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Sunday, June 30, 2013 KAT14, Community Member, asks

Q: UNEXPLAINED very itchy hard bumpy rash all over body phenomenon... PLEASE HELP!!!

Out of the blue some reddish bumps showed up on the nape of my neck one morning when I woke up, at first it was mild itching with tiny pink bumps...shortly after the itch got worse and worse... ESPECIALLY when I scratch the area (the cluster becomes very warm too). Then similar cluster appeared on my left upper arm--along with the same type of rough reddish bumps. My right upper arm is not affected (at least not yet).

A couple of hours later the itchy bumps appears on my upper back with pink reddish rough hard bumps all over... then later the itch on the upper back and nape of my neck stop eventhough the bumps remains. Shortly afterwards, the itch migrate to another place, a small 4 inches patch of reddish itchy bumps appeared on my right chest area right above the armpit. Hours later the same exact thing happened to my thigh and lower back area. That same night new reddish clusters with reddish bumps appeared on my inner tighs and buttock area, both are inflamed and extremely itchy.

The itchy bumps are random in shapes (no puss, no water content, no blister), each bump is hard and it does not contain any liquid... and NO- the bumps don't have uniformed patterns like "chicken skin" (or Keratosis Pilaris). I don't think this crazy rash is "Pityriasis Rosea" either because the rash didn't start with a single, round or oval, pink patch that is scaly with a raised border (herald patch) and the rash shows up in random shape and form, nothing like a "Christmas tree". This whole ordeal is extremely disturbing and traumatic because my skin had always been flawless until NOW! I've never even had any pimples my whole life!

I consider myself a pretty healthy female; I never smoke, I have zero soda intake, no alcohol, no drugs... although I admit I've been living an unhealthy lifestyle (not enough bottled-water, sleep deprived, sometimes no food/water for days in a row)

*My dietary intake is usually random: raw kale, cabbage, brocolli, raw beets, avocado, cilantro, garlic, onions, tomato, parsley, eggs, tea with Splenda only (lots of Splenda but no regular refined sugar), plain non-fat yoghurt, very rarely eat meat, very rarely eat fruits (due to its sugar content).

This crazy rash is now spreading all over my body in different sizes, small medium and large. The bumps seem to raise in size only when I scratch certain itchy area (*It's so itchy there's no way to handle it without scratching so the bumps instantly resize on and off whenever the itching sensation return/migrate to certain area)

The other reddish bumps remain highly visible eventhough the itching sensation in those area keeps migrating all over the place. IT'S EXCRUCIATING!!!

I have never had any allergic history or reaction to anything before. I had been exposed to heavy tanning in the past (both indoor and outdoor) but that was several years ago, and none of that recently.

*Lifestyle changes: I do not have any lifestyle changes recently. No changes in laundry detergent - clothes -fabric - soaps - shampoo or anything like that. No bug bites (at least not that I know of).

*Medications: I don't like taking medications. I have never been prescribed long-term meds/even the smallest dose of antidepression in my entire life. (I do get depressed from time to time during PMS cycle but nothing too severe, I'm also used to live in high stress and high anxiety environment)

*Personal hygiene: I always take a shower at least TWICE a day (it's a habit since childhood). Bathroom is always highly disinfected with Clorox and such. I do not wear latex product, pantyhose, tight clothes...and I hardly ever sweat.

To combat the extreme itching sensation I am currently using topical analgesic ("clear formula itch relief" similar to Caladryl). The result is helpful a little but it only provides "temporary relief" (1/2 hour max) -- in certain area the cluster becomes light pink and flatten a little when the itching sensation migrate to other places in my body such as around the nape of my neck and my upper back the clusters remain bumpy when less itchy. I'm also taking some ANTIHISTAMINE, but it does not seem to help at all.

I cut all my finger-nails EXTRA short from day one to prevent skin ruptures, bleeding and/or scaring during scratching. Whenever I scratch the itchy area I always make sure to "massage" the area in circular motion only, most of the times I "scratch" the area using my knuckles-- but somehow in "some" area the cluster pattern showed up in strange shapes like thick criss-cross "lines" with tiny raised bumps precisely lining up on each individual line!) -- in other area such as on my upper arm (the outer part of my left bicep) the tiny reddish bumps look like some thick diaper rash with scattered bumps with no "lines".

TODAY, there is a new itchy reddish cluster with tiny bumps in the middle of my mid-back section, my left and right under armpit area, AND a small cluster on my forehead! I am really terrified if it spread all over my face!!! Just like the first clusters on the nape of my neck, upper back, and upper-arm... these recent raised itchy bumps also just showed up before I "scratch" them and the more I scratch the area becomes more and more itchy. Then, just like others the bumps flatten a little when the itching sensation temporary subsides and raised again when the area starts to get very itchy again within hours. The crazy itchy sensation migrates all over while leaving the red bumps everywhere.

I am so sorry to rant and ramble on and on about my rash... they don't have blisters or puss or anything like that... but the reddish patches are traumatic and the itchy sensation is INSANELY EXCRUCIATING! ...I really don't know what to do with this... I read online, people with similar symptoms like mine also have been extremely frustrated with this unexplained phenomenon... almost all of them got misdiagnosed by Dermatologists.

I've been researching online and found a bunch of articles, but none is really "dead on" accurate with the symptoms that I am experiencing: Polymorphous light eruption? ... Keratosis Pilaris? ... Urticaria? ... Systemic Lupus? ... Celiac Disease?

Doctors don't really know what this is, and have been blaming these symptoms on "stress". Medical centers would instantly prescribe temporary relief with steroid injection -- which I am really trying to avoid.

I do not have any sudden weight-loss or loss of appetite. But I noticed excessive hair-loss and I'm getting so weak now-- very dizzy when I stand up on my feet for 15-30mins, probably due to extreme exhaustion from scratching and taking multiple showers (since showers seems to temporary calm the itch down a little).

PLEASE HELP ME... I don't know what I have and I am going crazy!!! ...Any insights and advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.


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PureOcean, Community Member
9/20/13 12:50pm

I may have a solution for you.


I had the same thing as you are describing but I've suffered from it for YEARS. Off and on. If I went drinking with friends or if I was tired or sick or particularly stressed, they would get worse. But mostly they would appear for no reason at all and the itching got especially intense at night before going to sleep. Went to the doctors a million times, got tested for everything so they kept saying it was either contact dermatitis or eczema: their catch-all. I tried creams and anti itch stuff... nothing really worked.


Then one day I started reading about yeast infections in men and other types of skin fungi and bacteria. I workout a lot so I thought maybe I got some fungus or bacteria hanging out on my skin that occasionally took over in areas where I would sweat or my skin came in contact with something it doesn't really like, e.g., harsh detergents.


After a bit of reading I came across an article talking about "the miracles of white vinegar", lol, and I thought my hippy friends would be proud if I tried a home remedy. So I put a little on my arm when it got itchy and my god, it worked!!! I put it on full strength by rubbing it on with my hand and let it sit for about thirty minutes. The bumps diminished only slightly but the itching mostly subsided. I was super excited I swear I almost cried because I had been dealing with it for so long.


So I went to Costco and picked up tons of white vinegar and started bathing with it along with my girlfriend because I was afraid she would have it on her skin and transfer it back. We'd put it on full strength and let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off. It's been about two weeks of bathing with it and I have had no symptoms. I'm probably going to continue with it for a few more weeks because if it is a fungus or bacteria, I need to wait until all my clothes and everything are free and clear but my girlfriend has stopped and she claims her skin has never felt smoother. Now she's preaching vinegar to all her friends. Lol.


Anyway, give it a try. You can put it on full strength and let it sit, or you can do a quickie and just rub it in and wait a few minutes in the shower before rinsing it off if you're in a hurry. You can also add a full bottle to a bath tub and soak it in it for a while if the itching gets particularly bad. I did that the first week just to get the process started.


