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Allergens are everywhere. You can have an allergic reaction to medication. Your body can react to medicine like it's a germ. Some people are allergic to latex, the rubber material used in gloves, condoms, and balloons. Phthlatates, a toxic chemical in soap, can also cause allergies. 

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This month, I'm going in for an arthroscopic knee procedure. I've had a few day surgeries and outpatient procedures and I always bring up allergies and asthma early on. As in, "I have asthma, keep an eye on my breathing during the procedure please" and, "I have food allergies, so here's the list, just in case, that's related to any medication…

Other Substances
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Kathi MacNaughton, Health Pro, answered everytime i smell perfumes and other… That definitely sounds as though it could be an allergic reaction, Lors,…


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