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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 rosa, Community Member, asks

Q: does adderall have cocaine or crystal meth in it

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Casey McNulty, Health Pro
12/16/08 10:26pm



Adderall does not contain cocaine or crystal meth. The chemical found in Adderall is similar to these products, but has been formulated to be safer than the illegal alternatives. However, it's important to mention that Adderall can still cause side effects such as agitation, dry mouth, and loss of appetite - similar side effects can be seen with cocaine and meth use. Also, Adderall is a controlled substance, meaning the person taking it has the potential to become addicted to it.


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Ellette2005, Community Member
12/14/08 6:31am

No dear, it does not have any form of illegal sustances in it. Though it's main ingredient is ampethamine ( the same ingredient found in those illegal drugs you mention ) It has only the purest form and none of all the poisens like the illegal street drugs have !

Activism Works, Community Member
9/22/10 10:17pm

That's right, not illegal at all. It only has an Upper in it's purest form so you can get the effects quicker and get addicted to it much stronger than any street drug, because it's engineered in a lab to make sue you do!  NO no not poisonous at all!  Oh did you happen to check the death toll yet?  Well here's a link with a small taste of how 'nonpoisonous' it is!!

anonymous, Community Member
12/17/08 11:25pm

I have done both Aderall and Crystal Meth, and I can tell you that the effects are exactly the same. Say what you will about the ingredients, they both do the exact same thing. It is ridiculous that someone would prescribe that to a child.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL, Community Member
10/28/11 10:42pm


pir8radio, Community Member
1/31/09 1:27am

Take a look at this, on the DEA website.  Click here.  Scroll down to stimulants.  They list adderall AS crystal meth.. 



"Crank, Ice, Cristal, Krystal Meth, Speed, Adderall, Dexedrine, Desoxyn"



Concerned, Community Member
11/ 7/09 5:40am

Holy C**P,  I have a friend whose kid is a meth addict.  This week I heard a chemist who has worked for pharmaceutical company state that Adderall (spelling?) has methamphetamine in it.  That is NOT all it has, but it has that in it.  You totally can see on this chart you site that what my chemist buddy said is true.... Youch.   After discovering this as a possible fact (because it is hard to believe this) I was curious if   this little girl ever was prescribed Adderall for ADHD (or some other bogus diagnosis like this).   To be surprise my friend said Yes, she did adderall for many years very young.  Hmmm..  and now I know she is a meth addict.  Youch these drugs can create drug addicts I guess because this one girl's life has been addict hell over this drug and it started with the legal version.....  Very sad.

Borgann, Community Member
11/ 4/10 12:43am

omg, and look higher.. a narcotic.. "Acetaminophen, Guaifenesin or Promethazine w/Codeine, Fiorinal, Fioricet or Tylenol w/Codeine" holy crap.. you're right.. they're all bad.

oh.. and hydrocodone as "vicodin and tussionex".. we should ban those too.. lol

It's not listed as crystal meth its listed as Amphetamine/Meth-Amphetamine.. but obviously that's over-arching and Adderall is Amphetamine.. not Crystal meth..


stop being a fear-mongerer


Guy Smiley, Community Member
4/ 7/10 10:19pm

No it dosen't!!! I take it on a daily bases for my ADHD and it doesn't have bleach,paint thinner,acid tone,or any other chemical that burns holes in your brain like Meth does!!! It's the purest form of government grade Amphetamines and is safer for you if taken as prescribed!!! I did Meth before and wouldn't ever do that fucking shit again or wish that life style on anybody!!! I'm 7 yrs clean of Meth and will beat the crap out of some one who trys to come around selling it and using it and I want hessitate to call cops on their evil spun out skiny fish face looking  like death!!! Meth accually makes your ADHD worse!!! It's all the chemicals that does it. Adderall is safer for you and doesn't have all the long term side effects like Meth does!!! 