Good luck and I hope you try it and it works for you.

Dev Reyes, Community Member
3/ 6/14 12:12pm

Hey! i had the same as described.

It's popping out of nowhere, I thought it's a cockroach bite but I was wrong. The rashes first came out with a small rash with a hard skin texture, reddish skin but unlike the mosquito bite, it really looks natural aside from its reddish and hard texture. when I scratch it so hard, it became so big like a whole nail(in your hands) size. Is  this the rashes that you both have? Just confirming. I'm afraid because it's just coming out from no reason at all. Even if it's healing, the itch didn't leave my skin. Please email me and I want to try that vinegar treatment that you're suggesting. I'll let you see the rashes. It's bothering me, in one day, 4 new rashes came out. It's so itchy. Help me please.

spw140, Community Member
9/27/13 4:02pm


Can you provide a followup to what happened since-i.e., has it gone away? Are there any residual scarring, brown spots? I read your description and I'm getting chills because I'm having the exact same symptoms as you are and it came about the same way-starting on my neck and the upper left arm. It's fascinating and alarming how similar reading your description is to what I'm going through. I feel like I've reached the worst of it (it is currently covering all my body except for my fingers and palms, and my ankles/feet), and I can tell that the rash is startening to redden now and it doesn't seem quite as itchy, but given that this pretty much feels like your body is covered by a colony of fireants, that is an understatement at best. I've been to the doctor two times for this--a few days ago they gave me a steroid shot, but it didn't seem to have much effect. Because it's impossible to go to sleep, I've also been taking hydroxyzine 25mg (can take up to 2) at night to try to sleep, but I've still woken up scratching). I just had another appointment today and she gave me some clobetasol propionate cream, 0.05% to apply thinly to the rash and I'm starting a 5-day steroid program, methylprednisolone tablets (4mg) starting tomorrow. She could only come up with some type of allergic reaction resulting in contact dermatitis, and I wonder if it might be lichen planus, but she says she has rarely seen it reach to the face (I have some clusters on one side of my mouth and scattered bumps on my chin and edges of my forehead). My face luckily does not itch as much as my arms, neck and back).


Since I'm still in the throes of this terrible rash, I would love to know when your rash went away...

technique, Community Member
9/27/13 9:50pm

This Is so weird. I have the same exact symptoms in the same places. I even have one in the upper crack of my butt. On my chest under my nipple and a rash just formed on the inner outside of my left armpit. One right above my nable. My lower back, my mid back area and one at on my lower neck area.  I ve been applying blue star ointment on the areas and the one on the inner part of my butt us kinda going away.   I hope this is not an epidemic. I also have it behind my left ear loaf.  This really sucks ass

jlewis, Community Member
10/20/13 1:46am

I have had similar rash for 3 weeks now except it started on my left side of abdomen. Its now in different various non pattern parts of my body. About a week or so after it began I had extreme muscle soreness all over felt like my skin was bruised.

Typically its worse at night and before any bump or itching begins I get a tingling or crawling under my skin sensation. Tried prednisone benadryl caladryl trimacimalone hydrocortisone. I'm currently awaiting the results of two ouch biopsies to hoepfully determine what it is. No one in my family has it. Some odd non things I still wonder about is that I did have a spider bite a few weeks ago..and/or lupus does run in my family

Lightway, Community Member
2/15/14 10:50am

I'm dealing with the same as everyone hear I have read of.  You tho said what I feel with the crawling under the skin sensation, that is what is going on in my arms.  I have ones that itch in the same place mostly around my lower belly, and under my chest, on my left shoulder blade and edge of my back neck/hair line.  I saw my Dr. yesterday and told him ONCE again and questioned if it was due to all the blood pressure medications in the past 2 months they have been trying to find one that souts me, and along with just adding back Metformin for I am diabetic!  I took BP and Metformin before and did not seem to have this, but the BP's are what is different this time along with a Zetia for cholesterol.  So he just brushed it off as being in sweat areas, which they are not just in those places.  So I now reading this, just think it is the Phennominah that no one really understands what it is.  I like what I read about the white vinegar, so think I will try that, vinegar is a healing source anyway, with the apple vinegar mixed with raw honey, to be a good antioxidant, so maybe this is a good one for toxidant...however the term would be.  Good luck with yours, I am glad I googled this.  Just like the others on here, it is really getting to me as well, my son got eczema in August, so I even questioned the Doc if it could be related...I felt stupid afterwards from his answer...yeah we are not the Doc's, but I sure do know my own body, and know there have been changes in it all of a sudden and just wondered if the two were possible related.  God help  us.


pmcongdon, Community Member
9/17/14 7:12pm

I just got this too all over too (in Boston) no known allergies either.My wife did recently change luandry detergent to Mrs. Meyers.I have gone back to Tide.Will try Vinager tonight and have been using Gold Bond medicated power during the day.Witch Hazel ( real stuff not CVS brand) work well for me too.Hopefully it is not a new plague!!



LM, Community Member
10/23/13 11:24am

My son has has the same thing the last 3 weeks.  He has been to the doctor 3 times in the last 3 weeks.  They have no clue what it is.  They first gave him an amoxicillin which did nothing, then last week prednison and some pills to help the itching which seemed to help some.  The redness went away but you could still see the bumps barely under the skin.  Then it all seemed to move to his right hand and mostly his pinky. He said its very painful.  It alsost looks deformed its so swolen and completely covered with bumps.  He went back to the doctor yesterday and they still do not know what it is.  The doctor said it may be Rocky Spotted Mountain Fever and gave him Doxycycline.  Which is very strange b/c we live uptown Charlotte, NC.  We are not near any wooded areas.  At this point I think they are just quessing.  If this doesnt work we will try the dermatologist next. Just out of curosity what area do you all live in?  I wonder if you all are in the same state and its something just in our area.

Annie, Community Member
11/21/13 7:11pm

My boyfriend is experiencing the same problems.  One Dr told him it was rosacea.  Dermatologist told him it was an allergic reaction & to change laundry detergent, bodywash & shampoo.  Did it & nothing.  Prednisone helps until he runs out & then it all comes back.  We live in north middle TN.  I am going to have him try the white vinegar & see what happens.  Thanks. 

Itchy mom, Community Member
10/26/13 7:26am
Experiencing a lot of these same symptoms. I live near South Bend, Indiana. Reply
TC29023, Community Member
11/15/13 12:58pm

I have a lot of these symptoms also and live in Elkhart, IN

Rash, Community Member
11/19/13 8:18am

I am a mom in charlotte, nc and have been experiencing the same symptoms for the last 9 months.  

gwil, Community Member
10/29/13 11:18am

I too have the same rash and no one can tell me what it is.

grs, Community Member
11/11/13 6:01pm

This is really interesting that these all have come so recently.  I am covered in a similar rash all over my body. I am a clean eater, and have been on a strict Paleo diet to help heal a leaky gut, plus a candida (yeast) diet (no sugar, including fruit). My husband and I went out to sushi for our anniversary, and I woke up with this rash on my forearms and thd back of my legs. It has since spread everywhere except my face and back. I attribute it to possibly one of 3 things: One,, an allergic reaction, but not likely since it took longer to come on and does not respond to antihistamines. two, my body is trying to eliminate the toxins that it just encountered from the sushi (it may be highly conaminated). Or 3, a massive flare-up of the Candida ffom taking in the sugar and starch so abruptly. I think this is likely. I have also found apple cider vinager to be helpful. It has stopped spreading and is drying out. I am on day 3, but will respond again in a few days as to the result.

JCG, Community Member
2/11/14 2:18am
How did you consume the apple cider vinegar? Reply
Lightway, Community Member
2/15/14 11:03am

Hi, I don't know how this site works yet, but hope I can answer this question as how I do.

