Navigation Changes

ATsai Editor
  • As you all are well aware, over the past few years, we have worked hard to establish a safe and trusted environment for you to easily find health information and connect with each other as you navigate through your individual patient journeys. As we all know, no journey is the same…  With that, we have decided to unify our condition-specific sites under one brand – the one you already know and trust – HealthCentral – in hopes of helping you to more easily navigate between health topics and communities.  Our mission remains the same.  Our only hope is that these changes will enhance your experiences in finding information, connecting with others and sharing, along the way.

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    The second change to the sites is with our site navigation. We’ve taken heed to many suggestions we’ve received over the years and created a universal navigation which will be displayed across all HealthCentral’s condition sites.  This means that you will now see at the top of each page menus for: “Conditions A-Z,” “Our Communities,” and “Health Tools.”


    Lastly, many of you have already seen this change on most of our sites, but you’ll soon be seeing this across all of the sites. On the left-hand side of most pages, you will now officially see your condition’s Patient Journey (Introduction, Treatment, Living With, etc.). This navigation will vary by condition since it’s very specific to each condition, but this is where you will be able to find all of our information arranged through the eyes of you, our community member.


    Take a look here for a visual explanation of what exactly has changed on the site and where you can find your favorite links.


    The best part of all this news is that you no longer need multiple display names and passwords to navigate between all of our condition sites – all you have to do is login once with your email address and password and you can interact within all of our communities.


    That’s it! We hope you like the new design of our sites and that you find the changes helpful. Please let us know your feedback in the “comments” section to this post. We look forward to hearing from you!

Published On: December 05, 2011