to receive a disability check on your child  (1) to help pay for the needed medication if you do not have insurance (2) to help pay for a tutor to help with one on one learning time with your child (3) to help pay for counseling to help your child better understand what is going on and what the disablilty is.

tammy garrison, Community Member
6/21/10 6:25am

my littel brother has adhd and is percribed medication.  can he revive the help he needs.

michelle, Community Member
9/30/10 4:32pm

i want to know a child with ADHD can recive a SSI CHECK

melissa, Community Member
4/19/11 11:53am

I applied for it for my son that has bad adhd. they dennird him. they said that it was because adhd is not enouph.

Lisa, Community Member
4/19/11 3:03pm

My oldest son has ADHD, but he is also deaf in his right ear.

jessica, Community Member
4/ 5/12 8:01pm

my sone has panhypopituitarism do he qualify forSSI

JACKIE29C, Community Member
12/10/12 4:45pm

could you please contact me to let me know at smalljay29@hotmail.com because i know know a friend child just been diagnose with adhd in is on medication do they get approved for ssi

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