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    There's a battle brewing amongst FAAN.org, doctors (comment number 23 is by a prominent allergist/specialist here in NYC), bloggers, parents and anyone who's an advocate for the food allergic after the publication of an article in this month's Harper's Magazine.


    Journalist Meredith Broussard, wrote a brief but provocative article called Everyone's Gone Nuts: The Exaggerated Threat Of Food Allergies.

    In a very short amount of space, (read: she doesn't lay out her arguments clearly or gives enough specific data from which she culls her facts) she asserts the food allergy numbers, specifically regarding anaphylaxis, are bloated; that the allergy threat is highly exaggerated and not statistically significant; that FAAN.org, the organization who has been the main source to the media for many of the numbers, is highly suspect; and that the influx of media coverage is causing undue stress on families, specifically children who may or may not be allergic.

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    There is so much to tackle that before I started talking about it I wanted to bring on a medical expert, a friend and colleague, a pediatric allergist whose child has severe food allergies, to help me sort out fact from fiction.


    We will sort through the issues during the next week's posts but I'd love to hear your thoughts in the meantime to either the WNYC.org podcast or the article.

Published On: January 09, 2008