I take the apple cider vinegar (Braggs as it is raw)1-2 tsps vinegar in 4oz tap water but they say to use purified, with 1-2 tsps organic honey. They also say you can use 100% maple syrup, blackstrap molasses or 4 drops herb stevia.  I use the honey being too I am diabetic, I make sure it is part of my carbs for my meal.  

I also have put it into a smoothie, which is the same here without the water, but add 1 cup any fruit you like with 1/8 avocado, 1/4 cup walnuts and 1 small banana. 1 cup almond, or soy milk or 1/2 reg. milk.  blend and you have a meal serving.

I pray we can figure this pimple/itch out, seems like it is all over the US?  Makes you kinda wonder what is going on huh?

I just know mine are some pop up and do their thing and leave, yet others seem to hang in the same place that drives me the most crazy.  Keep in touch.


Brick4890s, Community Member
11/11/13 11:39pm
  • A severe and relentless itch is the predominant symptom of scabies.
LM, Community Member
11/13/13 11:27am

We asked the doctor about scabies and he said it was not. Now it seems that everything has moved to his pinky finger its covered in the bumps.  It alomost looks deformed and has dried up so much its cracking in the bends and very painful for him.  Hopefully its ran its course and this is it. 

Melanie, Community Member
11/21/13 4:38am

try giving him a natural FOOD zinc supplement (read my post below)

Melanie, Community Member
11/21/13 4:45am

Its not scabies. I unfortunately had the experience of having scabies when I was younger because I transmitted it from my boyfriend who transmitted it from a friends dirty couch that all sorts of drunken teenagers slept on. That being said, if it WAS scabies then everyone else in your family would have it also.

Larry, Community Member
2/ 3/14 11:58am

its not scabies because i have same rash and i know more than a handfull of other people that have same and we have all been diagnosed with scabies at one point and the treatment cream DID NOT work. So then doctors diagnosed as something else and gave cream for that and still DID NOT work. BTW when doctors were told that the treatment cream for scabies didnt work they said right off the bat that it couldnt be scabies because the cream shouldve again i say NOT SCABIES

TC29023, Community Member
11/15/13 12:57pm

Reading this blog gives me the chills.  It sounds extremely similar to what I have.  I have had it for about 9 months.  I have visited the dermatologist a minimum of 7 times, had blood work, biopsy etc, with no relief. 

Did the white vinegar work?  I am more than willing to try it to see if I can receive some relief. 

The itching is driving me crazy and I don't know what to do about it.  I have tried several OTC itch reliefs, 3 diff prescriptions from the dermatologist, plus take 20mg of the antihistimine every night. 

Anyone else find anything that worked?

Chicago02, Community Member
11/17/13 7:30pm



I’m experiencing the same symptoms for a month, it started on my butt cheek and moved to my lower back. I get a few bumps after I continually scratch it, the itching gets bad more at night.  I went to a dermatologist currently waiting for the biopsy result. Did anyone determine what it is?  


Rash, Community Member
11/19/13 8:12am

I have had the same itchy rash all over my body for about 9 months also.  It gets worst at night and when you scratch it, you create a number of scabs all over.  I have been to a primary care physician, a local dermatologist, and am now driving to a specialist at Wake Forest to help.  To date, I have been on clobex steroid spray which only relieves the itching, claritin in the AM, an anithistimine at night.  The rash is usually fine during the day and gets worst at night.  It, too, transfers to different places all over my body with the exception of the face (thank goodness).  The specialist had me do patch testing to determine if there was any cream, shampoo, detergent, etc that was causing it but did not come up with anything.  So frustrating.  I am even going to an acupuncturist now to see if he can assist.  Thanks for the vinegar tip.  I'll try it.  I'm going back to Wake Forest tomorrow and will let you know if there is any other option.

Melanie, Community Member
11/21/13 4:41am

the steroids will thin your skin and can lead to many other health problems....especially when applied over large periods repetitively.

Melanie, Community Member
11/21/13 4:42am

the steroids will thin your skin and can lead to many other health problems....especially when applied over large periods repetitively. Try taking some zinc supplements and see if that helps (see my post below)

JCG, Community Member
2/ 9/14 10:59pm
So any news from wake forest? Reply
Melanie, Community Member
11/21/13 4:36am

I have the same thing. I have had extremely mild ezcema in the past as a teenager but then after I gave birth to my second child in April I received the copper IUD. I was fine until about August when my entire body broke out in an extremely itchy rash, that always seemed to itch way worse at night and in the early morning. It started on the backs of my upper arms and on my thighs. By a few days later it had spread all over my buttocks and down my thighs, into my armpits, and had begun in my calves, some on my feet, etc. My doctor was a bit unsure but gave me a very strong oral prescription for a steroid of which I had an allergic reaction to so I was told to stop taking it. I have always been a healthy female..moisturize my skin with natural Aveeno and cocoa butter everyday, drink lots of water, yoga on and off, organic food..etc. In fact everyone always compliments me on my complection and what great skin I have. In the meantime I had the copper IUD taken out. I was miserable and there seemed to be no answers. Then I started doing some research. It turns out copper competes in the body with zinc often winning and depleting zinc levels....AND zinc deficiencies are the leading cause of ezcema and skin disorders. That night I downed food high in zinc (sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, red meat...) and by the very next morning my rash had decreased by al most half. The next day I made a trip to the natural grocer and bought food zinc supplements (made from raw food veggies and such). Once you have a deficiency it can take up to a month/more to restore your bodies natural balance, further some people believe that there are 'copper' and 'zinc' personalities (google it), and those people who are naturally a copper personality (warm, sensitive, kind, moody..are some qualities) can be greatly affected by a zinc deficiency because their copper levels are naturally high. Anywho....I took the zinc supplements for the past month and a half, and slowly but surely my rash dissapeared little by little. HOWEVER..I now ran out of supplements and have not been taking then for about a week now, and just tonight a have a few small irregularly roundish patches that are itchy appearing on my body..a couple on my thigh, a couple on my butt, and a couple on my calf. All I can say is that with 2 kids  and being a full time student in the hardest term of my life I am very stressed (and I have a midterm tomorrow in a class I'm not doing well in) maybe that's the culprit? I am going to go get more zinc tomorrow...but I'm confused by the rashes reappearance. I do recommend everyone atleast try taking a zinc supplement..and think about if you (or your family members have has any high copper dosage from either an IUD, or continued copper maybe the little boy with it on his hands has been on a swing or play structure a lot with copper?)


I hope this helps..and I hope we all find a cure for thsi strange rash. What ever you do please dont take ongoing large dosages of steroid creams/oral steroids..which most doctors they can be very harmful to your body (research all the bad things they can do).

Melanie, Community Member
11/21/13 4:51am

You may want to try and take a zinc supplement (see my post below). However, if the rash is showing up in places that are not covered by your pajamas (ie neck, arms, etc...) then it could possibly be bed bugs..which are on the rise everywhere. Dont be alarmed, having bed bugs doesn't mean you are an unclean or unkempt person. They actually can live in many homes and can be transferred to beds by blankets that touch the floor and such. Further, you can pick them up on your clothes at stores, clothes that you buy, or even from clothes of friends who visit...

lynn, Community Member
11/21/13 9:51am

I can't give anyone answers, but I hav been going through this since feb 2013.

Mine started after a flu vaccine. exactly 2 weeks after vaccine.

 I have had high eosiniphilia in my white blood count on and off, it got extremely high and I was sent for ct scans of my insides and a heart xray to see if the eo's caused any damage. which thk god they didn't . the itchy rash has somewhat dissapeared (comes and goes) but I am left with still itchy skin. My hemo doc is sending me to a medical university but I can tell you I have seem the best derm docs here in sc and have had a couple of biopsys and they all diagnose me with dermatitis. I have had every kind of allergy and blood work done known to man. A bone marrow biopsy was mentioned but the doc didn't really see any point. I can hardley wear cloths, I start itching. I have gone to all cotton but still itch. I did the scabies treatment but it isn't scabies. I believe it is that darn flu vaccine still circulating my body. Allergy test did show i was allergic to formaldehyde well isn't that stuff used in vaccines as a preservative? so I feel it has soaked into my tissues, but of course the medical community think i am crazy.


