ADHD in Young Children

Find the most up-to-date information and coping strategies for managing ADD and ADHD in young children.

  • When Your Child Refuses to Go to Sleep
    Expert Terry Matlen offers suggestions and tips to help make bedtime a more peaceful time in your household.
  • ADHD and Sleep Problems
    Expert Terry Matlen discusses a recent study on how ADHD impacts a child's sleep patterns.
  • When Children Feel Different
    Terry Matlen explains about a study that looks into how children feel growing up with ADHD.
  • When is a Temper Tantrum Just a Tantrum or a Signal You Need Help?
    Our children all have a temper tantrum from time to time. But how do you know if it is normal childhood behavior or if you need to seek help from  your doctor? Expert Terry Matlen provides insight into this topic. 
  • ADHD vs. Normal Childhood Behavior
    Normal childhood development includes traits such as excessive energy, limited attention span and acting without thinking. These traits are also common symptoms of ADHD. Dr. Ballas explores how to know the difference between normal childhood behaviors and symptoms of ADHD. 
  • Role Playing to Teach Children with ADHD Social Skills
    Children with ADHD frequently have trouble with social interactions. Role playing is one way parents can help children learn social skills and improve their ability to make and keep friends.
  • Overcoming Power Struggles
    They are bound to happen, the power struggle between parent and child. Parents believe they have the upper hand, they are the one in control but sometimes a child will test those boundaries and then the power struggle begins. Being prepared ahead of time may be a parent's best defense.
  • Summertime and the ADHD Child
    As parents of children with ADHD, do you look forward to the long days of summer and the break from school, or is this time of year worrisome? Summer can offer both structure and fun and relaxation. Parents need to provide activities balanced with free time.
  • The Out of Control Child
    Parents often ask how to deal with and help the child that seems to be out of control.  How do you control or manage the child that intimidates, hits, punches and seems to enjoy torturing their siblings? What do you do with the child that argues, is defiant, and refuses to participate or follow directions can be difficult to live with and can create disharmony within the household?
  • When to See a Doctor for your School Age Child with ADD/ADHD
    When a child enters first grade, he/she has his or her first experience with needing to sit still, pay attention for extended periods of time, completing homework and taking responsibility for their actions.  For children with ADHD, these demands are often hard. For this reason, ADHD is often diagnosed within the first few years of children entering school.
  • When to See a Doctor for Children with ADD/ADHD
    ADD/ADHD is difficult to diagnose in young children.  All children develop at their own pace: while one child may reach milestones such as walking at a certain age, another child may not walk until a few months later. The following guidelines can help you determine if it is time to consult a doctor about screening for ADD/ADHD.
  • Diagnosing ADHD in Children
    ADHD can be difficult detect, especially since there is no simple test to help with the diagnosis. Learn about the complete process doctors use to diagnose ADHD. 
  • Games to Motivate your Children
    Eileen Bailey outlines the effectiveness of the reward system for children with ADHD.  She describes that creating games and challenges for your child is essential in maintaining their interest and keeping their mind constantly on the move.
  • Raising a Child with ADHD: Medication during the Summer Months
    Eileen Bailey describes the difficulty of raising a child with ADHD and the tough medical questions that must be answered, in terms of treatment options, medication choices and side effects and what you can do to help your loved one.
  • How ADHD Impacts the Daily Life of a Child
    ADHD affects more than just the child's experience in the classroom.  Find tips and resources to help your child and family cope with ADHD day-to-day.
  • Is Medication Right for Your Child?
    The decision of whether or not to pursue treatment for ADHD through medication is one that should be thoroughly discussed with family members and your child's doctor.  Find tips to facilitate the conversation with your doctor, and to help you decide how best to proceed.
  • ADHD in Young Children
    After a child with ADHD begins school, symptoms may become apparent and parents may seek medical treatment for hyperactivity, impulsiveness or inattention in school.  What happens, though, when parents believe their preschool children have ADHD?
  • Summertime Reading
    Research shows that children that read over the summer months do better in school.  Children with ADHD often have difficulty or fall behind in their schoolwork.  They often struggle to keep up with class work.  Developing a reading program can provide your child with an advantage during the next school year.