• Lois Lois
    January 22, 2009
    can dental work, root canals, crowns cause allergy
    Lois Lois
    January 22, 2009

    My dentist told me that I had some infection around a couple of my teeth and put me on Keflex for 6 day and then over the next two months I had three root canals and four crowns. During this time, I have developed a severe allergy (Sneezing, itching mouth, stuffy nose.  Could these things be related?



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  • researcher January 23, 2009
    January 23, 2009

    Yes, it can.  Find out the materials that they used and get the material safety data sheets of the materials and compounds that they used on you, including the dental cements and root canal material (and the liners they use in the root canal)! The amount of specific chemicals or metals, the concentration of them, and the duration of contact are all important factors.  Check dentalallergy.com for more information.

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