Blu, Community Member
1/ 4/14 4:06am
I am blaming also either the Flu vaccine or the tetanus vaccine that was administered at the same time with my 3 yr old son Dec 04 2013. It was his first time to get a flu vaccine, after the flu vaccine he was congested for a long time(which normally i know the side effect). He was supposed to have a booster shot on January but decided that Flu vaccine is not for my kids. The congestion might cause another ear infection which was his illness when he was a baby and had an ear tube. Going back the son started to have a one dot red spot on the back right after his bday...21's thats the only confusion with me blaming the flu or tetanus because the rash appear after a month; but with all the test, 2 biopsies, 5 dermapathologists reading, reapeted complete blood work and still we dont have an answer...he was even diagnose leprosy but found to be negative after a month. His rashes doesnt itch, he is active never been sick for a year now, his growth is normal, he eats good(we always leave food in the table) , he is smart. This been going on for a year now and still we are looking for an answer. We are currently seeing 3 specialists...pediatric rheumatologist(SF reading say he might have a Lupus) but the Rheumatologist was confident that my son doesnt have a Lupus...we've seen 2 Pediatric rheumatologist in that hospital, Hematologist/Oncologist and Pediatric Gastroentorologist everybody ordered a blood work for a possible disease, also did xray and ultrasound...the tech who did the ultrasound after knowing my sons going through she did all the organ. My son have seen the best Pediatric specialists...our dermatologist is not in town and been so good to house in calling us for an update and result. My son is now currently seeng doctors at Nemours. We have ff ups next week. I am not consistent with the vinegar...will try it again. Forgot to mentioned...while this is happening we found out thru the allergy test that he has a low allergic reaction on peanut, moderate on milk and mold. This things was not consider though on his condition. But i tell you...before my son can drink a gallon of milk in 3 days. Now after knowing he has milk allergy we are not giving him milk anymore. He also had hair loss which i am worried right now thats why we dont stop on looking for an answer. Our plan is to put him on strict diet, gluten free/dairy free. When the rashes got worst around March, my mom overseas told me not to feed my son chicken, milk, cholate milk, chocolates, citrus, watermelon, strawberry, son obeyed my mom, until now he doesnt eat those things and he understand that when he gets better he can eat those food again. I pray for the healing for everyone of us who are looking for an answer. Continue to pray and in Gods time everybody will be healed Reply
srprose, Community Member
11/21/13 11:10pm

I also have the same symptoms (since about 5 hours ago), am trying white vinegar on one leg to see if there's a difference. Will report back...

sharlene, Community Member
12/12/13 2:19am

im dealing with same dermatolagist cant figure it out they tried to diagnose me with glutien free diet allergy but the best medicine for it is dapsone but it doesnt work like it would for this diagnosis so now there referring me to uc davis medical center i thought it was lupus cause all symptoms look like it through all of my research i even suggested humara... ive seen alot on tv for skin problems.... but currently taking prednisone and cream it keeps it down  but its giving me osteoporious  in my hip damn im only 35 never had any health problems before.... very depressed.... plese help me too

pav, Community Member
12/13/13 8:53am

I also had this once when my body underwent some major stress.  Not one doctor could figure it out as much as we tried. Finally, I went to my Chiropractor who is holistic oriented. He did a kinnestic test and he said it is YEAST growing and much high than the normal levels of yeast in the body. So I had to stop all consumption of sugar or anything that breaks down into sugar ie; alcohol, bread, fruit etc. exacerbates the problem.  YEAST grows on sugar! Yes! and vinegar is a great healer. I put directly on the skin.  But I also drank a daily 1/4 cup of cider vinegar, went off ALL sugars for 2 months and it completely went away.  I was so excited.

I have the exact same problem again just as you explain it and my lifestyle is similar. I realize its totally due to stress and at the same time, overconsumption of sugar lately with Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, red red wine, even my favorite clementines! It all has to go.  Thank you and good luck.

bakit88, Community Member
4/ 3/14 4:44am

I've recently begun to experience a lot of the symptoms mentioned here. I've had rashes and bumps spread from my forums, my abdomen, my buttocks, near my genitals, and my upper back. I have no idea what could be causing it. I have been going through a lot of stress with school and my current relationship but I'm not sure that this could be a result of that. I think that it could be yeast as I do enjoy sweet treats and dairy product. I'd really like to find something soon that would relieve me of this extrememe irritation. I'm going to try a few things that I've read and report back my findings. 


EDIT: I've tried applying vinegar to the skin, and the sensation is horriffic. It itches way more. I'm about to shower soon and hopefully get some sleep. I would really like to be rid of this. I feel miserable and helpless.

Durmnc, Community Member
12/21/13 1:18am

I have the same rash appearing in random places over the last couple of weeks.  I live in Durham NC.  It first started out on my left wrist - it looked like I had a reaction to my watch band that I had worn for 5 years without incident.  Then I thought maybe I had picked up some poison ivy from some yard gloves I put on when bringing in the Christmas tree.   4 or 5 days after the wrist rash appeared, I got a similar rash on the inner crease of my upper left thigh, which I thought was chaffing from my briefs rubbing too tight on my leg during a long car ride.  After 2 days it was clearly the same rash.  Now - one week after the leg rash, I have two spots on my lower abdomen - one of which seemed to pop up as a hive/welt right before my eyes as I watched it begin to itch.  Always worse in the evenings and not much bother during the day.  All sites are still very active.  I started to think it was Shingles, but doesn't really match the symptoms.  I don't know where this is going, but this is the first thread on the internet I've found that really zero's in on exactly what I've been experiencing.

hopeforhelp, Community Member
1/ 1/14 12:33pm

Ive been dealing with the same symptom  since june of this year its become so bad most of my skin is dried out to the point where if I touch any area of my body my skin flakes away like dandruff the itching is so intense I have to burn my skin with the hottest setting my shower will allow nights are horrible and mornings arent much better ive scratched so much I have several infected bumps where I really tore into my body also I started devolping cyst like pus pockets on my inner thighs and calves im glad to have found this forum and it gives me hope as the doctors ive been able to see due to my lack of money have just prescribed me hydrocortisone and anti itch pills im going to try the white vinegar asap thank you everyone for sharing your stories and im sorry for rambling on im just at a loss I cant take this anymore

seadog, Community Member
1/ 8/14 11:25am

I have been following this thread for a few months now because I have also been experiencing pretty much the exact same symptoms, and I'm on year 2. It is maddening. I go through a lot of Benadryl to sleep at night. Haven't wasted my money on doctors because these things are usually trial-and-error with mostly a lot of error. Tried the vinegar bath this fall. wasn't much help. I've decided that it's most likely a newly developed seasonal allergy, because it hits me every September during ragweed season then goes away after 6 or 8 weeks. This year however it came back for another 6-8 weeks right after it subsided. I think this is because I started taking Milk Thistle as a supplement. Milk Thistle is related to ragweed and is known to aggravate the same allergies. Hard to tell though because it seems to need to run it's course even after the allergen is gone. I'm eager to hear what others find out, but many seem not to be repoting back their results. What is working and what isn't? 

