• Fo0l Fo0l
    November 09, 2008
    Is Marijuana a good combination with ADHD/ADD? ****Please Read****
    Fo0l Fo0l
    November 09, 2008

    Is Marijuana a good combination with ADHD/ADD?


    I first smoked pot with my brother in college during my junior year of High School. Currently, I am a freshman in college. I am and have been taking concerta since it was practically introduced as a successful treatment. But over the years of forgetting or chosing not to take it, I've found that it really only does so much. For the past couple of weeks, I have been smoking pot on a daily basis. Because my roommates own a bong, It's been just sort of easy to say yes. I never was a smoker in High School but lately I have found that smoking a little will calm me down and pacify my racing mind. I feel like I don't have to talk as much and I am able to listen more. But I also noticed that if I smoke to much I become uncomfortable, antsy, and even depressed. Does anyone have any further insight on this?


    I'd like to know what other's think...



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  • Man on Journey February 04, 2009
    Man on Journey
    February 04, 2009
    Thank you Gyanofskyfor inquiring about the effects of smoking pot by people who have ADHD. This is a very pertinent question. I haven't ever read, or found, where a legitimate scientific study has ever been completed on the effects of individuals smoking pot with ADHD. Although there have been studies completed on long term use of marijuana by the general public. I can only offer you personal data on my former use, personal observations that I have made over the past forty years and antidotal evidence that I have collected.     Personal Data: I started smoking pot, forty years ago, at age fifteen. I started smoking only on weekends and progressed to where not having a buzz, whether awake or sleeping was abnormal. I found that after a while pot just wasn't getting it any more. It didn't matter how good it was or how much I smoked, it just made me tired and instead of wanting to party....I just wanted to take a nap. That was when I found "uppers" and my love affair with speed and mescaline started and lasted until I was twenty five. We didn't know anything about ADHD at that time. ADHD wasn't acknowledged yet and of course there wasn't any medication for it. Those of us that had ADHD turned to self medicating along with every one else.   I never was officially addicted but if we are honest with ourselves, what is addiction if it isn't finding out that you are out of pot and you know, you just want to smoke one, and you call a friend or two and they don't have any and before long you find yourself on a twenty or thirty minute drive just to smoke one?     Why I quit? The realization one day or what I called an epiphany, that all of it.....pot, drugs and life style had become "not fun." It becomes a job wanting to get high all the time and you forget where you stuck your bag of dope and you know, it becomes a drag. So I walked away from all of it. I couldn't believe it, after a few weeks I could remember better, wasn't living in a fog anymore and I wasn't as lazy as I had been.     Observations and Antidotal evidence collected:   I have friends that have been smoking dope for forty years. There isn't any one left alive who did coke, acid, pills, heroin and the like that didn't quit. I know of no one that has lived, that abused and continued to abuse heavy drugs.  Some people I know smoke daily, some only on weekends, some only smoke, while others smoke and drink. No matter how they smoke it or smoke it with, they all have to some degree, diminished mental capabilities. Short term memory gone, wasted opportunities through out their life, premature aging, relational issues, laziness, stuck in a time warp, health problems and the list can go on and on. Most have earned substantial less in income, over the years than what they could have by not having continued smoking pot.   Bottom line.... Long term pot smoking for the general public has been found to be devastating to ones life, how much more for those of us who have ADHD and start out with memory issues, relational issues and the like. We only have one brain and one life....please, make the best use of it.     Blessings, Tom     READ MORE
    • focused
      March 21, 2011
      March 21, 2011
      Sorry, Were you diagnosed with ADHD or are you just an armchair doctor? perhaps people posting don't understand the science involved with a non-addictive drug like pot  and why it can present like an addiction in in people with ADHD. The problem is improper medicinal dosing, type and improper method of administration. ADHD responds to stimulant drugs which are amphetamines and cocaine(ridalin) which help with dopamine uptake but causes cardio vascular stress. Cannibas Sativa acts the same way without dangerous side affects. Its proper use can result in improved focus with only positive memory impact as opposed to Indica cannabis which can have some of the qualities you describe. An ADHD person should thrive with daytime Sativa administered through edible methods once in the morning with breakfast and once with lunch as required. To ensure the user does not have any increases in anxiety or depression the user should switch in the evening to a dose of indica to gain further calm and relaxation. There are reputable sources including the head of Pediatrics at USC that agrees with this perspective so before people start taking speed just because your HMO and the maker are directing your doctor to push it your way do your homework and apply critical thinking. They always seem to have internal stidies from makers that are self reporting uncontrolled and have a reputation for putting greed ahead of public welfare. READ MORE
    • steventrouble
      July 16, 2013
      July 16, 2013
      "Cannibas [sp] Sativa acts the same way without dangerous side affects [sp]." No it does not. Cannabis acts as an agonist for several cannabinoid receptors; while it may have slight side-effects on the dopamine pathways, is a substantially different mechanism of action compared to those of other stimulant class drugs. Though not physically addictive, cannabis can be psychologically addictive, as can most drugs that make people happy.   You are not a doctor, and are in no place to be prescribing medicines or in any way advising people on prescription drugs, especially when it comes to disorders such as AD/HD, wherby patients are more susceptible becoming drug abusers.   You should be ashamed of yourself.   I hope that anyone else reading this will also take a stand to prevent misinformation when it comes to any and all medical conditions, mental or physical, to ensure that those without medical degrees do not influence people to make bad decisions. Speak up when you see a post like this. READ MORE
    • jdv
      November 22, 2013
      November 22, 2013

