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People That Are Interested In ADHD


shaaaronz, Community Member


FREE Neurofeedback Seminar!

Understanding and Treating AD/HD, Autism,
and Related Disorders

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Research4us, Community Member

"Helping to light the path of tomorrow through research"

Childhood Depression if often in hiding

Brighton Research Group, LLC is an independent research site established to provide a higher standard of quality research to the pharmaceutical industry without compromising the integrity of data or patient safety.

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hsph, Community Member


Pesticides linked to ADHD in children

The Harvard School of Public Health recently uploaded a video about a study linking pesticides to ADHD in children. Thought it might be of interest. You can check out the video here:

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CRegal, Editor


June 2010 in Review

And thus, we conclude another fantastic month over at ADHD Central!  Thank you all for participating in the community!  This is a vibrant, active and energetic group with some great experts. Again, thank you.  We hope you enjoy the site.


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Max4, Community Member


Hello everybody

A member recently posted a question about her 4 year old child having some adverse reactions to Ritalin, such as aggressiveness.d This question prompted a passionate response from another members on why mediication for ADHD is wrong in a child so young, and wrong in general.

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