zivziv100, Community Member
4/13/10 11:34pm

half of users who come here and post their replies are liars and bunch of kids.. they do not know anythin about amphetamine whether meth or adderall is amphetamine and so is meth .... amphetamine is the father of methamphetamine

amphetamine wht u getting in ur body whether smokin snortin whatever u do with it... dont tell me you are 7 years addict and you are here typing on keyboard and discussing meth will make u sell your house and ur ass too

so for new users be aware what you read and dont let any body fool you

Guy Smiley, Community Member
4/15/10 2:06am

No!!! I worked the twelve steps of NA and have been clean over 7 years and don't need you being rude to me!!! Adderall is totally different than Meth. Meth has harse side effects that are harmfull to you. Adderall doesn't!!! Meth burns black holes in brain,causes brain damage,teeth to rot away,and your never the same after doing the evil drug Meth. Adderall doesn't!!! Adderall is alot safer for you than meth. Meth is the evil form of amphetamines with poisons added to it to fuck your world up. Meth does make ADHD more worse because of all the toxic chemicals added. I know all this because I studied all this and know from taken Adderall for quite some time. Meth is highly addictive and is harder to quit. Adderall isn't. I went a full week without taken Adderall and didn't jones for it or have any side effects from it like Meth does. I take Adderall as prescribed to focus and be in tune with life alot better. Just to let you know,I don't take it to get fucked up like the idiots that leave questions and fucked up answers on this website!!!!! I'm not a liar!!!!!! Full Blown Tweakers spun out on Meth are liars!!

zivziv100, Community Member
4/15/10 12:26pm


i know what i wrote is rude,,,but thats me all the time on amphetamine i dont realize what am doing only after the effects are gone and now i have cravings,

i understand that you dont abuse adderall like others do on this website but still so many people are addicted to adderall at the level of prescribed dosage and so many rehabs offer a cure for adderall addiction,and you know adderall is class 2 drug with cocaine and meth  crystal meth is class 1

i just like to apologize for my rudeness and take care

Guy Smiley, Community Member
4/15/10 2:19am

Just to let you know, I'm a 38 yr old man,not a kid!!!!

Borgann, Community Member
10/14/10 3:16am

You are being ridiculous. Just because one chemical is present in a drug, or because that drug is the chemical present in others is not a reason for alarm over, nervousness about, or revocation of said item. Adderall does indeed contain Amphetamine, but one essential point is being missed entirely.

When someone taking Adderall that is not prescribed it, or is prescribed it incorrectly, there is danger.. just as if someone were taking ritalin, allergy tablets, robitussun, or many other such drugs without reason and beyond recommendation.

The only fault here is those that site this drug as poison because it hurts some people. Well you know what? Chemotherapy is poison. It is bombarding the body with radiation that destroys cells.. but in patients with cancer it can be a Godsend.. much like Adderal can be to patients with ADD and ADHD. Continuing with this argument I must point to the website that links (20) deaths to Adderall.. really?? 20? how many have died to complications from Chemotherapy and surgery? This is a medication, and like any other medication, it has risks; especially to those who take it without provacation or exceed its recommended dosage. 

Adressing it's similarity to "Meth": Meth is made with extremely poisonous materials to produce a quick, cheap, and addicting high.. Adderall, while apparently similar in many people's eyes, is produced to help those that need it, with clear regulations, and produced in a controlled setting without clearly poisonous chemicals.   Those that are 'calling Adderall out' in a negative light, are those that really do not understand what a prescription drug is, or just have the inability to tell the difference.

ROXY, Community Member
12/ 8/12 12:06pm

Prescription drugs very commonly get people hooked so that they can't function without them, will continue shelling out big bucks to the big pharmaceutical's all part of an elaborate strategy to mentally/physically chain people to their product. Methamphetamines are virtually the equivalent of adderall, pharmaceutical meth - I don't care if some of the chemical components or the formulation is somewhat different, not when I know, from being witness, and personal experience, that Adderall is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a meth addict if they can't find their drug of choice, because it results in nearly identical physiological and psychological results when ingested, although some report a less euphoric effects (some people describe it as 'more dull') than methamphetamine, but every individual is unique in their reaction to psychoactives. Now, I don't think that Adderall so much creates addicts, as it is a "gateway" into active addiction to a person who is genetically/mentally predisposed to addictive behavior. I personally know several people who began with Adderall, and then ended up as meth addicts.

