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Dr. Paula J. Busse Health Pro
  • Hello, I am happy to be part of the Allergy Commons site and to help you answer and discuss questions that may arise for people suffering from allergies. I have been a doctor for 10 years and specialize in both allergy and immunology. Not only do I take care of patients, but I also perform research on asthma and allergic diseases. I chose to become a doctor, specifically one who takes care of patients with allergies and asthma, because I have both of these conditions. I have suffered from asthma ever since childhood and have needed to be treated with steroids on several occasions. I feel that this has allowed me to understand what patients how patients feel when they get asthma attacks, and how it feels to take several of the medications that are available for asthma and allergies.
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    I feel that it is important for patients to be comfortable with their healthcare providers and ask questions on their disease and treatment and to clarify anything which they do not understand. I hope that readers can ask me anything about allergies and asthma including what typical symptoms and how they are usually treated. Please feel free to ask me questions about any types of allergies from food, drug to environmental (pollens, pets). I will not be able to make a diagnosis of your disease or give you specifics on how you should treat your disease; these should be directed towards your own health care provider.
Published On: November 24, 2006