Celebrities With ADHD

Eileen Bailey

Albert Einstein struggled with schoolwork; Thomas Edison had a hard time concentrating during school and was home schooled by his mother.  Although both of these men went on to make great contributions to the world, they are also considered to have learning disabilities and possibly ADHD.  Many famous people throughout history have shown symptoms of ADHD but still achieved greatness.

Today, you come across people with ADHD in all walks of life.  They are doctors, lawyers, business owners, actors and artists.  ADHD does not mean that you cannot succeed or achieve your goals.  Sometimes, creativity and innovative thinking help people to succeed.  The following is a list of success stories.  The people on this list have publicly acknowledged their diagnosis of ADHD.  This list has been compiled to help everyone understand that a diagnosis of ADHD does not equate with failure.  Hopefully, this list will help to inspire each person struggling with ADHD on a daily basis.

Sports Personalities

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw was quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and during his time on the team won four Super Bowls.  He now works as a football analyst and co-host on Fox NFL Sunday.  Terry Bradshaw has been diagnosed with ADHD and clinical depression. 

Chris Kaman

Chris Kaman is the center for the Los Angeles Clippers.  When his parents sought help for his behavioral problems, it was discovered he had ADHD.  Although he took Ritalin for a period of time, he now prefers to manage symptoms of ADHD through behavioral strategies. 

Hank Kuehne

Hank Kuehne won the U.S. Amateur championship in 1998 and regularly plays golf with the Canadian Tour.  Hank used alcohol heavily in his teens and sought treatment when he was 19.  He has been sober ever since.  He does attribute his drinking problems to undiagnosed learning disabilities and ADHD.

Cammi Granato

Cammi Granato won a gold medal for ice hockey in the Olympics.  She has attended and competed in world championships since 1990.  When Cammi was first diagnosed with ADHD, she was relieved and believed it helped explained her early struggles, especially those with school.  Her ADHD, she believes, helps her succeed in ice hockey.  The restless feeling she has contributes to her drive to succeed.

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