      I'm sorry what? Did you say cocaine(ridalin), as in, cocaine, otherwise known as ridalin?

    • jackbirkby
      November 12, 2014
      November 12, 2014
      Perhaps @steventrouble should take his own advice and realise that he is also in no position to tell others what drugs are and are not safe to take. ADHD is a complicated condition that is being continually explored and its definition updated as more about it is discovered. In addition, cannabis and its effects on individuals with health issues is a grey area and difficult to explore under current laws. Only an idiot assumes his knowledge on a subject is complete and perfect, and that comment reeks of idiocy. "You should be ashamed of yourself", encouraging people to be ignorant and ignore possible alternatives, all the while swallowing whatever their doctor tells them to. More studies on cannabis are definitely needed, and @focused raises a good point that the drug companies are almost certainly in no rush to prove that they've been supplying a less effective and more dangerous substance to the general public, all the while trying to stamp out that which could provide a safe alternative. There would be an uproar. You may be wondering why I am in support of cannabis over Ritalin and its derivatives without the solid evidence in place I spoke of earlier... I can say from personal experience that sativa cannabis is one of the reasons that I'm still here today (along with the support I have received from those close to me), and not six feet under. I have suffered from severe depression for several years now, and the discovery of cannabis served as a turning point in my life. I went from staying in bed all day, experiencing suicidal thoughts and generally feeling trapped in my own personal hell beneath my duvet to feeling freed of my ailment, focused and fully functional again. During my time on cannabis, I was on the receiving end of a lot of stick for my decision to self-medicate, being told by GPs that I didn't know what it was doing to my body, that I was only damaging myself and would end up addicted to every drug under the sun. These were the same doctors that diagnosed my illness first as vitamin D deficiency, then as various forms of depression, and now as ADHD. Meanwhile, they prescribed me with vitamin D tablets, then multiple anti-depressants, and currently Concerta XL. The vitamins did absolutely nothing, and my blood tests at the time did not even show particularly abnormal levels of it within my system, leading me to believe that it was a complete shot in the dark and that my symptoms weren't being seriously considered. Various dosages of Prozac followed, next up was Citalopram, then Mirtazapine and finally Sertraline, with the latter being the only one to have any benefit to me at all, albeit minimal. What with marijuana being an illegal substance in the UK, it wasn't too uncommon for me to experience periods of downtime from the drug, during which time I would regress back to my initial state of depression and erratic/cloudy thought processes. Never worse than before, although I suppose that would be difficult for me to say for certain. Once it was back in my hands though, I was immediately returned to my happy self, working on uni stuff and generally enjoying life. Also of note is that I took the time to measure my usage, and after I had experienced the effects for about two weeks I found that the dosage stabilized and increased no further than that for the remainder of my time on the substance. In response to the accusations of addiction, I can only say that I've been clean of cannabis for a week now, replacing it with Concerta XL: 36mg and am in no way feeling the need to get more in my system. The only credibility I award to addiction is that I mixed my sativa with tobacco and as a result have continued smoking tobacco, which is evidently addictive. However, the Concerta has presented me with side effects such as increased heart rate, the inability to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time and suppressed hunger to the point of having one meal every two or three days. So to quickly recap: the Concerta has presented numerous side effects and yet is a preferred treatment to cannabis because David Cameron, his "band of merry men" and the drug companies are fighting the exploration and education of its medical benefits because of the money they make, and the money they stand to lose if people stop buying their expensive medication. READ MORE
  • Timid Raven November 11, 2008
    Timid Raven
    November 11, 2008
     Back when I was smoking pot I didn't know that I had adult ADHD. I wondered why I'd get high and be able to focus. It made no sense to me. Everyone else would be laughing and eating.   I'd be doing homework or cleaning house, concentrating. I thought it was only me but reading this, I had to comment .           Blessed Be!                   ~Timid Raven READ MORE
    • JayDubb
      July 25, 2010
      July 25, 2010

