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The symptoms of seasonal allergy include runny nose, repetitive sneezing, and itching in the eyes, nose throat or roof of the mouth. Prolonged allergy symptoms include nasal congestion, fatigue, irritability and dark circles under the eyes, among other things. Food allergy symptoms appear within 2 hours of eating, and can be life-threatening. Key symptoms include hives, hoarse voice and wheezing. Other symptoms that can occur are swelling, itching around the mouth, nose and throat, difficulty swallowing, stomach cramps, etc. Severe reactions can even cause low blood pressure and blocked airways.

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We get a lot of questions on this site about what people assume are allergic reactions to something. But the truth is, some of the symptoms described don't sound at all like allergic reactions. It seems there is a lot of confusion about what an allergic reaction truly is, so today's post will help shed some light on this issue.   What Is an…

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Renee Culver, Health Guide, answered What causes itching and swelling in the… Hi Titu,   It certainly could be an allergic reaction,…


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