Organize Your Kitchen in Five Days

by Eileen Bailey

Individuals with ADHD are known for their disorganization.  It is also easy to become overwhelmed at the daunting project of re-organizing an entire room.  Where do you start?  Breaking the task down into five days, for just a little while each day (figure on about an hour each day), can help you achieve an organized and efficient kitchen space for you and your family to enjoy together.  

Day One

Take time to walk around your kitchen, paying attention to your normal workspace and what items are in arm’s length to this area.  The things in the cabinets nearby your workspace should be items that you use on a daily basis, such as dishes, pots/pans, utensils.  Don’t start to move anything yet, just write down your thoughts on what items are convenient and what items you need to walk across the kitchen to retrieve.  Think about how the kitchen could be more efficient.  Use your imagination and decide what you would do to change the kitchen if you could.  Use this to help you plan out the way the kitchen will work best for you. 

 Go shopping.  You don’t need to buy anything if it doesn’t fit your budget, but even checking out the organizational items at the local store can give you ideas on how to place your items.  If you are planning on buying racks for your cabinets, try to get them now so that you won’t need to run to the store every day for items you forgot.  Some ideas are: 
  • Shelf Paper
  • Storage Containers
  • Racks for inside the Cabinet
  • Lazy Susan for Spices 

Once you have planned out what you want to do, you are done for day one.


Day Two


Time to tackle the food cabinets.   You will need a box and a trash bag for this part of the task.  If you want to purchase additional organizational items, such as cabinet racks, go to the store before you begin so you will have all of the items you need before starting. 


Place all of your food items from the cabinets on the counter.  Go through everything, anything that you bought a while ago and have never opened, and probably never will, should go into the box. This should include the foods that looked good at the store but once you came home you wondered why you bought it.  Or maybe you have soups or foods you bought for your children, only for them to decide they no longer liked that food and there it sat, waiting for the day they would once again ask for it. Take the box of unopened, non-perishable foods to your car. Any foods that would fall into this category but have been opened should be thrown into the trash. 

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