Last Holiday: My New Year's Resolutions

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  • Over Christmas, I was holed up in a spa/hotel in South Beach, Miami. I cannot lie, it was heavenly and a gift to myself for a long hard year of working seven days a week. One night I stayed in and watched movies - "Last Holiday" starring Queen Latifah was on and even though it's kind of goofy, I found myself transfixed especially as the Queen was radiant in this film. Have you seen this movie? Here's the premise:


    "Georgia Byrd bumps her head on a cabinet door and is told by a physician she's dying. Georgia resigns herself to the fact she has only a few weeks to live, quits her job, liquidates her assets, and sets off on a dream vacation...Free of inhibitions and determined to live life to the fullest..."

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    "Free of inhibitions and determined to live life to the fullest." I love this statement mainly because I feel that I very often fall so far short of the mark. As a person who lives with lifelong medical conditions like allergies and asthma, I can feel restricted, inhibited, and definitely not living life to the fullest.


    Certainly, the last thing I want to do is wait complacently for something to shake me out of my routine to remind me that in the current moment I'm healthy and am able to make my dreams come true. I don't want to wait until some random diagnosis pops up or what a diagnosis symbolizes: a wake up call wherein you look back at time wasted not doing exactly what you want to do, which is living the life you really want.


    Not to get all Oprah on you but really, why am I not living my best life now? (I just switched on Oprah's show and she is running a whole best life series January 5th on TV and online starting January 12th).Why aren't you? How many people do you know that actually live life to the fullest and are not professional adventurers, Travel Channel TV hosts or Dancing With The Stars contestants? Not many. So, barring liquidating all our assets and moving to a spa as a permanent resident, I say let's add small doable moments of exploring those dreams/wishes/possibilities in our every day lives.


    Ask youself what does your best life look like? Feel like? Who is there with you? Who is noticeably absent and thank goodness that they are? What are you eating, drinking? What are you wearing? How much money are you making?


    By doable, I mean, small measurable and realistic. Instead of big, scary and or easy-to-procrastinate-on-them goals, why not try goals that you can do right now, that are small, that you can manage.


    --Finally using that pilates/yoga/exercise tape/dvd you have, still unopened. It's free, can be done at home, without expensive equipment for 20 minutes two times a week.

    --When that favorite junk food runs out, replace it with fruits and veggies and better, more natural, less processed treats. (Of which there are literally thousands).


    --At my favorite coffee place, I'll have orange juice and a yogurt instead of that mega mocha latte at least once a week.


    --When I go to Jamba juice, get the all natural selection or orange/carrot juice mix at least one time per week.


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    --Make the small changes now. It's hard to think of changing everything. Big and right mow. Start small, make changes that you will actually incorporate into your life.


    Have you noticed yet - this is my new year's resolution post. Did you make any? Do you do them yet? Did you already break them yet?

Published On: January 09, 2009