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Allergies, especially those caused by outdoor allergens, can make it difficult to exercise if you're sneezing, wheezing and feeling bad overall. By taking control of your asthma, and treating them while also making a workout plan that avoids outdoor activity when your allergens are high, you can safely and effectively keep a workout routine, which is vital to a healthy lifestyle.

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Well, once again the Winter Olympics have come and gone, with splendid displays of athleticism against all odds, as well as disappointments and failed expectations. Watching the competitions put me in mind of how challenging it can be at times to keep going with workouts when allergy symptoms are at their worst.   So, I thought it might be…

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Kathleen MacNaughton, Health Pro, commented on How to Stick with Your Workout Routine… Hi Anniston... Thanks for sharing your routine. You are doing everything…




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