ADHD Medications

Treatment regimens for ADHD often differ markedly from one individual to the next. Here you'll find information about the medications available so you can have an informed conversation with your doctor and work together to create the best treatment plan for YOU. 

7 Questions for Your Doctor

Starting ADHD medication? Make sure you're fully informed. Here are the top seven questions you should ask your doctor before starting ADHD meds.

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Our guide will give you an overview of available ADHD medications, including its benefits, risks, common side effects and the latest developments in drug therapy. 

Medication Basics

Types of ADHD Medication

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    ADHD Drug Information
    Your doctor may prescribe a specific drug regimen to help you manage your ADHD. Here you’ll find a list of medications commonly prescribed for ADHD.
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    Natural ADHD Medication
    Natural ADHD medication and alternative therapies may provide relief from some ADHD symptoms. Learn more about them here.

ADHD Medication Side Effects

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