Allergy Research Update: More Evidence for the Asthma-Allergy Link

  • Experts have known for some time that having allergies increases the risk for developing asthma. Now, new research provides more evidence for this link.


    Research published by a division of the National Institutes of Health in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reveals that:

    • more than half of the current asthma cases in the US can be attributed to allergy
    • 30 percent of those cases are due to cat allergy, one of the more potent forms of allergy to animal dander
    • the study looked a skin testing data from more than 10 thousand people, with allergies to all different types of substances
    • the strongest relationship between asthma and allergies involved allergy to cats, white oak and a fungus called Alternaria

    Researchers stated that this study proved the environment often plays a major role in the development of asthma. However, they did find a number of cases where the asthma was NOT related to allergy, so more study is needed.

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    Still, if you or your child have allergies, especially cat allergy, it would be wise to discuss the risk for asthma and what actions, if any, should be taken.



Published On: October 15, 2007