      I went from being a drop out in high school to getting my GED to graduating top of my class at ITT. My friends laughed and made fun as the got high and played video games and I studied. I'm getting ready to go see a Doctor about my suspected ADD. The more I read the more I find people just like me. I don't endorse weed as a treatment but it worked may have been what was working for me. Unfortunately though the future of my career I've built for myself (while being stoned) depends on me quitting now.

  • someone else August 21, 2009
    someone else
    August 21, 2009

    I've been wondering the same thing. I think I may have adult ADD and have smoked pot every so often for about 15 years. I am lucky in that I get the same organic pot from the same person every time so it is always the same. To me, the difference is in the amount smoked. I only smoke a tiny bit, just enough to get my brain to calm down. I get just enough to be calm and quiet/able to listen, but not too much as to end up slow and sleepy. However, sometimes I feel like I have trouble retaining information obtained when I'm high, even if I was really focused on it when I was hearing or seeing it.

    This works for me; I realize it's self medication, so I try to pay attention to the effects and I don't smoke every day.

  • mariemarie April 27, 2010
    April 27, 2010

    i am a 25 yr old mother of two. My husband and i both smoke a small amount of medicinal marijuana every night at exactly 7:30 and have for years. I am a homemaker, my husband has a well paying job, we own a nice house, attend church every sunday, pay our bills and live a life of honesty and simplicity. i have been diagnozed over the years with a myriad of mental health issues ranging from OCD, ADHD, to bipolar, depression, borderline personality disorder, i have seen many mental health care workers and been put on MANY different medication. They would work for about two weeks and sloose all effectiveness resulting in constant dosage increases. Eventualy i literally became a drooling vegtable with no emotions or cares. my mother took me of meds seeing that this was not going to work. i moved out shortly after that at age 18 and for five year "went crazy" i tried cocaine, was homeless and put myself in dangerous situations constantly.

    After five years i knew this wasnt working. i went back to mental health worker and was finaly diagnozed with ADHD and all other symptons were a result of this underlying conditions. they started me on simular meds again and i encountered the same results. constant dosage increase, severe weight gain and no emotions! i felt like a psychopath, seriously.

    so i decided i need something completely different.

