Over-the-counter Epinephrine Inhalers Are Going Away


    With so much attention on the looming deadline to remove CFC, doctor prescribed, metered dose inhalers from the market by December 31, 2008, many do not realize that another deadline is in the works.


    As early as 2010, over-the-counter epinephrine metered dose CFC inhalers may also be removed, permanently and without an over-the-counter replacement. This begs the question for asthma and allergy patients, "What do you carry?" If you have asthma or severe allergies, you may routinely carry a metered dose inhaler to administer medicine in case of an emergency. However, have you ever left it behind, at the house, in the desk at work, the restroom at school, in the hotel room or under the movie seat?

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    According to reports and personal anecdotes, AAFA has learned that many asthma patients rely on over-the-counter epinephrine inhalers sold at pharmacies as a back up plan when they forget their own prescription metered dose inhaler. While this method is not recommended by physicians, patients have stated that it is indeed used in "just in case" scenarios. We have heard from several patients who are concerned about this product being removed, but have also spoken to many more who have not heard about this proposed ban.


    Did you know that epinephrine metered dose inhalers containing CFCs may be banned from the market as the FDA finalizes a proposed rule? AAFA wants to hear from you about what will you do, just in case you are caught without your metered dose inhaler. Will the anticipated ban present a problem for you? Please share your thoughts and opinions with AAFA by leaving your comments here, or emailing our Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator, Betsy Stoller at Betsy@aafa.org.


Published On: August 20, 2008