• Sue Sue
    January 18, 2010
    Allergy relief from petroleum products
    Sue Sue
    January 18, 2010

    I have been told by dermatologist I'm allergic to most petroleum products.  What do I need to stay away from, and what to eat? I thought I was doing OK, but started breaking out again. Horrible itchy skin rash.......////////help  Sue



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  • kindred January 28, 2010
    January 28, 2010

    Sue, I am sorry to hear this news.  Did your dermatologist not give you any information on what products are petroleum based? Have you done any internet searches?  Did your physician refer you to any other people with this allergy to help walk you through the process?  You really should have support in this that is more intimate than internet question boards.  There are yahoo and facebook groups.  It would still be better for you to have some in person or telephone contact with people who know and can help. 


    Best of luck and blessings to you.

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