    I decided to start smoking a controlled amount of marijuana at night to calm me down and allow me  to sleep and stop my mental rollercoaster. My thoughts never stopped, i acted inmulsivly, NEVER slept, was emotional, crying and laughing, anger and extacy all rolled into to one. Marijuana worked! the side effects ( munchies and lack of motivation) were worth the calming effect they had. I only smoke at night when all my work is done and my children are sound asleep so motivation isnt necessary and i control my munchies with having lots of healthy snacks such as veggies and fruit. i know long term effects may be bigger but I find any side effect of marijuana a lot more healthy than any of the high dosage drugs i was given before. i think marijuana used in SMALL daily amounts (by itself, no alcohol or medication combined with it) can be quite beneficial for people with ADHD and other mental health issues. Do NOT smoke before ge 18 as it can permantly damage briain growth. Do NOT smoke large amounts becuz getting high is not the goal, only the relaxing effects. smoking too much usually has opposite result of turning you into a "fried" stoner. uUe it as if it were medication, with controlled dose. do NOT increase if effectiveness wears off, stop for a week and resume. and it its not working, have the self respect to stop using and find other means of controlling your ADHD, i think everyone responds differently to marijuana.

    This is my advice for any ADULT struggling with ADHD and having NO OTHER solution. I am not a doctor or trained to give this advice this is my personal opinion, please take that into consideration.



  • CDC6 November 26, 2008
    November 26, 2008

    I've been wondering that recently too. Personally I've found that weed alleviated some of the symptoms of adhd, most notably boredom, but made others like depression and impaired cognitive abilities worse. When I took marijuana as a medicine, the stronger doses severly inhibited my ability to function effectively in normal situations. The effects of regular medical marijuana also began to resemble those of speed, often times severly increasing my adhd symptoms. In my opinion marijuana is an effective treatment for adhd but should be avoided by those who have, or had, substance abuse issues.

    • Sir
      September 28, 2010
      September 28, 2010

      I must say Well put! very educational for all involved.good day.





  • Delores August 30, 2009
    August 30, 2009

    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a child. Now I am 30. There are times when I have trouble concentrating on getting things done unless it is something I am really interested in. When I was 14 I was introduced to marijuana. I would smoke occasionally, of course I would act like a silly teenager. Over the years and growing up and continuing to smoke on and off I have come to a realization. I realize when I am super stressed I smoke marijuana. It allows me to relax and calm down. It also helps me focus on getting certain things accomplished like the housework, the yard work, mending my clothes, even writing. There are times I do not smoke and just don't care if the house gets a deep clean. Marijuana works for me the way speed would for others pertaining to true concentration. Because you know when you are stoned you concentrate on soemtimes nothing but watching t.v. Even watching t.v. can be annoying when you can not sit still. I think the use of marijuana can be effective with adult adhd when you feel there is way too much going on. The things I can focus on when I am not stoned are the things I am truly passionate about, which is college. Half the time when I am in public or hanging out with family I feel as though I am on the outside looking in. It feels as though a part of me is oblivious to everyone and everything around me. When I go to Walmart I am there concentrating on buying what I have to have, and I feel a little thrown off when I run into somone I know. I say smoke away!  

  • Truffledog October 05, 2009
    October 05, 2009

    I used marijuana for 25 years with complications of full-blown addiction to lots of drugs. It helped sometimes, usually made things worse while stoned. Once I got clean I realized that the hangover/residual effects did calm me down physically and mentally. Makes sense since thc has a two week half-life. Problem was I kept on using ll day. Mostly it was good for 15 minutes with a lot of discomfort afterwards. I see now that my untreated ADD made me so miserable that random relief kept me using. The sense of flow was rare fleeting and wonderful but I find it without marijuana today.


    Drugging for relief of problems is the essence of addiction. Marijuana is not worth the risks, especially as a daily drug. People with ADHD have a poor track record staying clear of police and illegal drug arrests will not make you career path or life any easier. Leave medical marijuana for the dying.

  • Eric April 04, 2009
    April 04, 2009

    Well if its marijuana facts you're after, look no further than ShowMetheFacts.org.


    And yes, there are plenty of sources which show how marijuana can treat ADD and ADHD.


    ADHD, at a chemical level, has much to do with your brain's endocannabinoid system. The ADHD mind doesn't naturally run at full capacity, however, marijuana seems to help by boosting cannabinoid levels.


    Lots of information at the link above.

