• Jacob Jacob
    September 16, 2009
    Swollen eyes and rash on neck and chin
    Jacob Jacob
    September 16, 2009

    I work in a resturant and I snack on many foods as Im working and dont know of any allergies to anything besides amoxicillin. It began with my left bottom eyelid swelling up and the next night after I got out of work I began to feel my skin on fire and felt very itchy. I noticed around my eyes chin and neck a rash was forming. The rash on my chin seems to be going away but im left with a slighty painful bump almost like a pimple on my chin. I still have the rash on my neck and it's going on day 4 with the rash. Is this an allergic reaction or something else? I feel fine no cold or anything. I have seasonal allergies but never to bad just a lot of sneezing and Ive noticed my allergies have gone away.I havnt been sneezing. Im breaking in a rash my my neck and my eyes are slightly swollen... I havnt eaten anything different then usual besides quite a bit of katamala olives the day before all this began. I have called out of work the last 2 days cause im pretty itchy and even with those 2 days out of work the rash is still there... Does this mean it's not from work or is that not enough time to tell? And it is possible for an allergic reaction to take thiz much time to happen and leave? Anyone have any ideas? I have no health insurance but will go to the ER if it seemes urgant...



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