• vak vak
    August 05, 2008
    why does a sinus rinse make my headache worse and my face feel more congested?
    vak vak
    August 05, 2008

    I am being tested for allergies because I woke up one morning with allergic shiners, severe sinus headaches, congestion at the bridge of my nose and no sense of smell or taste.  I've tried a sinus rinse and it makes the symptoms more uncomfortable. I have an unexplainable rash that was just attributed to stress.  The severe symptoms started after being exposed to drywall dust all day at work.  I've had a chronic clear runny nose for I think since I moved to the mountains of Colorado 20 years ago.



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  • Halfpint July 07, 2009
    July 07, 2009

    I had the same symptoms as yours for about 8 months and i just had a sinus surgery done. I am not quite sure of what caused the congestion and polyps. But i guess its because of the dust or pollen mold. Recently after the surgery, i have been doing the 'squeeze bottle'- Neti Med everyday and i'm able to breadth freely through my nose and the best of it is that i'm able to sleep well. I'm glad that i got the surgery done :)


    P.S - Please dont do the sinus rinse when you have severe congestion. It makes it worse and you might end up with a bad head ache. The reason being, the water does not flow out through the other nose and it might flow towards the eustachian tube in the ears. It is best to use when you feel like your nose is beginning to be stuffy.

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