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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Snovak, Community Member, asks

Q: BADD Behavior!!

How do you control a child when you have exhuasted all option's?I am a mother of 3 children 8,6,5. My oldest is ADhd and ODD. He also has a very,very bad temper. He has taken at least 6 medications and now on Strattera. It does not work for him on week 8. He also says, he sences Ghost in our home. He is great in school. He was in trouble once on the bus. My husband and I are have a realy hard time controlling him anywhere we are. HELP! Please!

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Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
4/30/09 2:29pm

Thank you for your question and welcome to


It certainly sounds like you have your hands full and your house is in constant motion!


You don't mention whether your son works with a behavioral therapist, but, if not, you may want to ask about a referral from your doctor to someone in your area that specializes in behavioral therapy.


I am also providing you with some links that may be helpful:


Strategies for Parenting Children with ADHD


Creating a Discipline Process at Home


Games to Motivate your Children


The Out Of Control Child


Coping Strategies for Siblings


I hope this helps.



Merely Me, Health Guide
5/ 5/09 7:27pm

Hello there


I know it must be so frustrating to try to deal with the day to day struggles of helping your child.  My son has extreme behavioral issues due to his autism and despite the fact that I worked in the field of special education and know so many of the behavior management strategies...sometimes I have no clue as to what to do.  I think it is because it harder for parents.  It is not the same as if we were our child's therapist or teacher.  It is difficult to remain objective when we must parent our child 24/7. 


One thing you said here struck me and that is that you say your child behaves well in school.  I would definitely ask your child's teachers what works there for his behaviors. 


One thing I do know is sometimes when children have to hold it together all day at school and then they come is like they let loose.  I call the dinner hour the witching hour because this is when my son gears up all his energy and displays some of his behaviors.


Keep writing and reaching out here.  One other thing I would highly recommend is to join an on-line support group of other parents who are dealing with similar issues.  This has kept my sanity during some very bad times.


If you have specific behaviors you want to talk about...please don't hesitate to ask another question here.


Hang in there!  You will survive this.  Thank you for your question.

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