SPANKY55, Community Member
1/20/14 10:20am

My husband has the same kind of rash and the bumps are raised and red and hard and no puss or seaping..The most is on his right shoulder, a few on his waste, a few on his inner thigh and under the cheek of his butt..On the side of his leg and some on his shoulders and under his arms. They drive him crazy and he's had them since September. He started taking radiation for Prostate cancer and then started getting them so they diagnosed him with foliculitis. So they gave him a steroid shot and some cream. This worked for a while. As a matter of fact I've even tried the vinegar on him and it helped for a few days and now it's worse. He's been back to the doctor 4 times with this and they've had him on antibotics twice and prednizone twice and still no help. It's really worrying me. I wash the bumps every night with hot soapy water and use Dial soap because it's the best you can use. It's an antibacterial soap. Then I either put the vinegar or anti itch cream. He even takes 2 benedryl a night so he can sleep but it only lasts half the night. We are so stressed over this and I feel so helpless. They couldn't get him into see a dermatoligist til the 17th of February, but i'm thinking now why bother. They haven't taken any blood tests or cultures of these bumps and tomorrow I'm gonna find out why. But here while back he was putting a bathroom shower in for some lady we know and since then he's had this rash and her house was filthy and pathetic..She's like a hoarder. On two difference occassions he's come home with we though ticks imbedded in his butt. I even called the emergency room to see if i needed to take him there. She just told me to take some tweezers and make sure I get them in far enough that I get the whole tick. I pulled it out but it was kind of distorted so hard telling how long it had been there. So I'm thinking it wasn't a tick. We've steamed cleaned our mattresses and our furniture. Our kids even bought us a Shark steamer for Christmas and we used that. We were afraid of ticks or bed bugs, but the doctors say no...We have no clue what else to do. I feel so helpless, because I've tried everything.

Dee, Community Member
3/15/14 1:43am

My rash just started about a month ago and I'm going mad. Same symptoms as everyone else (starting on my neck, easing up, going to my arm, easing up, then stomache, now legs and face.) I tried alcohol cause i thought they were bug bites. DON'T DO IT!! BURNS LIKE HELL!! Was tolf by one it was foliculitis. By another eczema. I want to see what things we all have in common to show my doctors, if you all don't mind, to find some cause and solution.







Seasonal Allergies

Allergy to Lamictal

Alergy to Asprin


MEDICATIONS (prescribed and otc)







Vitamin B comlex


Flu vaccine (11/2013)
Tetanus (7/2013)


I'm desperaye for an answer too.

wtf1126, Community Member
1/21/14 9:18pm

Have you had any luck? My husband started with these symptons last night!

yo, Community Member
1/22/14 1:45am

cheers for the vinegar tip. Gives much needed relief. Heads up though for anyone doing it, its gonna sting like hell!!!

bakit88, Community Member
4/ 3/14 4:46am

Yes it really did sting like hell. lol 

LM, Community Member
1/23/14 2:22pm

I first wrote in on 10/23/13 about my son (Charlotte, NC) who has been to the doctor countless times and several perscriptions later due to these itchy bumps. About 2 months or so after my first post they all seemed to move to his pinky finger which was red inflamed and drying up.  It was very painful for him b/c it was drying up and the bends of his pinky was cracking.  I had him use the Bragg Organic vinegar (raw vinegar) and it seemed to help but not completely clear them.  He didnt use it on a regular basis either. The bumps and his pinky have all cleared up.  Every so often they come back but not as bad as in the beginning and they will go away pretty quick.  I hope everyone will get to this point and find some relief.  I just wanted to share our progress and hopefully give you all some comfort that it will end. It was awful to see him go through this (especially being a young adult). 

HB55, Community Member
1/24/14 4:14pm

EXACTLY same thing here as well !!  Someone brought up Braggs Vinegar - coincidentally, I started doing the two teaspoons in water 3 times a day (you get used to the taste *LOL*) but during the holidays slacked off of it - and now have this!  I'm wondering if for some reason not using Braggs (since I had been doing it religiously for about a year) could have compounded this problem.  Mine started out with a red, bumpy, itchy patch on my left arm and quickly spread.  After 3 weeks (as of today) it's fading very well on my hands & arms but now on my legs & a bit on the bottom of my stomach.  I bought Benadryl pills - and a 1% ointment to use and that seems to have helped.  I am beginning to believe it has something to do with the cold, dry weather (I'm in Atlanta but our winter has been unusually cold & dry) - this started right at the time the temps went into single digits 3 weeks ago.  I've started moisturizing and that seems to help.  What ever this is - it's a pain !!!  I also started using coconut oil at the same time - and thought it might be that - but don't believe that's it - never had an issue with nuts, etc.  I've bookmarked this site because I've been Google-ing like crazy to see what this is and this is the first site that explains it exactly! 

jb0ne86, Community Member
2/22/14 7:36am
Get a doctor to check your liver panel. I have the same problem now I haven't had the funds to do so yet but I'm about there its not gonna be cheap but the way he explained it to me was that he had his checked and his levels were way high witch causes hardening of the liver and your liver is what filters the toxins from your body but unable to function properly when its harden so toxins aren't leaving the body properly. Now this is something they have to monitor over a period of time he took the medication they gave him for 16 months before they took him off of it but its been a few years and he hasn't broke out yet. Get insured if your not and save up cause nothing is cheap in this world I've had this problem over a year and if your anything like me I'm ready to rid of this problem.good luck hope it works for me and y'all as well still gonna be a lil bit before I will be able to find out for sure but I hope it can point you and me in the right direction. Reply
pickpamela, Community Member
3/15/14 8:18pm

Sounds like what I have has since I was around 38- I am 51 now.


My sister was diagnosed recently w/bthe same thing, she is 41. Ask you doctor to do a biopsy of the rash- just a small cutting/scraping and they should have an answer for you.


Good luck to you.

Mayflower, Community Member
3/18/14 5:20pm

I haven't read every word of the above concerns, but I went to an acupuncturist today and she found something worth checking out. The rash I have is like the ones you all describe: red, bumpy, incredibly itchy, NO oozing or wetness. Other than that difference, the info on Hashimotos-thyroiditis herpes rash and glutin intolerance could be releveant and worth taking a look at. There's a direct correlaton between Hashimotos and gluten intolerance. Check out the website below. There are a couple of questionaires on the site that can help you determine if you might have any of these conditions. I don't have it figured out yet, but I've gone off all sugar, dairy and gluten. If gluten intolerance is the issue, it can take months for the rash to recede, even if you stop eating ANY gluten.

MaMaBowlin, Community Member
4/ 2/14 2:31pm

I have this, I cant find any information til now about this. None of the things I read really acurately describe this. Mine started almost 2 yrs ago. At first it was a tiny bump on the top of my butt. I thought it was a tiny zit and scratched at it. Later that day it was twice the size, hard and itched so bad I cried. There were also more no real pattern. I eneded up with probably a good 3 inches of it front right at the buttcrack in like a bunch up along my spine area. A few days later it was gone. I have high anxiety and thought it was from that. It happened a few more times mostly in the same area. Sometimes my waist line. So it started Sept 2012, doctor always says eczema, I had eczema as a child I know what that is. About a month ago I woke up and my head itched, I went to scratch it and again felt like a zit, scratched at it and next thing I know the bump is huge and they are all over my scalp. They go away eventually and more appear somewhere else. I'm freaking out, is it cañcer?

Kat, Community Member
5/ 7/14 7:43pm

I can not imagine what you are going through,  I am so sorry you have to go through all this. I am looking for help for my daughter who is thirteen - months old. She started developing her rash in March,  but the rash only start on both her feet. I took her to her family doctor, and the doctor said it was eczema. Therefore, I got the cream to put on her feet. I noticed it to start spreading even worse all the way up to her belly. I took her back to the doctor and the doctor said " it was a milk allergy".  So I had to do that for three weeks. Well that did not work it still did not go away. I called the doctor again and set up another visit, they could not see her for two weeks. I decided just to take her to the emergency room. OMG they did not even know what the rash was either. I told them looks like something is biting her or something and they said it could not be that; therefor, they set me up to see a dermatologist last Monday. The dermatologist looked over her body and said it looked like scabies,  I thought scabies is very contagious?  We are a household of 5, an none of us have what she has, and she shares a room with her two year old brother.  The dermatologist cut of two of the bites and put it in a tube, then tested it for scabies. The results showed from both tubes negative results for scabies,  but the dermatologist still wants to treat her for scabies.   


