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Tuesday, February 03, 2009 Fo0l, Community Member, asks

Q: Why Do I Lose Everything...?

I have had ADHD and been medicated for it for as long as I can remember. As I have grown up, now a freshman in college, the number of things that I am responsible for on a daily basis has also increased. When I say responsibilities I mean; Cellphone, College ID, Keys, Water Bottles, etc. I know everybody at one point in there day misplaces something of value to them but I really feel like it happens a lot more to me. Just yesterday, I lost my College ID temporarily and permanently lost my water bottle. And becasue I go to such a big university, my water bottle is just gone. As for my College Id, it ended up that I put it on top of my bureau. I probably just walked into my room and just threw it up there not knowing that minutes later I would be in frenzy looking for it.


Today I lost my cellphone. Although I have an Idea of where it is, its the pain of not knowing for sure that is so agonizing. This is a daily problem for me, and I would like to know if others have issues with this as well. I just seem to leave things places without any cognitive recognition.


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Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
2/ 4/09 5:44pm

Thank you for your question and welcome to ADHDCentral. Losing items is a common complaint of both children and adults with ADHD. Using a basket hung on the back of your door might help you, you can deposit all of your itmes as soon as you walk into your room. It may take some getting used to and to get into the habit, but has been suggested as a way to keep track of your items.


Some colleges also offer coaching for students, you might want to check with the counseling office or office for students with disabilities and see if this is offered at your college. A coach can help you develop organizational strategies to help keep track of your items.


I have also included a number of articles that may be of some help to you:


ADHD Symptoms


Everyday Organizational Tips


Behavior Modification for adults wtih ADHD


Strategies for Coping with Adult ADHD


I hope this information helps.





ccc, Community Member
12/16/09 9:34pm

I lost my Scientific calculator a few days ago. I lost my socials book last week. I lost my phone momentarily at the library and had to drive back there and i lost my scarf and camera in a classroom. I think somethings wrong with me. Maybe lack of sleep? I bought a new calculator, my friend had my socials book. Got my phone back from a girl, my scarf and camera... Lets hope there in the class tomorrow!

Anniston, Editor
12/17/09 6:38am

I have a hook for my keys just inside the door and a box in my bedroom where EVERY day I put my wallet, keys, and headset for my cellphone.  I have a charger permanently plugged in one place and that's where the cellphone goes -- EVERY day when I get home.  For me it's meant creating a ritual when i come home -- keys on the hook, cellphone plugged into the recharger, when i go upstairs, take out the wallet and keys and put them in the box.  Create a ritual.  It's not guaranteed every day, but it will help.

Katie420, Community Member
3/25/10 9:42pm

YES... I have never personaly met anyone that has as big of a problem with losing things than I do.. For about 6 hours now I have been in a frenzy making a total mess of my house just looking for my damn keys... like... I feel so helpless... I know it must have been my fault but at the same time it's like... when is it gunna end? I'm CONSTANTLY losing my personal items... but when it comes to stupid little petty things that are tiny and useless... I never lose those... like... attached to my keys is a long neon pink string... and it is nowhere to be found... And now I have to pay $100 for a new set of keys that I know are in the house... I'm honestly going crazy... and what's worse is that everyone who sees me in these frenzies thinks I am a phycotic bitch... which is just great... and what makes it even better is that I know It's just gunna happen again within the next week..

MrForgetful, Community Member
3/21/11 10:58pm

Oh my god thank godddd, I suffer this problem also, I say suffer cuz it is literally annoying and it disrupts my life to the point I have no idea what to do, I lost my bag, my work boots, my ipod, my keys, my cellphone, my pages that were important for my school, all in the matter of 2 days, I am not sure if I have ADHD I have never gotten checked but people think I have it and im not to sure I strongly think so because everythign about it is me, but I seriously need some kinda help with this because its not just losing them, its having to pay for everything im losing, 150$ for the boots, I found my cellphone, never found my bag or my pages, my ipod if I dont find it I need to go buy a new one, I seriously cannot sleep good without it (would that be related to ADHD also?) I feel like im losin my mind can anyoneee help me aghh, I have even made a account name for most of my games and websites I go on as MrForgetful because when i was a kid I was the same way and me and my friends thoughti t was funny, now its really not..

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