Coping Strategies for Siblings

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  • Find ways to involve your children in activities they are interested in.  Check your local area for dance classes, music lessons, or clubs that would help to provide them with a sense of belonging and involvement.

  • Set limits on homework time with your ADHD child.  Talk to their teacher about cutting homework down.  Maybe your child can do every other question for homework.  Let the teacher know how long homework is taking to complete each night and ask them for suggestions to limit the time or amount of work. 

  • Find at least 10 minutes each evening to spend privately with each child.  Ask them about their day, school, homework, their friends, etc.  Let them know that they are important to you.  Make sure the rest of the family knows that during this time you are not to be disturbed, it is your special time to spend one on one with each child. 

  • Look at the friends and adults in your child’s life.  Do they have someone they can confide in?  Set up play dates with other children to make sure your children have some time to just have fun.  Ask relatives if they could spend some time doing something special with your child.

  • Once a month, take your child somewhere special, just the two of you. Do this for each child.  It might be going out to lunch together, or just sitting in the park together.  Let them know that you enjoy just being with them and remind them how important they are.  This allows both of you to leave the household behind for a short time.

  • Monitor the time your siblings spend together.  For some children with ADHD, taunting siblings becomes a game.  Make sure there is not any bullying and siblings are not feeling helpless to stop it.

  • Talk with your entire family about ADHD.  Explain how it may impact all of their lives.  Teach them about the symptoms and what they can understand for their age.  The more they understand ADHD, the more they will be able to cope with the daily struggles.

  • Keep daily routines.  Letting everyone know what to expect is important and helps to build a feeling of security.  This also can help decrease disruptions and maintain a sense of order in the household.

  • Monitor situations when you give your children chores to complete.  Children with ADHD tend to become distracted and often do not complete their chores.  Make sure your other children are not completing tasks for them.  Reward children for their effort, not the amount of work completed.


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