  • oneman June 08, 2010
    June 08, 2010

    I have adhd and i feel that weed helps me to stop thinking about everything all the time. right now while im typing this sentence im thinking about the wind outside, my family watching tv, if i type loudly, my glass of milk, my sisters radio playing some country song and it hasnt even been playing for a while. i feel like my mind is a merry go round spinning incredibly fast and thoughts keeping getting on but not getting off. so i continously think of them one by one, but so fast that they meld together and it feels like im thinking of them simultaneously. when im smoking im able to forget things that dont matter, and allow myself to relax to a state that i havent been able to find anywhere else in my life, including with prescription drugs that ive taken help my thinking. the higher i get the more i can relax my mind but as a side effect i get more and more forgetful which causes other problems like forgetting the subject that im talking about at the time which can be really bad. if im with people i dont know i appear to be a pushover and if im too high i am and cant help it. ill just forget about what made me pissed. i also start repeating myself because im not used to thinking that slowly. i feel that these are small sacrifices for the chance to let my mind ease without out all of the mental interferences, but i dont go past the point of short term memory loss if i have to do things or im with people that dont know i have adhd. being high does also enhance all of my emotions which can suck if im feeling sad or paranoid but it also helps me to think of good things and escape my tireless revolving mind. if you listen to hiphop or even if you dont try listening to kid cudi when your feeling an emotion you dont want to. it always makes me feel happy and content.

    im so happy that i was able to find an open discussion on this topic ive never been able to talk to anyone who is going through the same thing. i wouldnt say that weed is good for everyone with adhd, because everyone is different. i do know that it is incredibly helpful to me and can be to others.

    • JayDubb
      July 25, 2010
      July 25, 2010

      After having entirely too many people tell me that I may have A.D.D. I finally started looking into it. Wow what an eye opening experience it has been. Oneman I had to respond back to you because you describe what I've been living with to the letter. I also began smoking pot around 18. At about the age of 23 I began doing it on a regular basis. Soon I found myself more "attentive" to certain things. By the age of 25 I began smoking on a daily basis. I also found myself back in school. This time unlike any of my public school experience I found myself at the top of the class. I will 100% attribute it to my smoking of weed without a doubt. The ability is in me to do very well for myself, it always has been, I could just never focus before.


      This is where I say I feel a strong connection with what you talked about. My normal (not high) is a cloud of everything in my life at once. One thought leads to another thought to another thought to another thought and many times on has very little to do with the next thought. One moment I'm thinking of my professional career and the next I'm thinking of when I was in 3rd grade staring out the window with the teacher talking straight at me and I'm not listening. I'm to the point where I make it known that if talk to me I tell them "Get to the point quick or I will quit listening to you and to not take it personal". I'm known for being involved in a full blown one on one conversation and next thing you know I'm lost in my own head. I'm good for telling people "I'm sorry I quit listening to you there for a minute, lets go back over that.". It all stems from the countless things going on in my head. 


      You elude to things going on in your head so fast that they seem to all meld together and that it's like your thinking of them simultaneously all at the same time, I suffer from this exact same thing and I do repeat myself a lot. 

    • swooper1
      December 24, 2010
      December 24, 2010

      Well stated!  I am just having a book published about my 57 years with ADD and 40 years of self medication with pot.  My story is a bit unusual as I self-medicated through thousands of history-making skydives where my mental acuity had to be razor sharp - or I was killed.  Plenty of my friends were killed but I was never injured in thrity years of falling and flying 'high'.  Go figure. 


  • mammalspod December 31, 2010
    December 31, 2010

    I've had horrible ADHD-PI for my whole life and I've been a pretty heavy pot smoker since I was 14. I can relate to the difference in effect of marijuana between me and non-adhd people. I smoke pot before doing organic chemistry problems and 10 mile runs. All in all I still rate pot as a net negative for ADHD. It helps with focus and motivation in the short-term, but destroys it in the long term, especially with heavy use. The depression and cognitive dampening are real effects of this drug that most adhd pot smokers are in denial of. I have concluded that the reason I still do this is that it is the easy way out. If you have a real problem with adhd, don't drink or smoke weed, improve sleeping habits including getting to bed early, eat a balanced diet and work out. It's hard, and you will relapse into your old ways, probably a lot more than once! Just keep trying to achieve this ideal because it is really the only way to have healthy relationships and an independent life with serious adhd. Good luck!