 I do not know what to do anymore this has been going on since March, I feel so bad for my baby girl. I already been to three doctors and no one has answers.  I see you been through this last year was your resolved?  


Needsleep, Community Member
6/15/14 10:05am
I am from Canada, and this exact phenomenon is affecting my life as of 4 days ago. I am a men's physique competitor and I am a week out from my competition. So my meals consist of eating tilapia and broccoli 5 times a day and oatmeal and lemon water. I started taking a diuretic tea called organic nettle leaf about 2 weeks ago. It all started after i got home from a gfs house that morning. The only thing I ate different was a bowl of cereal with 2% milk, which I never drink. We did have sex the night before. (this may not matter as this has happened to kids but trying to cover all bases to narrow it down) I came home and was tired so I layed on my leather couch in my underwear for a couple hours and woke up with an extremely itchy and hot lower back. I looked in the mirror and saw 2 really big red bumps about 3 inches apart. They are still there just smaller and don't itch. After that it was game over. Like clockwork, I have an outbreak one after another in random spots like my abs, upper inner thighs, chest, shoulders, feet, back, hands. I'm going insane. Wtf is doing this??? I don't drink, do drugs, I only drink water, I eat clean??? Could it be something bit us at one point and is having a long lasting effect on our immune systems? The only remedy that is half ass working is organic apple cider vinegar. I just rub it on the rash undiluted and the pain subsides in that spot then flares up immediately in another region of its choice. Looks like in not alone though. Thanks for all the posts. Please give updates as this is important to everyone. Thanks Reply
lachdanna1, Community Member
6/24/14 11:04am

I live in Green Bay, WI. I have patches of red bumps that are horribly itchy and the skin is thick and almost leathery on the spot where it started(the front of my left leg). I started having these spots on and off about 3 years ago and it has been reappearing every year since for about a week or two and then disappears. The rash almost always starts on one of my legs. I attributed this to sesonal allergies or some other unknown allergy. I switched detergents to a free and clear and my body soap to Johnsons baby wash. I use no body lotions that are scented and have stopped using body spray entirely. When I scratch the itching becomes more intense and I get almost a crawling or burning sensation before I have to scratch. I cannot stop most times unless the spot bleeds. I went to the doctor and he told me he thought it may have been folliculitis. He gave me a topical steroidal creme called Fluocinonide. It semi-stops the itching but hasn't done much of anythign else. I know folliculitis is not the case as it has since spread to my left arm and right wrist area. My arms are now starting to clear up a little after about 2 weeks but my legs continue to itch. This has been going on for about 3 months(the longest I have ever had it). I am relieved to see that it isn't just me. I cannot wear shorts because I look like I have a disease, it's embarassing. I hope we can all find answers.

Rash in Dallas, Community Member
6/24/14 12:34pm
I also have this condition. Rash worsens at night and pinky is very swollen of all fingers. Check you eos levels on your blood. Google it. The levels indicate if you are actually fighting and allergy or not. I got a skin biopsy last week and will have an update In another week or two. I moved from Cali to Dallas six months ago and before the move I have never had an allergic reaction or a rash. I'm 31 years old. I was thinking it was the environment since it is new to me. I found an allergist and will be getting a prick test tomorrow to see if They can find what I'm allergic to. If that doesn't work then I will get the patch test in four days. For relieve I am using lanacane and I find that it really helps and has helped with the rash to subside. They are on my lower abdomen, genitals, lower back and thighs. I found some near my breast, one actually on my breast and one underneath it on my chest. Il a few bumps on my fingers with most on my pinky. I also do the oatmeal baths with a cup of apple cider vinegar and that works. I do not wear right clothing and I wear this awesome panty brand I found at jcpenny from maiden form that really let's me breath down there. They have a tag that says just touch it and when I did I knew they were going to be helpful. I hope I get some answers through my testing. Good luck everyone I have cried and cried and can't sleep. Oh and yes my rash also is very itchy at night and wakes me from my sleep often Reply
stelin90, Community Member
10/ 5/14 2:59am
have you recieved your test results? has the rash gotten any better for you? please let me know! I have that same rashes that brings me to many sleepless and tearful nights. I also recently moved to Houston from Cali and thought the very same thing as you! I thought my body needed to adjust. I am on a very tight budget and it's hard to go to the doctos unless I am absolutely in dying need to do so. please help me if you have found out anything helpfu! thank you! Reply
crazyrash3, Community Member
6/24/14 5:31pm



I came accross this site as we are looking for answers desperately. I have suffered since two years now with extremely unexplained rashes that itch so bad. I am going insane and is affecting my general health too, I feel so depressed sometimes. I have seen several drs who have diagnosed me with only eczema. The last dr I have seen said it is not eczema at all and we are in the process of trying to figure out what it is. Done some blood test and xray and they are all clear. It all started after I encountered mononucleosis three years ago. No I am very healthy, apart from this crazy rash. If anybody has any info please help!

SameProblem, Community Member
6/25/14 12:23am

I am literally willing to pay anybody anything who had this problem and somehow managed to make it GO AWAY ... I have had this for almost two years now on and off and right now currnetly have some bumps behind my ear in the crease...two on my scalp....under my chest ... on my hips ... on my legs... and on my butt... and they keep popping up and going away always in new spots oh and some more on my elbows except those are puffy and white? the other ones i itched all over and now are dark red and embarrisng did anybody find a solution????

kellyzumberge, Community Member
7/ 9/14 1:21am

OMG-I am happy to have found this forum. This forum is describing exactly what I am going through. I have been using the apple cider vinegar topically and sometimes it stings but it does semi relieve the itching. I have been to 3 doctors in 2 countries which do not know what it is or say it is eczema. I do not have money to waste on doctors any more. I will try the zinc next. My patches/bumps seemed to have started after pulling a bunch of weeds in March and I was under a lot of stress but who is not under stress. I thought it was from the plants at that time but it never went away-it just moves around. I have had it for about 5 months now and i guess I am hoping it will just go away and I am learning to live with it at the same time. Now patches crop up all over and I am afraid there is going to be permanent scarring. I have been blaming the kitten who has now changed to grown cat fur which sheds. I feel bad as I now will not let her touch me. I wear pants around the house (it is hot Texas Summer) and one of my biggest stresses has become the patches. I have never had any problems with my skin and now it is hideous in the patchy areas. In the evening, just like everyone else, it gets redder and starts itching. My diet did change a lot as I moved from an island in Panama where I was eating pineapple, grapes, cacao, and papaya every single day along with muesli and yogurt. Here I eat blueberries, yogurt, and flax cereal. I am thinking maybe my diet is missing something crucial possibly from the fresh papaya, pineapple, and cacao. I brought cacao back with me but have not been eating it. It is high in zinc and magnesium. I am hoping by adding more zinc back into my diet, that will be the answer. And I do love my sugar which definitely feeds yeast if that is the problem.


Maybe if we share some of our habits, we will find a common thread that we can change to get us back to normal. I have tried changing my detergent and keeping distance from my cat who does not understand. I am 57, love ice cream (definitely could be the problem). Other than my sugar and ice cream fixes, I have been eating what I thought was a healthy diet. Mostly been eating Crockpot meals of very little chicken, cabbage, lentils, brown rice or potatoes, squash, green onions, onion, garlic, curry, coconut milk, lemon or lime, and fresh raw organic spinach. And for breakfast-yogurt, organic pumpkin flax cereal, and blueberries. I drink a shot of cran grape juice every morning with a tablespoon of food grade diatomaceous earth which is high in magnesium and zinc among other things. I have found out I have a gall stone which caused me to do a gall stone flush a few months ago and maybe I should try that again. It has a lot of Apple Cider Vinegar which is hard for me to get down but known to cure all sorts of ills. I think it would be smart to try a detox flush. My body has never reacted like this to anything. I have had poison ivy a few times which came and went but was totally different from this which seems like it is unstoppable. Please if anyone has good results from something, remember to report back and possibly help others.


kellyzumberge, Community Member
7/12/14 11:15am

Yesterday, I bought Desitin Maximum Strength which has 40% zinc oxide, lanolin, cod liver oil. It has helped tremendously with itching and redness plus rash has disapated somewhat. You will find it in the diaper section of the store for diaper rash. I am adding cacao and 1 TB coconut oil to my diet starting today. Much of what I have read is sudden onset of Grovers Disease is often found in people in their 50's, very dry skin, sun damaged skin which all fit me. I have not been diagnosed (at least not correctly)so my regime of healthy eating, exercise, and the above will help (hopefully) with any of the skin conditions this itchy, patchy, traveling rash could be.


