• kenzer kenzer
    February 09, 2011
    cold hands and feet
    kenzer kenzer
    February 09, 2011

    I started adderall three weeks ago and since then I have had extremely cold hands and feet. I wear extra thick wool socks (I even sleep in socks now) and gloves everywhere I go. Is there anything I can do to relieve this side-effect, even slightly?



  • Eileen Bailey
    Health Guide
    February 09, 2011
    Eileen Bailey
    Health Guide
    February 09, 2011

    Thank you for your question and welcome to ADHDCentral.com.


    I checked on the Food and Drug Administration site for the prescribing information for Adderall and did not see any references to this side effect, however, when I Googled, "Adderall, cold extremities" a number of references came up with other people complaining about the same side effect.


    Side effects normally disappear within a few weeks of taking this medication. However, if your side effects are not going away, you should contact your doctor and explain what is going on. Your doctor may suggest adjusting your dose or trying a different medication.




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