  • jeskimo21 September 22, 2015
    September 22, 2015
    I am a college student right now and have had ADHD since I was very young. The medications I was prescribed over the years made me feel like a vegetable. I literally had no emotion at all, my mom became concerned with it and made me stop taking the medications in high school. I could never pay attention in classes and barely passed most of the because my thoughts were all over the place in school. I could not just concentrate on the school work. Once I got to college my brother had me try smoking before doing school work. I had never been more focused and alert when trying to do my college work. I am taking full time classes now and smoke before important classes and doing homework and studying. As of this moment I am 5th in my class making nothing but A's. Again it all depends on the type of marijuana you use. some make you more tired which is what you do not want for those purposes. READ MORE
  • ray1999 March 26, 2015
    March 26, 2015
    if you are going to take medication for adhd try your hardest to avoid concetra. it sucks makes you not want to eat makes you very distant. vyvanse is a good medication for adhd READ MORE
  • nooneknows January 24, 2014
    January 24, 2014


    Hi everyone, it seems there are not alot of people here that, for one have adhd or two know exstensivly about it. 

    I was diagnosed with add, that was quickly re evaluated to adhd at the age of 6. All through my school years I struggled with things such as; attention span, memory, and anxiety. Luckily I crossed paths with quite a few people that were eager to help. Ive had everything from sitting on my hands to stress balls and ipods to ridilan and adderol. 

    Adhd is not something easily controllable, its compared to; people without it, their brains work as filling cabinets effectivly storing information neatly. Someone with adhd does not file neatly, we throw all incoming information into a pile to be sorted through when you call upon information. Hense bad memory and easy distraction. Along with all this, your mind is constantly racing, explaining bad attention span. People diagnosed with adhd usually form habits for things such as caffine and amphetamines. Things that speed other peoples minds up actually evens mine out. For example; people dont drink soda or eat candy before bed because the caffine and sugar keep them up. For me it is different, without caffine my mind is lost in its thoughts more than half the day, but as soon as I have caffine, I can actually focus on one thing at a time ( maybe not for long periods of time, but narrows my field of attention ). 

    So with that rough depiction I will say I use marijuana as well. With moderate or medium levels of thc in your system you can notice that thoughts are more clear, prompt, and effective. Too high of levels ( varying obviously with exposure ), and your mind is scrambled so much that you must actually try to sustain a train of thought. 

    Marijuana has helped me emmensly, I am able to accomplish more as well as retain information not only quicker but with better understanding. And as everyone says, marijuana has not proved to be physically addicting but can still form a habit that, especially people with adhd, will let consume parts of their day and or thought process. But come on, people usually try and do things to make them happy all the time.

    I too recently discovered vyvanse, wich im taking 30 mg once a day for now. Ive noticed that, while not solving all my problems, it gives me the 'tools' persay, too activly work on getting better at all syptoms. So basically takes me from 5th gear to 4th. I do plan on raising dosage but after ridilan, i am cautious too move too fast as it could have a reverse reaction if introduced to quickly. Ive mixed both marijuana and vyvanse now everytime, as I smoke everyday too help keep my mind steady. While I kept thc levels medium, I was able to think and act quickly upon things such as problem solving, reactions, thought process, and the retention of information. Im not only calm ( weed ) but well sorted out (vyvanse), making an almost perfect mix. While I have again not up ed my dosage, I do believe it too be beneficial for me all across the board. 

    Please keep in mind I am NOT a doctor and am NOT educating on the use of, but meerly speaking my mind as too the experience I have had. Thank you for reading.

  • kacy May 23, 2012
    May 23, 2012

    I am 19 and have been on concerta since I was in third grade. It has been the best, most effective medication I've ever been on.

    The only way that I manage my ADD is through the medication. Its not a permanent fix, but it helps temporarily. When not under it's effects, even attempting to focus is a joke and being organized in any sense of the word is a lost cause.

    I find that marijuana is just not a good idea for me in general. For days after smoking it, I have memory issues and am even more spacey than I usually am. Yes, I do have the ability to focus on one thing when I smoke, but the results the next day don't seem worth it to me.

