Buying Gifts for Children with ADHD

By Eileen Bailey

Children with ADHD move quickly from one activity to the next. They seem to be happiest bouncing off furniture and have a hard time sitting still and focusing on anything for any period of time.  So what possible gift can you buy that will provide them with entertainment or education? 

When purchasing gifts for our special children, understanding ADHD is important:

  • Children with ADHD are still just children.
  • Each child has a special and unique talent and when it is nurtured, you will help that child succeed.
  • ADHD does not reflect intelligence.  Many children with ADD/ADHD have above average intelligence but can have a hard time manifesting their intelligence because of distractions or rapid thoughts.
  • Children with ADD/ADHD do not want to be considered “different.”
  • Focusing on the positive aspects of a child’s personality or talents is much better than providing gifts that emphasize weaknesses.

Before you set out to buy a gift, look at the child’s interests.  Many children with ADHD are talented in art or music. They may be creative or have interests that are not traditional. For example, many young boys enjoy cars and trucks. However, this may not be the right gift for the child you are shopping for. Rather than selecting a generic gift, find something that will motivate and inspire your child. 

Taking the time to talk with your child and find out their interests can help. Watch them at play for a while. Do they enjoy playing video games without fidgeting?  Do they excel at putting together puzzles?  Do they seem happy drawing or painting? Watching your child at play will give you ideas into what they are passionate about and what they enjoy.

If you have spent time talking with your child and watching them at play and still have no idea what type of gift to buy, I have provided some ideas.

For children that show creativity, there are many different art and craft kits on the market today. If you are looking for more than just a store bought kit, try creating a box that includes paints, markers, paper, felt, fabric, and other items that they can use for art projects.

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