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Am I At Risk?

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Allergic rhinitis affects between 20 to 40 million Americans, and though often occurs in childhood, can develop at any age. About 20 percent of allergic rhinitis cases are due to seasonal allergies. Genetic factors are the main predictor of allergies. For instance, if both parents have an allergy, the child's risk is 75 percent. If one parent has an allergy, the child's risk is 50 percent. In addition, having other allergies increases a person's risk of allergic rhinitis.

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I've often wondered about this, both statistically speaking and in the real world: when it comes to food allergies, where are the minorities? Through my Allergic Girl blog I can only recall two emails that I've received from people identifying as African-American who stated that they have food allergies and read my blog. Several members of my…

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James Thompson, MD, Health Pro, commented on Allergic Disease Linked to Irritable… Thank you for your review and comments. I wonder if this cohort of patients…




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