• Tracey Tracey
    May 11, 2009
    My 4 year old will not listen unless yelled at...HELP!
    Tracey Tracey
    May 11, 2009

    He just keeps on talking when I or anyone else trys to tell him something....he doesn't hear a word I say. I have to snap my fingers in front of his face and raise my voice to get his attention and then I only have about 5 seconds to speek before he starts yapping again.....He is in constant motion unless a favorite tv show is on or he is playing with his favorite toys.....sometimes he is great and sometimes he is almost unbearable....there is no inbetween..my poor grandmother said she was going to quit if he didn't learn to listen...I don't know what to do! Talking calmly to him doesn't sink in....yelling doesn't sink in......he has his on agenda most of the time....He is machanicly inclined but he is too young to work on an engine...although he would.....He has every toy in every store and only a few hold his interest....

    he is ALWAYS thirsty!!!that worries me...

    Is he too young to be diagnosed with ADHD? Is there anything I can do with herbs or diet?

    Unfortunatey I have ADHD too..and have learned to cope as an adult.....but I get so frustrated with him.....it breaks my heart that he is going to have to suffer like I did....




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