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Allergy tests are used to determine what substances trigger an allergic reaction in a person. The common types of allergy tests are skin tests, elimination-type tests and blood tests. Skin tests are most useful for diagnosing food, pollen, animal, mold, penicillin, venom and allergic contact dermatitis.

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Frequently I see patients who develop rashes or hives for unclear reasons.   Unfortunately when people experience hives on nearly a daily basis, finding the cause is even harder than if the patient experienced them only infrequently. Even so, it is still important to visit the doctor to have an evaluation.     During the doctor…

Getting Tested
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James Thompson, MD, Health Pro, posted Peanut Allergy: EPI-Education,… As October 31st draws near, many parents of children with peanut allergies wonder…




Vicki M, Health Guide, commented on Is there a Catfish test? I found this response from Pat Theiler from an earlier thread. It has some really interesting…




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