Did You Know You Could Take Your Favorite Blogger With You?

JB Editor
  • Did you know you can take our expert posts with you? Introducing MyAllergyNetwork's new widgets, which display each of our expert's posts wherever you want! (FYI: A widget is a small tool that you can put onto your personal blog, Facebook page, iGoogle, and more. The widget is a module that displays the important Allergy information and management tips from our experts to you and others). Get our experts' widgets by clicking on their names below:

    Sloane Miller

    Jamie Martin

    Dr. James Thompson

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    As you know, MyAllergyNetwork's experts are committed to answering your questions and supporting you in your Allergy management. I'm proud to work with such an excellent team! And as always, I'd love any feedback you have on the new widgets.

    Joy B.


Published On: September 01, 2008