Just like opiates and opioids, which personally lead to me becoming a serious heroin addict, and litterally dying twice from overdose. The doctor prescribes me percocet and then oxyconton, and then oxymorphone for a slipped disk, which I take to help with the excrusiating pain, yet I was becoming more mentally, physically, and emotionally dependant on the drug every day. Suddenly, one day, the doctor just cuts my prescription off. No warnings, no tapering down the doses, just done, which threw me into the living hell that is opiate withdrawals. Eventually, after a week of hell, which wasn't letting up one bit, I had to do something, so I found these RX drugs on the street, simply so I could function, not to get high. One thing leads to another, and a lack of supply combined with overpricing and my going broke, I ended up switching to heroin as an alternative. And guess what....EXACT same result, the only difference was that the heroin wasn't prescribed, and it was WEAKER than the RX meds, forcing me to use much more of it simply to reach the same effects and feel well.
Yes, I understand that these prescription drugs and heroin have differences in their chemical compositions, manufacturing, and formulations, however, the main, ACTIVE INGREDIENT is opiate from the opium poppy. The ingredient that results in all the virtually  identical effects, regardless of what form you take it in.
This isn't an isolated event. Again, I know more than plenty of people whose heroin addiction began in a careless doctor's office.

Same thing goes for Adderall...the ACTIVE INGREDIENT is the same. Point blank. Methamphetamine IS a type of Amphetamine - The only difference between Amphetamines and METHamphetamines is that the "meth" from Meth-amphetamine comes from the chemical name "methyl". The chemical Methamphetamine is composed of an AMPHETAMINE molecule, with an additional methyl group attached to its nitrogen -->. A methyl is a SINGLE CARBON ATOM with 3 HYDROGENS (one of the simplest atomic groups which can be added to a molecule) and the ONLY THING  CHANGED is the Methyl allows the Amphetamine a LITTLE better fat solubility, thus better/faster penetration into the brain - Though the EXACT same results can be achieved simply by taking some more Adderall.

Don't tell me I don't understand prescription drugs, I understand far more than I wish to know. To a minority of people, a large number of precription drugs only have the desired effect, with little-to-no dangerous side effects. For the majority of people, they result in disaster, seen and unseen deep within the natural processes of the body/mind.  


It's sad how nearly all people in this pill-obsessed society actually believe that just because a drug is PRESCRIBED, that it is perfectly safe and will be the easy fix to whatever problem they have. People need to wake up and realize that a pill isn't the magical fix for everything, many times, it is hard work, will-power, focus, mental/physical training, altered lifestyle, mentally/emotionally/physically healthy interactive activities, just to name a few.

However, there ARE conditions, like cancer, that require an aggressive and poisonous regime of RX drug treatment, and there is no other way around it, no matter how much you will it to. But for Adderall...there are OTHER ways, like training your brain through meditation and other activities so you learn how to focus. And the fact that children as young as 3 years old are prescribed this extremely powerfull drug, simply because they don't fit the proper mold and are considered abnormal/defective within this EXTREMELY SICK society, is absolutely call for alarm, and is frankly disgusting.

To GUY SMILEY, I do not devalue the hard work you put into staying clean from the street version of amphetamines, and am glad to hear you don't have the same cravings with Adderall. However, you taking Adderall throughout those 7 years means you haven't been clean and sober at all, by NA standards. Sure, it would be considered "Harm Reduction" since you don't put yourself in the same situations you did when you were using meth, but absolutely not sobriety. (Again, this isn't by MY personal standards, I am speaking from NA standards). I am curious, have you openly stated to your NA homegroup/sponsor/fellow members that you are still regularly taking an amphetamine, althout prescribed, called Adderall? Because I know there are a rapidly growing number of people coming into the NA rooms for prescription drug addicitions, including Adderall. I am just curious to their response/reaction to knowing this truth?

