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Getting Tested

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Allergy tests are used to determine what substances trigger an allergic reaction in a person. The common types of allergy tests are skin tests, elimination-type tests and blood tests. Skin tests are most useful for diagnosing food, pollen, animal, mold, penicillin, venom and allergic contact dermatitis.

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Twice every year the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America analyzes a variety of factors to come up with the worst places to live in the United States. The factors they look at include: Pollen score Average medication use per patient Number of certified allergists There was quite a bit of movement on the list since last spring when the…

Getting Tested
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James Thompson, MD, Health Pro, posted Peanut Allergy: EPI-Education,… As October 31st draws near, many parents of children with peanut allergies wonder…




Sloane Miller, Health Guide, commented on Is there a Catfish test? hmmm,well,what about calling your health insurance company to talk to a nurse? do you have that…




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