Radical New Drug-Free Product Claims It Can Block Allergy Symptoms Before They Start

  • I have just learned about a new product on the U.S. market called Allergen Block or Little Remedies, the version for kids. Its makers, who say it has achieved FDA approval, announced recently that this drug-free, innovative product blocks airborne allergens before they trigger your allergy symptoms.


    That's right, it doesn't treat symptoms after they're already making you miserable -- it stops them from happening in the first place. Or that's the claim at any rate.


    How It Works

    Allergen Block, from Chloraseptic, is a clear gel that you apply around your nostrils and on your skin between your nose and upper lip. It dries quickly and is invisible. You might be wondering how such a thing could work. Well, it seems there are positively-charged molecules in the gel. Allergens are negatively-charged. So, in effect, the gel acts sort of like the opposite ends of a magnet. They repel each other. The gel filters out any airborne allergens that come its way.

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    What are airborne allergens? They are tiny cells/spores that are carried through the air -- sometimes for long distances -- on air currents. These allergens trigger allergy symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy nose, and runny nose. Examples include:

    • Dust mites
    • Pollen
    • Animal dander
    • Molds

    As you can see, Allergen Block filters both indoor allergens and outdoor allergens.


    The Pros

    Allergen Block is drug-free, so it doesn't interact with other allergy medicines and can be used safely with them. It also causes no side effects and is safe in kids too. It's easy to use and at $12 to $15 for 150 doses, it's pretty cheap too.


    If it works as a preventive, then it could result in your needing less allergy medicine. I wouldn't cut back until you're sure, though.


    The Cons

    It can't be used after symptoms begin; it's not a symptom reliever, just a preventer. It only relieves nasal allergy symptoms, not eye allergies or skin allergies. Also, if you pick up allergens on your hands, such as when you pet a cat or dog, you may carry the allergens to your nasal tissues, without them having to be airborne. If so, Allergen Block can't help you there.


    I haven't tried this new product yet, but I plan to, as I'm always up for a drug-free, "natural" alternative to stuffing more drugs into my body. I'll let you know how it works out. Laughing

Published On: October 01, 2008