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Monday, January 19, 2009 dansdad, Community Member, asks

Q: How to know if a seven year old has ADHD?

What are the signs of ADHD in a 7year old? My son has tremendous focus, but often does not listen or respond to others when addressed the first 2 or 3 times.

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Reruho, Community Member
1/22/09 4:43pm

Talk to your child's pediatrician and tell them of your concerns. I would have the Ped do a full physical to rule out  illness, a vision problem or a hearing problem, all of which  can mimic inattentativeness of ADHD.


There are other tests or rating scales that can be used,  such as the Connor Rating scale that might be given to the parent and the teacher.  These ask a series of questions about the child behaviour in each of the situation.


If you still suspect your child is ADHD, go to a specialist to have more testing done. ADHD children often have other problems that are missed by pediatricians because they do not do in depth testing. My son has dysgraphia, which for him a problem with the physical act of writing. This was missed until we extensive testing done with a ADHD expert and he had been treated by the ped for 6 years for ADHD. No wonder he didn't enjoy school.

Gina, Community Member
1/22/09 11:20am

I have a seven year old who I suspected was having difficulty focusing.  There are several different kids of tests administered by the school psychologist that the teachers take and also the parents.  It is rated on a scale to inform you of what probability there is that your child may be ADD or ADHD.  then you need to speak yto your physician.

Alison Howard, Community Member
1/22/09 7:42pm

you need to find a Dr who specializes in Behavior Disorders and have them take a blood test that is the only way to find out children with ADHD are missing a chemical in their bodies that other people have also ask your son's teacher to fill out a conner's test this will let you know at what times in the day you son is not responding to his classroom questions!! I hope this helps



caley, Community Member
1/16/11 10:27pm

this actually does really work everyday the teacher of my daughter sends home a daily report i know how it is you feel like you dont want this to happen to your child but the sooner they catch it the better. when they get the meds for the ADHD you should be able to see a dramatic change in behavior.

DrBB01, Community Member
1/22/09 11:00pm

Follow the suggestions for getting a full work-up by a specialist in ADHD and other related conditions. Assuming a hearing test determines his hearing is normal, find a specialist in the diagnosis of central auditory processing disorder, which can sometimes accompany ADHD but would need to be addressed as a separate issue.  Good luck!

momtoheather, Community Member
1/23/09 2:00pm

Before my daughter was diagnosed, I always thought there was no way she could have ADHD because of her ability to concentrate when she wanted to, like watching a movie or a project she was working on. Sometimes it's really hard to tell the signs, and as a parent, I was looking pretty hard for signs that she did not have ADHD! There is a test you can get from your pediatrician. It is a survey that you and his other caretakers or adults who spend a lot of time with him can fill out. Then the doctor scores it, and will be able to tell you whether your son has ADHD, a learning disability, behavioral issues, or is just acting his age. My daughter's diagnosis was the best thing that ever happened to her. Now she knows her limitations, and has medicine to help her maintain her focus when it is really important, which is of course the hardest times for her. We had her tested when she was six - I only wish we had done so sooner, it would have saved us a lot of arguments!

caley, Community Member
1/16/11 10:23pm

just to be safe i would consult a doctor to if he/she would recommed anything

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