So, my research has led me to using zinc oxide which will provide a protective barrier on the outside, coconut oil to moisturize from the inside, and cacao is something that has been in my diet for years but I recently stopped consuming. I am adding it back in because it is high in magnesium and zinc. In addition, I am still distancing myself from the kitty as much as possible although very difficult to do as she is a cat and demands attention:). I will post my results.


I have eliminated scabies and bedbugs as possibilities because I live in close quarters with my family and no one else has any of this which I have had since about March 2014. Other possibilities are Grover Disease, Psoriasis, Contact Dermatitis/Ecxsema, and ?.


Hot water, heat, and night magnify itching. I have tried many fungal ointments, cortisone ointments, had a steroid shot, treated for yeast infection with fluconazole, treated for ecxsema, apple cider vinegar (helped but stung and I was afraid of scarring). Nothing has worked to get rid of but some things have provided relieef from itching to a degree. Zinc Oxide is so far the best and Desitin is cheap.

waryabros2000, Community Member
7/15/14 9:51pm

orry for making you women feel bad for reading all  your things but I think I could hold the answer to some oour problems. 


It happened when I was on holiday when I started getting really itchy dome like spots popping up all over my body. I think it started around my triceps, armpits, neck and my butt cheek, then ended up on every part of my body including the palm of my hands and legs. 


My mum asked relatives about its could have been and they just gave some random answer that would make my life a living hell. She was advised by people to put some cologne (alcoholic) on the parts of my body where I had the symptoms. Every time the cologne touched my body the spots would seemed like they were crawling on my body and bursting at the same time and every day I put the cologne on it would always feel worse than before. IMPORTANT!  (try putting on alcoholic perfume or cologne and see if you are experiencing what I have. If you are then you should keep on reading). 


After a week of pain that I endured without showing a slight of hurt (even though I thought at one time my male genitalia was going to fall off) I had an amazing idea "why don't I just tell my mum how it feels".


She quickly took me to the hospital where I confronted by a doctor. He told me that there is only two things that he knows of that this can be caused by

1: I am allergic to something which I still possess


2: it was caused by blockages which occurred in my sweat glands


2nd one can be prevented by wearing light clothes which have pores for ventilation to reduce sweating


The doctor discarded the second hypothesis and gave me a pack of pills which I had to eat untill I felt better. The pills worked like magic, by two days more than half of the spots disappeared and all was gone by just four days. 


I wrote this with half of my mobile phone screen broken so I apologise for any mistakes in advance. Also don't be afraid to say what you think.

teh.lynja, Community Member
9/25/14 10:53am

What kind of pills??????

Suzybassine, Community Member
8/14/14 11:46pm
Guttate psoriasis! Reply
Skydanisky, Community Member
8/19/14 1:24am
Well, if this helps anyone I'm female and 20 years old and since about 4 months of leaving home at age 18 I developed dishydrotic eczema. With what my dermatologist says is a little psoriasis as well. The only thing that truly relieves my pain and itching is when I'm on prednisone. And the doctors scream about putting me on them because of my age. I mainly get patches on my fingers, a small patch on one foot, and it normally doesn't go away quickly or easily. I have hypoallergenic soap and moisturizers. I also have a regiment for what to use one mild, moderate, or severe days. Unfortunately I have gotten staph infections 3 times so far and impetigo once (that I know of) I have also gotten herpes from a toilet seat (we think my open wounded hand slightly touched the seat before wiping). It makes my hands hurt and my bones in my fingers kill! If anyone else experiences this, please do not use steroids, they make it worse and let it spread!!! Let me explain how mine starts: I get little itchy bumps on maybe 2 fingers, these bumps get itched a little not bad (mostly itchy at night) as the week progresses little blisters inside my skin start to form, slowly creeping up on me. Obviously it feels like an orgasm to itch them when they start getting bad. I try not to but after I itch a little some of the blisters open and ooze clear liquid, some get red like they might bleed but they don't, yet! (it looks like a hickey because of the tiny dots turning red instead of oozing) now this is what happens next... You itch a little, use your ointments and creams and dips in hope of one working to help. You take something to help the itching feeling stop (I do benedryl, but it helps stop my hands and makes my arms and legs itchy instead...) now if your anything like me, I think I blackout from how bad it itches and just take a towel or anything Cotten and itch them, I also do this in my sleep, and end up both cutting myself with my nails or opening a ton of blisters. About a week after this process, I end up getting some sort of infection... Lately the process is weeks, before the steroids it was months!! And not as bad! I don't notice the infection till my blisters turn yellow and I get a rash all over! The rash sucks and the antibiotics makes me feel horrible! But by this point I have one finger that is fine, two that hurt to use but are not terrible, and about 7 fingers wrapped in cloth tape, band aids, and gauze. Some can't bend, some can't unbend. The ones that can't unbend, feel like hell. They get heavy and make my bones ache. I'm at my third dermatologist, he has seen this before. He is a sweetheart. But nothing is permanent. I will have to most likely live with this forever. Right now it's at moderate. I have a new treatment for sever to try, which is a tar soak for 20 min and then a tlc 10% triamcinolone acetonide ointment. Hopefully it keeps it down! I am lactose intolerant. I am allergic to cheap dish soap and the perfumy soaps make me break out. I'm also allergic to amoxacillian (antibiotic) and I don't drink water. I was told water is my enemy touch wise as well. Avoid soaking and bathing in water. I own tons of pets, didn't when this started. I've tried tons of creams, all steroid creams, locoid creams, eczema creams. I've tried ointments, tons of them. I've done several different Heath risking doses of prednisone. I'm soon to try metholtrexate if severe options don't help. I have met some asshole doctors, I have even met some extremely nice but not very knowledgeable. It's been about 2 and a half years of this "disease" and it tears me down. If it wasn't for my extremely supportive boyfriend, I wouldn't be able to do it. It's expensive too, sun sometimes helps, not enough. It helps during mild to tan. No one else in my family has this. And just recently it has been creeping into my toes. Normally if I didn't have an infection most cuts heal really quickly, from all the rapid skin growth. I will say this though, I used to have amazing skin... Soft and smooth and like almost no acne, never used lotions and my hands were always soft. This has broken me down and as it gets worse, your stress gets worse.. And it adds on to how your hands feel, making both worse everyday. If anyone can please become a doctor and research this, and find a cure and reason!!! There's a lot of us who would love you forever. Most of use can't use our hands or be around chemicals or we might do so. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Thank you. Reply
Rkraha, Community Member
9/ 8/14 12:00am
I just read this forum and I am experiencing the same strange rash. Mine started in May and only in the middle of both arms. I went to my doctor and she prescribed a cream and a steroid shot and stated I had acute dermatitis which could have been brought on by stress. Since then it has moved all over my body and itches so bad that I have caused bruises from the scratching. The meds did not work, I have used calamine, over the counter creams, hydrogen peroxide, and Benadryl . I have changed laundry soap, bathing soap, fabric softener, dish washing soap everything and nothing works. I can't sleep because the itching wakes me up. I am going to try the vinegar but does anyone have any other ideas? Reply
smokewrangler, Community Member
9/13/14 3:48pm

