• Elsone Elsone
    October 11, 2009
    Why do I have pain behind my left eye? I have been diagnosed with glaucoma, and now dry eye.
    Elsone Elsone
    October 11, 2009

    The pain in my left eye started out as just a feeling of discomfort. As time went on, within a 3 week period it was painful when lifting anything, bending over to pick something up or weed the garden, pushing the vacuum, anything physically straining. The pain was intolerable at times. The pain is directly behind the eyeball itself.  At one point my Optmotrist prescribed Travatan of which did help some when applied only with my little finger around the eyelid itself. If I put actual drops in ith med. would run down the nose to the back of my throat and from there into my blood system, which caused very strange side effects, unpleasant. (even if I applied pressure to corner of my eye it still ran down my sinuses). At this time the pain had taken a short break 2-3 weeks and is returning. My Dr took away my remaining refills for Travatan completely and replaced it with Refresh, Systane, and Optive. All otc meds. and  do absolutly nothing for relief. I believe she and the other Dr (in the same facility) Clarus, have personal issues with me as a person. As the issue was not taken care of at all and I'm not to return there for 3 months.

    HELP! Ideas? sincerely Elsone



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