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Friday, November 21, 2008 Bridget, Community Member, asks

Q: How can I get tested for ADHD for free?

My boyfriend can not get a job, on his interviews he has interupted the interviewer to get up and move around, he never gets call backs. He was even told to leave by a few, because he frightend them. He needs help and will never be able to afford to be on his own. we live with his parents and it's not a very good situation. I do believe in a good amount of time we will get kicked out with no where to go and we can't live on my income alone. The docters all have huge fees and we can't pay them.

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Dr. Diana L Walcutt, Health Guide
11/24/08 2:09pm

Hi Bridget:

Unfortunately, in most states, only psychologists can test for these problems and we have gone to school for a very long time to learn how to do it. If you can find a psychologist who will do it for free, good luck. You might be able to find a quick little quiz online for it, but I would wonder what that might actually serve.


Have your boyfriend speak with a doctor about his problem. You might be able to go to a free clinic for this help as well, but he may need medication, assuming he's not taking any drugs himself. Illegal substances such as cocaine can cause symptoms that look like ADHD and can cause scary behaviors in interviews.


Best of luck,

Dr. Diana Walcutt

kat, Community Member
11/29/08 8:35pm

He may have ADHD or Bipolar Disorder or some other related treatable disorder that makes it difficult for him to obtain employment.  Community mental health centers such as MHMR or Mental Health Association have an intake service which is dependent on income and often free or very low fee.  Go there for a screening, but be sure you also go and make a list of his problems including why you think he can't get jobs as you stated above.  There is also a rehabilitation center run by states by fedrally funded that may also be able to assist him.  Was he ever identified in school with any kind of learning disability or other disability?

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