Everyday Organizational Tips

By Eileen Bailey

Some common problems associated with  ADD/ADHD usually include disorganization, losing items and procrastination.  Some ideas and tips to help people overcome these everyday struggles.

1) We each have tasks to complete that we really don’t want to do.  Create a plan to complete one or two of these tasks early in the day.  Once you get them over with, you will be able to concentrate on those things that you enjoy.

2) If you are consistently spending time looking for where you placed your keys, try this trick.  Get a small wooden box and place it on your kitchen counter or on a table by the door you come in.  Go to the bank and get a roll of quarters.  Each day, place your keys and one quarter in the box.  If you forget, take a quarter out of the box (later, of course, when you remember or while you are searching for your keys.)  Once all of the quarters are in the box, you should be remembering to place your keys in the box each time you come home. Take the quarters and go buy yourself lunch.

3) Use an index card box for planning.  Purchase an index card box and monthly dividers.  When something comes up that you will need to do, write it on an index card, put the date on the top corner and place in the box behind the month it needs to be done.  Each week, you can pull out the cards that need to be completed and put in the front of the box.  That way, you will have a reminder of all that needs to be done.  This is great when you have advance notice and are concerned you will forget the event.

4) Use email and voice mail to remind yourself.  If you are at home and want to remember something the next day at work, send yourself an email or call your work number and leave yourself a voice message.  The same goes if you are at work and want to remember to complete something later at home.
5) Carry a small notebook at all times.  Using scraps of paper to write yourself notes is dangerous.  Little pieces of paper tend to get lost and forgotten.  A notebook is more difficult to lose.

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