• Sparkle711 Sparkle711
    February 13, 2009
    Itching Throat
    Sparkle711 Sparkle711
    February 13, 2009

    My throat itches so bad that i am constantly scratching it with my tounge and i itch so much that i start to bleed. When i cough sometimes this small white ball comes out and has a smell to it. I have allergies and i take meds. It stops my sneezing and watery eyes but not my itching throat? What can i do to relieve this?



  • Kathleen MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    February 13, 2009
    Kathleen MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    February 13, 2009

    Hi there,


    It sounds to me as though it's time to talk with your doctor. If your itching is this bad and is not responding to your current medicine, you may need to try something else. Also, the best way to control allergy symptoms is to reduce your contact with your allergy triggers.


    Do you know what you are allergic to? Are you taking steps to eliminate those things (as much as possible) from your environment?


    I would encourage you to contact your doctor to discuss your symptoms. I would also encourage you to consider a consultation with an allergy specialist, who may be able to help you get things under control.


    To your health,



  • Sally February 19, 2009
    February 19, 2009



    The small white balls that are coming out and have a bad smell are called tonsil stones. Most likely you have a tonsil infection that is causing your throat to itch. It may not be allergy-related at all.


    In December, 2009 I exprienced a severe non-stop throat itch after a bout of bronchitis. The ENT gave me antibiotics and predisone  (10 day course). He also sent me for allergy tests thaat were all negative. The itchins since then has been under control.


    You need to see your Dr., ASP.


    Good Luck!

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