Ok, It seems there are many questions and few answers, I may have a previously unmentioned idea for what it is but read my description first and make sure it matches. As others I have a rash that started as a small bump behind my knee and turned into a large rash there very quickly that looks like it may scar. I have only been dealing with this for about a week but in that time other small incredibly itchy bumps have appeared on my opposite calf and both of my forearms. They may grow too, especially if I scratch at them. I think the heat and moisture of behind my knee is what made that one so large. 1% hydrocortisone has been helpful to stop the itch but not completely effective by any means. The only image I have seen that comes close to what I have and where it started is one for Hailey-Hailey Disease. There's no cure for it, unfortunately. However, stress can induce it and I have recently been through some very stressful times. So first and for most, stay calm. These afflictions are terrible, I know personally, but more stress could easily lead to more rashing. Be methodical. I believe not one thing will work for everyone here. Start with OTC creams and ointments and home remedies, possibly even pick up meditation to reduce stress. I am about to try an oat bath (dump a cup of oats in the tub with you, no soaps) and see if that can soften the beast. If you don't see results from what you try in a few days try something else. As always if it is growing out of control, go to the doctor immediately! I wish the best of luck to you all in healing.

Tami Chicago, Community Member
9/17/14 11:37am

Dust Mite Allergy.  Over 20 million people have allergies to the feces these microscopic critters leave behind.  The mites don't bite but they leave behind particles that get on our skin, in our eyes and up our noses.  Other clues that you may be allergic is if you wake up with a stuffy nose or have dark circles under your eyes.  They feed off dead skin, love your hair and bed.  Google it because it's the same rash you're all talking about.  It's pink in the morning (almost like a sunburn) then when you scratch, it begins to get bumpy.  The itch is unbearable.  I don't know if this is a fact or not but I read they love moist air and I get a rash in all the places I sweat or get damp.  Back of my neck, under my arms along the bra strap line, my lower back and the elastic leg part of my panties.


When the rash is on the nape of your neck and head, your pillow is the culprit. You need a new one and encase it in vynal or those allergen cases. Wash all bedding (including blankets) weekly in HOT water then dry them for an hour on HOT.  Flip your mattress over weekly.  Take two cups water, ten drops eucaluptus oil ($2 at WalMart and kills 99% of mites) and a few drops dish soap, shake and spray on bedding and cloth furniture.  Never wear clothing two days in a row and it's best to sleep in a t-shirt and underwear instead of changing into the same pajamas.  But spray your bed and pillows daily before you make it. Vaccuum weekly and dust with liquid furniture polish since a dry swifter cloth just spreads them around.  Use a Hepa filter too. This is VERY important if you have pets or carpeting.  I guesstimate with my oil because it doesn't come with a dropper so, this mixture doesn't have to be precise.  These mites live in clean houses too and this allergy is becoming more popular because our houses are energy efficient.  Sealed up, no ventilation.


I get rashes from a lot of things; this is the latest. Malnutrition will give you a similar rash and I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (allergic to gluten).  I'll get a rash if I eat wheat and those with Celiac can't absorb nutrients so, my rash was from malnutrition my whole life.  Showering too often gives you a rash so, I stopped doing that.  (Moisturize the minute you get out of the shower and exfoliate before, mites love dead skin.)  Aspirin gives me hives, who knew?  It's on the bottle saying as much, I never noticed.  


So, here's what happend; I dyed my hair (Loreal).  "Sometimes" my hair dye will make me break out, sometimes it doesn't.  I was hoping this wouldn't be one of those times.  I WILL switch to Feria.  I broke out on my neck and panty line along the right leg opening.  The dying make my immune system weak and I took an aspirin which gave me hives on my right shoulder.  Blisters..... I thought it was gluten - it's not.  I took another one, same thing.  Then I moved to sleep upstairs.  In the summer, it's cooler to sleep in the basement but upstairs I have feather pillows.  A perfect breeding ground for the mites.  I broke out all over my head, neck, under my arm (bra line), lower back and left leg opening now.   The strange thing is that I normally sleep on my left side, I broke out on my right - blankets must be the culprit.  My cats spread their dander everywhere too.  The dust mites love them.


Three days ago, I switched pillows and the rash is almost gone from my scalp and neck.  It's still a little itchy but no more bumps.  The rest of my body is the same though, I was scratching the rash on my bra line like crazy all night.  I'm going to wash my blankets in hot today.  


If I think of anything else, I'll let you know aside from vinegar doesn't work for me.  I also started spraying tea trea oil (Walgreens) on my rash because I worry about the mites living on me.

scott_brierley, Community Member
9/30/14 4:07pm

I am a 39 year old male living in the UK. I have had all of the symptoms described in this forum for the last 8 months. I am averaging 1-2 hours sleep before waking and feel like I'm going insane with the itching. I am not allergic to anything. I work in an office in the centre of a large city. I have no pets and never have had. I have treated myself for scabies on the advice of friends 4 times now. My doctor is sick of the sight of me. I have tried steroid cream, oral steriods, anti-histamines, anti-biotics, have had my blood tested, have a negative coeliac test result and have tried the vinegar treatment. Nothing works. I am considering witchcraft as a possible solution which is less extreme when you consider the complete waste of time and money gone into all the other options I've tried.

I'm glad that I'm not alone in this misery but wish that someone could give us all a definate diagnosis instead of guessing.

Imlayna, Community Member
10/ 2/14 9:48pm
Hi Scott! I replied and think maybe you have what I have read my reply! I hope it helps! Keep in touch and let me know! Reply
Imlayna, Community Member
10/ 2/14 9:45pm
Hi all, I've been experiencing these same symptoms (unexplained rash, really itchy especially at night, rash all over, came out of nowhere) I went to a dermatologist today and was diagnosed! It's a virus that causes the rash. Instead of it making you sick like the flu (also a virus) it comes out in the form of a rash and makes you itch and is not contagious if contracted! ITS NOT SCABIES! If you don't have bumps in the webs of your fingers and/or feet you can pretty much rule scabies out (thank you Jesus!) I forgot the fancy name the dr called it (sorry) but it is curable. I was prescribed TOPICORT. It's a topical spray medication that helps with skin inflammation (bumpy rash) and helps soothe the itch. I just did my first dose and it seems like it's kicking in. When you go to the dr you may have to get a biopsy. They'll surgically numb the area and then cut a piece of skin to be examined. (It won't hurt, he talked to me for like 2 min. By the time I laughed at his comment he was done, didn't feel it) when it's over you'll need about 1-2 stitches and you'll be on your way. The rash is very irritating but you'll be fine. I was told that it won't go away over night and will take about 4-6 weeks for the bumps to diminish completely. Google the medicine and plaque psoriasis (you'll be surprised at what you find) I hope this helped! Best of luck and try not to scratch you could leave permanent scars behind that will remind you of this BS! Reply
scott_brierley, Community Member
10/ 4/14 12:49pm

Thanks for your reply Imlayna. I have an appointment to see a dermatologist on the 10th october to do the very thing you describe. Hopefully I'll have the same success as you with the diagnosis and treatment. Again many thanks for your advice.

shawnmariep, Community Member
10/20/14 2:52am

Oh my, I and both of my kids have dealt with this for 3 years now.  I hate the crawling feeling.  To significantly reduce itching and the appearence of the bumps, I drink 2 tbs of apple cidar vinager, the one with the Mother in it, daily.  At least I can at least appear normal. However, If I skip a day, they are right back.


By the way, there was a point that I got rid of it.  I had a uti, so I was taking, bactrim.  It worked for the bumps but my kids reinfected me.


My daughter used MMS each hour for 8 hours for 2 weeks and got rid of it.  You can't take it with the vinagar though it does work.  I haven't done it because I have to wear the rash, even temporarily. I hate it so bad.  It's even on my eyelids!

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