    Different things work for different people.

  • ADHD Adult May 19, 2012
    ADHD Adult
    May 19, 2012

    I have a very similar story. I had been on adderal for many years and really dislike the side effects of sleepless nights and dry skin. I had smoked pot and at first it was too much for me and made me anxious then when I would smoke just a tiny bit and i realized that i really worked for me. I usual scatter all  over the place mind was at peace and daily task became easier to organize and execute with out so much stress. I became more focused and my usually very active mind was normal feeling and quiet. i feel I have foudn a solution to my servere adhd issue. Im happy i am not the only one that feels this way

  • ADHD Adult May 19, 2012
    ADHD Adult
    May 19, 2012

    Oh my, My story is a lot like yours.  i used to take adderal and I did not like the sleepless nights and it would make my skin so dry. I recently tried smoking pot again and at first I hated it but then i realized if i just smoke a little that it does THE SAME EXACT THING FOR ME. My thoughts stop racing and Im able to get so much more done I dont need to talk as much and find it easier to relax enough to listen. I feel like it is easier to concentrate on getting things done. Although it has not stopped me from walking fast I'll take that. I feel that in a small dose it has really helped me feel more together. i'm so happy to hear that im not crazy and someone else is experiencing what I have experienced.

  • Spotpetes May 18, 2012
    May 18, 2012

    Wow...I do think if you do have add/adhd pot helps you focus and concentrate on topics/interests.  I believe that smoking pot (and having add) is very different experience then someone smoking that is not dealing w/ add issues....just like taking adderall for someone w/ add has a different effect, then someone just getting high, wanting to stay up, or lose weight.


    I am new to adderall (1 month) but have been smoking a small/moderate amout of weed most days and see how they both boost seratonin/dopimine in the brain.



    It would be so rad if studies would be done with reguards to smoking pot/add/and stimulant medications.  Thank you for all the posts...knowleadge is so powerful!!

  • tassia jae August 24, 2011
    tassia jae
    August 24, 2011

    Okay wow. i've been reading some of these and now i'm baffled beyond my understanding now lol I've had ADD AND ADHD since i was like 10, now i'm 19 and i've been smokin weed since i was 15 or so...but get this! EVERY SINGLE TIME i smoke it's like i'm on this "quest" to search for answers to everything in the world, i invent things that people havent even heard of but they make perfect sense i guess,i find myself talking about movies, celebrities, ect., i laugh hysterically at things that my friends would never think to laugh at but find it funny when they see me crackin up, i've been told i'm extremely honest,competitive and rude in a "hilarious" sense of the the words? AND finally, i shit yall not, i feel like i'm reliving some of my reoccuring childhood dreams and shit. depending on what i'm smoking... not necessarily bad dreams just of things i used to dream about that i still remember only it's frighteningly real. the only name i've come up with is a intelligent sporty crazy psychic-ish comedian! hahaha idk though 'cause i thought that was the norm for people that smoke weed and have those specific disorders. Can someone explain WTF they think that's about cause like i said, i'm lost now lol anything, i'm for real!

  • GUPI January 27, 2011
    January 27, 2011

    I believe that marijuana is in fact a great herb to be used for A.D.H.D./A.D.D, as far as a number of other symptoms. I have smoked marijuana since I was about 13 yrs. old. I am 21 now. 


    Of course it was due to peer pressure, but I did'nt see anything wrong with it. My father has smoked it since he was a teen and has NEVER had a problem with it. In fact, everyone I know who smokes it has had absolutely no bad affects from it.


    I believe that people who have tried it and had a "bad expirience" were either not in the right setting, or were one of those who truely believe that it is a bad high.


    I found out around 19 that I have A.D.D. but never realized it.

    Now that I know, it makes it easier to indentify it.

    I have also been struck with Grand-Mal Seizures a number of times.

    When I come out of one, my senses are all f'ed up. Smoking a bowl not only takes my mind off of it, it also relieves any head-ache I may have aquired.


    Marijuna has helped me not only physically, but socialy also, which is a very important part of life.

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