ucuntspell, Community Member
5/ 9/11 9:22am

"acid tone" - HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

ROXY, Community Member
12/ 8/12 12:06pm

To GUY SMILEY: I do not devalue the hard work you put into staying clean from the street version of amphetamines, and am glad to hear you don't have the same cravings with Adderall. However, you taking Adderall throughout those 7 years means you haven't been clean and sober at all, by NA standards. Sure, it would be considered "Harm Reduction" since you don't put yourself in the same situations you did when you were using meth, but absolutely not sobriety. (Again, this isn't by MY personal standards, I am speaking from NA standards). I am curious, have you openly stated to your NA homegroup/sponsor/fellow members that you are still regularly taking an amphetamine, althout prescribed, called Adderall? Because I know there are a rapidly growing number of people coming into the NA rooms for prescription drug addicitions, including Adderall. I am just curious to their response/reaction to knowing this truth?

notme, Community Member
6/16/10 2:24pm

yes they are in fact very similiar

the main ingredient amphetamine, in both

have very near effects tthe diffrence is meth has a load of other addictives and diffrent amphetamines too

I used to have adhd but i cured my self after many years. As a kid i took aderall and found it very useful.A few months ago i took an aderall to see how it affected me now, and the effects were horribly powerful.I checked the DEA for the effects of crystal meth and they were similar if no the exact symptoms.

Borgann, Community Member
10/14/10 3:42am

Your argument that Adderall is not a good drug because it has similar side-effects and/or effects to other drugs is completely unsupported. No one could dispute that some drugs, such as Adderall, have effects similar to those of others, even illegal drugs, however siting an analogous relationship between two things does not make them both wrong, illegal, or harmful. Allergy medicine, Night-time sleepaids, Radiation Treatment, steroids (medicinal), antibiotics, and even vaccines have been PROVEN to have negative side effects which may mimic other substances.. yet, these are not considered, in all regards, in a negative light. 

Stop using a correlation between the feelings and chemicals between two seperate things to judge the other.

Nicotine is a laxative.. so is "Ex-lax".. so "Ex-lax" causes lung cancer and is extremely addictive? Come on...

Ashley c, Community Member
1/26/11 12:50pm

I was precribed adderol back in november of 2009. I have drug screens once a month, the past 3 months 3 drugscreens have tested positive for meth. I have not touched meth, so the only thing I believe that could have possibly failed me for meth is my adderol. I just got out of jail 2day after a wk of being locked up for just that failing for meth when I dont do it. Howis it that my med adderol showed up for meth. I was almost sent to prison just by being honest and holding my ground when arguing that meth has not been in body to have failed for that. Please believe me when I say I have not touched it. why is this happening and is there any link i can get to informing that it does indeeed show up as meth b/c no lawauthority believes me, they think im not being honest with myslf when i know for fact im i am

Jess, Community Member
4/10/14 6:23am
Hi !! My name is Jess . I am so confused about addreall xr is meth drugs or not true ? My two sons has ADHD . One of my son went to probation and take drugs test . They thought he is on drugs is meth . I told them No ! He is on ADHD medicine is Addreall xr . But someone said not on meth from addreall xr . It's different story . I want to know a truths . Please let me know if you know about it . Thanks ! Jess Reply
Ashley c, Community Member
4/11/14 8:57pm
Jess, I am so sorry for the delay in my response to your post, I hope Im not to late. Believe it or not the same test that are ran on ur urine in any drug testing enviroment where ever performed will detect the same substance, making the results no different than the original. With that said, reguardless of it being sent to a lab its not gonna come back in your favor unless a certain test is performed on the medication that you take that triggered the false positive up against the street drug metabolites itself. The test im referring to is called a Gcms test. Its a send out from a send out in your case. It has to be solely requested from you when the test result is positive, it is helpful to confirm it with gas-chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS). In some cases, a test will register a false positive. This can result from interfering factors such as some foods, prescription medications, and other drugs. The GC-MS will help tell the difference between a false positive or a true positive, resulting from the presence of an illegal drug. Reply
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